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Where was Maid filmed?


City Locations

Greater Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Location Types

Apartment, Beach/Oceanview, Cabins, House, Mansions, Modern, Buildings/Offices

Location Styles

Beach House, Beachfront, Cabin, Luxury, Modern Building, Office Building

About Maid

Maid chronicles a young single mother, Alex (Margaret Qualley), who escapes an abusive relationship and turns to housekeeping to make ends meet. It’s a ten-episode Netflix miniseries inspired by Stephanie Land’s 2019 memoir about working as a maid entitled Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother's Will to Survive. Since its release on October 1st, 2021, the series has been applauded not only for the cast’s performances but also due to its nuanced portrayal of abuse survivors.

The show is brilliant, but it’s also heartbreaking and grueling as it tackles the agonizing reality of poverty, domestic abuse, and homelessness. If you haven’t watched the series or read the book, we’re adding a spoiler alert here, just in case! We’ve also included some key Maid locations and notable places where the show was filmed.

The show opens with Alex still awake in the middle of the night, watching her partner, Sean (Nick Robinson), in a deep sleep beside her. Then she sneaks out, carries her two-year-old daughter, Maddy (Rylea Nevaeh Whittet) to the car, and drives off, not exactly knowing where to go. With only $18 in her pocket, homeless, and no job, Alex is tossed into a system that can’t do anything for her.

She doesn’t consider herself homeless, but she’s not qualified for a shelter for domestic violence victims because she needs to go on record with the abuse. She can’t report the abuse because she wasn’t physically hurt, and neither was Maddy. Also, being jobless means not having access to subsidized childcare grants, but she can’t get a job without daycare. Shen eventually gets a cleaning job but limited work hours.

The miniseries not only focuses on Alex’s life and her struggles to provide for a better life for her daughter. It also depicts the flawed society and people that compound the main character’s misery. The episodes also bring a roller-coaster of emotions. You’ll feel empathy, discouraged, and heartbroken. But in those small victories, you’ll also experience moments of joy.

Maid Locations

The Netflix drama series is set in Port Hampstead, a fictional version of Port Townsend, a city in Washington state. It’s where Stephanie Land lived and worked before moving to Missoula, Montana. But for the show, the Maid production headed over the border to Vancouver, Canada. Specifically, the primary film location for Maid was the Greater Victoria region, on the southern tip of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

The production spent about nine months filming in the region. They didn’t have sets but were constantly on location to shoot. They used the small towns and maximized the roads and streets between them to bring the story to life and create the best scenes in Maid.

Overall, they used over 160 locations, including Oak Bay, Sooke, Sidney, Esquimalt, Saanich, North Saanich, and Colwood. Victoria served as the fictionalized version of Port Townsend, and most street scenes were filmed in Downtown Victoria.

It’s essential to note that Vancouver Island has been attracting Hollywood producers over the years. With its beautiful seaside towns, dramatic landscapes, and charming West Coast terrain, it’s not surprising to find a growing list of major shows and motion pictures filmed on Vancouver Island and its neighboring areas.

Fun fact:

The actress who plays Alex’s mother, Paula, is Andie Macdowell, who is Margaret Qualley’s mother in real life.

Alex applying at Value Maids scene in Maid

Tillicum Laundry, Tillicum Road

In the first episode of the series, Dollar Store, Alex meets with Yolanda (Tracy Vilar), the owner of Value Maids, a cleaning and laundry service recommended by the social worker. Although her character seems to have little sympathy for Alex’s situation, Yoland proves helpful after hiring her during her most desperate time.

That’s why you can’t really hate her even after calling Alex “broke girl.” However, it may seem unfair to have Alex pay for the cleaning supplies and materials for the job when she only has about $12 to spend.

Throughout the show, you’ll see Alex visiting the office on multiple occasions. While Value Maids doesn’t exist in real life, what you’ll find when you check out this Maid location is a business called Tillicum Laundry and Drycleaning. It’s the oldest laundromat in Victoria and is still in operation today.

Tillicum Laundry is nestled in the Burnside Plaza, just across from Tillicum Mall. It is open daily and offers a free parking space. If you plan to visit this important Maid filming location, be sure to drop by The Butchart Gardens. It’s a must-see attraction in Victoria with colorful blooms and lush greens, only about 20 minutes’ drive away from the laundromat.

Alex’s first cleaning job scene in Maid

Waterfront Villa, Ten Mile Point

After gathering all the cleaning supplies she needs for the job, Alex heads to her first cleaning assignment in episode 1. This time, she meets with Regina (Anika Noni Rose), the owner of a luxurious waterfront mansion. Since Alex is half an hour late, Regina decides to reschedule.

But our heroine is determined not to lose her job and her first client. Alex eventually convinced the house owner to let her complete the work as scheduled, as she’s “fast and good,” promising not to disappoint Regina. She also appears in other parts of the series, including episodes 4 and 6, but you’ll only catch a glimpse of her husband, James.

The luxurious property with a jacuzzi that Regina owns and Alex cleans in the series is not on Fisher Island. It’s located in Ten Mile Point, a neighborhood in the District of Saanich in Victoria. It’s the easternmost point on Vancouver Island and provides some of the best scuba diving on the island.

One of the things you’ll notice in the neighborhood is its rural feel. It features secluded beaches, large trees, scenic landscapes, and spectacular waterfront estates. It’s also a highly sought-after area known for abundant green space and pristine coastline.

Ten Mile Point is a car-dependent neighborhood. Most errands here would need a car. But you can also take the bus 13 with routes to the area.

Alex picks up Maddy scene in Maid

Fernwood Square, Victoria

At the end of the fourth episode, Cashmere, Alex’s Thanksgiving date the night before, Wayne (Théodore Pellerin) asks to see her again. But she uses this chance to tell him the truth, confessing, “she has a daughter and cleans houses for a living.” Then Sean arrives with Maddy for Alex to pick up.

In this outdoor scene, the characters meet in an open public space, which was filmed at Fernwood Square. It is a historic square in Victoria that serves as the town’s gathering place, home to an array of local shops, cozy eateries, cafes, and services. It is also a host to FernFest, seasonal markets, and other fun celebrations in the community.

Fernwood Square is close to Fernwood at Gladstone and Belfry Theatre. People travel around the area on foot or by bike. But if you plan to take public transportation, the best way to get to Fernwood Square Gazebo is by taking bus 5, Vancouver - Victoria.

The playdate scene in Maid

Cadboro-Gyro Park, Sinclair Rd, Victoria

In the earlier part of episode 6, M, Alex and Nate (Raymond Ablack) are on a playdate with their toddlers after a dramatic episode at the daycare. Imagine picking up your child after a long hectic day at daycare and being handed with a different kid! As Alex describes, “They couldn’t find her (Maddy) for 20 minutes; she was asleep in a toy closet.”

As Nate and Alex discuss their relationships and find another suitable childcare facility for Maddy, pay attention to the lovely green space in the background. Besides the playground, you might also notice the blue fish and sea serpent play sculptures.

This particular scene was filmed in Cadboro-Gyro Park. It’s a unique park in Saanich with a large waterfront, attracting visitors and locals throughout the region. It has numerous picnic tables around the park and entertainment features, including a tennis court, zip-line, beach-themed playground, and the iconic giant octopus.

This community park also features a gorgeous sandy beach where you can relax and enjoy views of the Olympic Peninsula and Juan de Fuca Strait. The park and beach area are dog-friendly, but you must always keep your dogs on a leash. It’s close to the University of Victoria and Cadboro Bay Village. If you plan to take public transportation, bus 11 has routes that pass near Cadboro Bay.

Maddy’s birthday party scene in Maid

Tideview South Beach Cabin, East Sooke

It’s supposed to be one of the best scenes in Maid, as Maddy is celebrating her birthday. Unfortunately, episode 6 won’t end without a glitch. Alex finally manages to find a beautiful studio to live in with her daughter. She only has to do the yard work and pay half of the deposit. Plus, she’s encouraged to have Maddy’s third birthday party at the place on the weekend.

With a child’s party under a cozy gazebo with a lovely garden around you and glorious ocean views, what else could you ask? But things could quickly go awry in this miniseries. In the morning after the party, the distressed landladies wake up Alex, and she finds Sean passed out on the couch with a broken vase on the floor. Despite her pleas, Alex lost her studio at the end of the episode.

Fortunately, you can stay in this idyllic oceanview cabin and wake up looking at spectacular views of the beach and the majestic Olympic mountains without all the drama. The production used the Tideview South Beach Cabin to shoot for the scenes and capture the beauty of nature.

It’s a rental property where you can relax on the beach and do water activities or chill on the balcony or gazebo. The cozy private cabin has a living area with a wood stove, a small kitchen, and a master bedroom where you can clearly see the ocean. Public transportation to Langford, Sooke, or Victoria is about two kilometers from the house.

Mother and daughter date scene in Maid

Matheson Lake Regional Park

There are many sweet moments between Alex and Maddy in the series. But perhaps, one of the best ones is when they went out into the woods by the lake. It’s just the two of them, playing and having fun like a normal mother and daughter without care for the world with the Something Like Summer song playing in the background.

This heartwarming scene was shot at Matheson Lake Regional Park, nestled at the foot of Mount Matheson. This park covers 156 hectares and features a lake that provides fishing and swimming opportunities to visitors. It also offers several kilometers of trails for adventure seekers and backpackers.

As you can see in the series, it’s a heavily forested environment ideal for anyone looking for a serene outdoor space to ponder, relax, and be one with nature. The best way to get there is by driving, and it’s approximately a 35-minute drive from Victoria.


Although it’s a limited series of only ten episodes, Maid isn’t exactly easy to watch. Some scenes are emotionally devastating that you can’t help but so feel bad for Alex. But make no mistake, there are also funny moments that will make you feel invested in the main character's journey. And while watching every episode, the show takes its viewers to different beautiful Maid locations worth exploring in Greater Victoria.

Since the show wasn’t filmed in a studio, you’ll see real-life locations you can always visit. These include parks, rental properties, apartments, lakes, and beach areas. Even ordinary streets or businesses and buildings featured in the series become significant. This is especially true for the fans or anyone who has devoted time and emotions to the drama series.

If you haven’t done a film tour, exploring Maid filming sites is a great way to start. You might feel a stronger connection with the characters, especially Alex and the significant people who shaped her personality.