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Where was Lucky Numbers filmed?


City Locations

Hershey, Pennsylvania; Palmyra, Pennsylvania; Sacramento, California; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Enola, Pennsylvania; Wormleysburg, Pennsylvania; Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania; Arcadia, California; Buena Park, California; St. Augustine, Florida; Long Beach, California

Location Types

Apartment, American, House, Buildings/Offices, Restaurant

Location Styles

Americana/Anywhere America, Creative Space/Startup, Cubicles, Hotel/Motel Style

About Lucky Numbers

In this film, John Travolta is cast as Russ Richards, a weatherman for a television station in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He is well-respected as a local celebrity and with this fame, he is afforded numerous perks, including a reserved booth at Denny's and his own parking spot. The fact that his dealership is about to become bankrupt is cloaked by his optimistic approach to things.

Russ and Gig (Tim Roth) are friends, and the latter is a shady owner of a strip club. Gig proposes that Russ should resort to an insurance scam to solve his financial issues. However, Russ would find himself in debt deeper than before after his plan failed. Gig suggests that Russ should rig a lottery with the help of Crystal Latroy (Lisa Kudrow).

This plan works. However, to claim the $6.4 million jackpot, lots of things must unravel. First, Crystal's cousin, Walter (Michael Moore), becomes greedy and refuses to give Crystal the winning ticket, which initiates his fatal asthma attack. Dick Simmons (Ed O'Neill) is also sleeping with Crystal, and he attempts to blackmail her. Russ discovers all their secrets. This leads to murder and confusion, which prompt detectives Chambers and Lakewood to carry out an investigation.

Russ decides it is about time he sold the ticket to Dick for about $100,000. This will pay his debts to Dale (Michael Rapaport). Crystal tries to seduce Dick to get her share of the winnings. Dick's home is broken into by Dale, who attempts to rob the ticket from Dick. However, Dale is killed by Lakewood (Bill Pullman) in the process.

Lakewood meets Russ, who tries to unload his snowmobile inventory while overturning an 18-wheeler. Thinking Lakewood wants to arrest him, Russ runs away with the $100,000. However, he soon crashes into a tree. Lakewood visits him in the hospital and gives him a ticket to operate his snowmobile without the need for a license while explaining everything that happened with Dale and Dick. Russ rushes to Dick's hospital room to steal the lottery ticket. He moves to Florida to successfully become the host of "Lucky Numbers", which is a game show.

Lucky Numbers Locations

Lucky Number is a comedy film released in 2000. The movie was directed by Nora Ephron and the screenplay was done by Adam Resnick. The movie was inspired by a real-life scandal, which involved the Pennsylvania Lottery Commission in 1980. The film represents the only movie that was directed by Ephron without writing the screenplay.

Lucky Numbers was filmed in many locations in Pennsylvania and California. Some of the most popular scenes were shot in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and Sacramento, California. You will also see some done in Harrisburg and Palmyra, Pennsylvania, and St. Augustine, Florida.

Many of these movie locations are popular tourist destinations. They are also sites where many top-rated movies have been filmed over the years. If you wish to know more about these iconic locations, the following will lend you a hand.

Fun facts:

This movie is John Travolta and Tim Roth's second movie together.

Russ is at his reserved booth at Denny’s scene in Lucky Numbers

Denny's Restaurant, 7740 Orangethorpe Ave, Buena Park

As Russ enters Denny's, he is greeted fondly by Jack (Colin Mochrie). Russ comments on the latter's haircut as he is escorted to his reserved booth at the restaurant. Then, he is attended to by Wendy (Maria Bamford), who greets him, "Good morning." "Wendy, how are you?" Russ responds. He continues, "how's the cold?" Wendy responds, "Oh, it's just allergies, I think." "You don't look allergic to me," Russ suggests sarcastically.

She laughs and comments on how bad Rick is. Then, another man meets Rick with his son to seek his signature for his son's birthday. He asks, "What's your name, skipper?" The boy replies, "Sam." He jokes with the boy about his age. They take a picture together. Then, a woman gives him a notice of foreclosure.

It is no strange fact California is a state that is widely known across the globe for its culinary scene. Yet, few restaurants in the state epitomize this like Denny's restaurant, which is situated at 5350 Beach Blvd., Buena Park, California. At this top dining destination, locals and tourists can enjoy a casual diner chain, which offers classic American comfort fare, and includes all-day breakfast favorites.

Many top scenes in the movie were filmed at this location. As a result, you can visit the restaurant to enjoy a first-hand experience of how the filming must have taken place. Access to this location is possible by personal vehicle, taxi, or rideshare service. Or you can take the Metrolink Orange to Bus 54 to Bus 529 or Bus 560 to Bus 529.

Russ and Gig meet at Denny’s scene in Lucky Numbers

Denny's Restaurant, 12924 Beach Blvd, Stanton, CA

The scene begins with Russ having a coffee at Denny's and a woman greeting him. Then, Gig sits beside him and tells him, "Dale the thug's getting a bit pissy about his ten grand." He asks, "Dale the thug? Dale the thug? That's his nickname? When did that happen?" Gig replies, "That's childhood issues. Trust me, you don't wanna know." Gig continues, "He was fine for a day or two, but now he's had time to stew, see?"

Wendy comes to ask them what they would like, but Russ dismisses her. He tells Gig he cannot be seen with him since he is a public figure. Gig tells him that he needs to act very fast. Russ tells Gig he is tapped out. Then, he forcefully chases Gig away.

Denny’s represents one of the top restaurants in California. There are several locations. This one is about 15 minutes from the Buena Vista Denny’s. Tourists and locals enjoy delicious American dishes, as well as exceptional customer service. To get here, jump on the Metrolink-91 to Metrolink Orange County Line. Then take Bus 25 or 29 to Bus 529. You can also drive, take a cab, or use a rideshare app.

Russ meets Gig outside Denny’s scene in Lucky Numbers

Dennys Restaurant - 5505 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

After Russ forces Gig out of Denny's to protect his reputation, he meets with him outside the restaurant. Gig tells Russ, "They've impounded his baseball bat as evidence. He bought it at an auction. Pete Rose hit with it or some shit." Russ responds angrily, "He shouldn't have used it then. Even a plumber knows to take his rings off before he snakes the drain."

Gig tells him he screwed up, but Russ denies screwing up. After all, the control of his employees' sexual appetite is beyond him. Then, he tells Gig, "Why don't you just do this? Just get it over with."

This film shoot is done at a different Denny’s Restaurant in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Notably, this restaurant is located in a city that is renowned as one of the best places in Pennsylvania. With a population of about 9,000, it has a small-town feel and a laid-back vibe. To get here by public transport, take Bus 15N to Bus C or Bus GHC from 15N to Bus C. You can also use rideshare, call a cab, or drive yourself.

Crystal pretends she is unconscious outside WTPA scene in Lucky Numbers

WTPA-FM Radio Station, Pennsboro Township, PA

Crystal intentionally crashes into the new station as she pretends to be unconscious. People rush out of the building just to see what is happening. Russ sneaks into a room to change some of the balls for the lottery. As people offer to help Crystal away from the crashed car, she said, "I don't know why. But I'm fine. I just don't know."

Bobby (John F. O'Donohue) rushes there to ask people to give her space to move and they hug. He helps her into the building and tells her she might need a lawyer. Then, she quickly discharges Bobby as she enters a room.

WTPA-FM is a licensed radio station that services the people of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Owned by Cumulus Media, the station has an effective radiated power of 12,500 Watts. Radio is often seen as the pulse of the community. As a result, being inside this place implies that you can acquaint yourself with how radio stations are run.

Besides this, you can also visit some of the interesting scenes in the movie. This offers an interesting experience. Getting here is easy by private vehicle, or taxi, or you can take Bus F.

Russ goes into a room to rig the lottery results scene in Lucky Numbers

Sacramento, CA

After Crystal announces the winning numbers on the television, she pretends like she hits her head on a wall. Bobby quickly rushes to help her out. As she successfully distracts Bobby from going the right way, Russ quickly makes his way into the room to rig the results. Then, Bobby asks, "You feeling better now?" Crystal replies, "I don't know. Yeah. Thanks. I really do."

As she walks out with the ball, the bag falls, and she tries to pack the ball back into the bag. Then, she sees Bobby, who asks, "Are you sure you should be driving?" He offers her a ride home, but she declines. She quickly goes to one corner to burn all the balls.

Sacramento is a city in the state of California that is popularly known as the City of Trees. There are numerous historical sites in this location, including the State Capitol and the Railroad Museum. The city is also well-known for its fine restaurants. You can get here on many different forms of public transportation or drive yourself. You can also take a taxi or use a rideshare service.

Russ moves to Florida to start his own Lucky Numbers game show scene in Lucky Numbers

St. Augustine, FL

The scene begins after Russ moves to Florida to start his own game show, which is known as Lucky Numbers. Then, Russ is introduced to his own show. As the crowd shouts, he greets them, "Hey, how are ya?" He continues, "Thank you. Thank you so much." He is surprised by the audience his show attracts. He jokes that he will make margaritas after the show.

As he speaks to his audience, he reminisces about how he sees his face everywhere whenever he walks past an appliance store. He wonders to himself how he could manage such popularity. If he has to answer the question, he will simply say, "Just lucky."

St. Augustine is a city that ranks as the oldest permanent settlement for Europeans across the United States. As a result, this city is blessed with rich history, which you can acquaint yourself with by visiting certain places in the city. There are many ways to get here including the Greyhound bus, several public buses, or a taxi. Or you can use a rideshare app or a private vehicle.


Lucky Numbers is an American movie that was released in 2000. During the acting in 1999, the stars and film crew visited many cities in the states of Pennsylvania and California. These include Sacramento, Mechanicsburg, Wormleysburg, Buena Park, Arcadia, St. Augustine, Palmyra, and many more.

Since then, most of these cities have gone on to become popular cities among filmmakers in Hollywood. Lady Bird (2017), The Commuter (I) (2018), and Free Solo (2018) are some of the top-rated movies acted in Sacramento. These are good places to visit to enjoy great food scenes while exposing yourself to rich histories.