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Where was Little Big Man filmed?


City Locations

Little Bighorn River, Montana; Billings, Montana; Hardin, Montana; Calgary, Alberta; Morley, Alberta, Canada; Nevada City, Montana, Agoura Hills, California; Virginia City, Montana; Thousand Oaks, California

Location Types

NatureScapes, Contemporary, House, Foreign

Location Styles

Mountain Huts, Bungalow, Cabin, Dated/50's-60's-70's Building

About Little Big Man

This film was released in 1970 with some excellent casting featuring Dan George, Dustin Hoffman, and Jeff Corey, among others. This story follows Jack Crabb (Dustin Hoffman), a 121-year-old man who happens to be the oldest man across the globe. He shares his story with a historian. The story starts with a flashback to the year 1859. He and Caroline (Carole Androsky), his elder sister, were survivors of a massacre. Jack remains in the village while Caroline escapes.

The boy would become the enemy of Younger Bear (Cal Bellini), who eventually owes his life to Jack after the latter rescues him from a bear. Jack gets nicknamed, "Little Big Man" since he was brave but small in size.

Jack was captured in 1865 when he was 16 by the U.S. During this period, he stayed in U.S. Army custody and was interrogated. He stays with Reverend Silas Pendrake (Thayer David) since he is a minor. Louise (Faye Dunaway) is the Reverend's sexually frustrated wife. She tries to seduce Jack and the young boy renounced his religion and foster care after he caught Louise having sex with a shop owner.

A year later, Jack becomes an apprentice to a snake-oil salesman. When people realize that the products they offer are fraudulent, they find themselves in trouble. His sister, Caroline, happens to be one of these customers. He soon reunites with his sister. Jack and Wild Bill Hickok meet at a saloon and the latter immediately becomes fond of him. Caroline and Jack part ways after Hickok kills a man in self-defense and stops gunslinging.

Jack later marries Olga (Kelly Jean Peters), a Swedish woman, and turns to a business partner in a general store. His business partner happens to be a scoundrel. The couple would soon relocate. As Olga gets abducted, Jack starts searching for her. Then, before Jack and the Heemaneh Little Horse become friends, he meets Younger Bear and Old Lodge Skins.

Jack eventually reunites Olga who becomes traumatized and cannot remember him, but he makes no attempt to help her do so. Under General Custer (Richard Mulligan), he becomes a mule skinner. Besides this, he is also the lone white survivor of the great Battle of the Little Bighorn.

Little Big Man Locations

Little Big Man is an American romantic movie produced by Stuart Miller that was released in 1970. The various scenes in the movie were filmed in various cities across the United States and Canada. Some of the most popular film shoot locations you can find below in the quotes.

Many of these locations are great places to visit and some of them are renowned for the number of activities that can be enjoyed there. If you wish to know more about these numerous locations and their scenes, you can find them at the addresses listed below.

Fun facts:

Before Dustin Hoffman (Jack) could get the raspy voice of a 121-year-old, he had to shout very loudly for an hour in a room.

The 121-year-old Jack Crabb speaks to a curious historian scene in Little Big Man

Veterans Hospital, 11301 Wilshire Boulevard, Brentwood, Los Angeles, CA

The scene begins with a 121-year-old Jack Crabb who is interviewed by a historian. "My name is Jack Crabb and I'm the sole white survivor of the battle of the little bighorn." The narrator interrupts, "Well, Mr. Crabb, I'm more interested in the primitive lifestyle of the Indians than I am in the old tales about Custer."

Jack replies, "Old tales… are you calling me a liar?" The narrator tells him that he is interested in the way of life of the Indians instead of the adventure. "You think the battle of the little bighorn was just an adventure?" Jack says. The narrator explains that the battle didn't represent what happened between Whites and Indians, but the near genocide of the Indians. Then Jack starts narrating his story.

Brentwood represents one of the most luxurious neighborhoods you can come across in Los Angeles. Besides this, it is also home to many Hollywood celebrities. There are lots of attractions here, including museums. If you wish to enjoy entertaining nightlife, this is the place to be.

Tourists and locals can also enjoy lots of facilities that can support different kinds of outdoor activities. Brentwood is a good place to visit. You can reach this neighborhood by road.

Beginning of the flashback as Jack and Caroline survives a massacre scene in Little Big Man

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument - 756 Battlefield Tour Road, Crow Agency, Montana, USA

The scene begins with a 10-year-old Jack and his sister, Caroline coming out of a tent to see their people all murdered. They are both shaken, and both run back to hide. A Cheyenne brave, Shadow, comes down from his horse and catches them inside the tent.

Caroline tells Jack, "Bye Jack. I'll see you in… heaven." Jack responds to his sister, "goodbye Caroline." As they see Shadow retreating, they feel less scared. Shadow looks around and sees how bad the place is. He comes for Jack and carries him on his horse. Caroline joins them on the horse and they ride away.

This location is well-known for its historic landmarks. This monument is where those who were involved in the 1876 battle - when Cheyenne warriors vanquished the 7th U.S. Cavalry. If you love history, then you should visit one of the most famous sites in the history of the United States. Reaching this location is very easy. Access is possible by road.

Shadow takes Caroline and Jack to his village scene in Little Big Man

Cheyenne Indian Reservation, Lame Deer, Montana, USA

Shadow arrives at the village with Caroline and Jack on the back of the horse. Shadow takes both of them to the village chief, Old Lodge Skins. Jack asks his sister, "what do they want, Caroline?" She thinks they want her. The old man shows his good manners by offering Caroline what he is smoking.

They signaled among themselves and checked her ribs if Caroline was hurt or raped. They leave the tent. Then, Jack says, "I don't think they will bother you anymore, Caroline."

This scene location is situated in Southeastern Montana and the reservation is about 1,800 square kilometers. Besides this, you will find more than 5,000 Cheyenne people there. If you wish to know more about the Cheyenne tribe, then this location is the perfect place to visit.

Jack spends his first morning at the Village scene in Little Big Man

Cheyenne Indian Reservation, Lame Deer, Montana, USA

After Caroline runs away in the middle of the night, Jack wakes up and finds himself alone and scared. While he thinks they will hurt him, they treat him like an honored guest. Shadow teaches young Jack how to shoot an arrow. He also teaches Jack how to stalk Buffaloes.

Shadow also shows Jack how to protect his skin from sunburn. He puts a feather on Jack's head. Jack enjoys all good privileges in the village, and he is treated as one of their own.

Lovers of hiking, biking, and many other outdoor activities will find this location a great place to visit. Also, the Charging Horse Casino is close to this scene location. This casino has more than 127 poker keno machines and is a great place to have fun.

Besides this, the flora and fauna of the region are impressive. Lots of tourists from the far reaches of the globe visit this place regularly. Access to this location is possible by road with a private vehicle.

Jack enters Reverend Silas' home for the first time scene in Little Big Man

Billings, Montana, USA

As Jack enters the Reverend's home, he is greeted by Louise, Silas' wife. She tells Jack, "Dear Jack, welcome to your new home. Your travail is over." Silas asks him, "boy, are you unable to converse?" Louise tells her husband to be gentle with him. After all, he went through years of tribulation among "those awful savages".

The Reverend tells Louis that the Indians know nothing of GOD Almighty or moral rights. As Louise jumps to his defense, Jack stares at her lustfully and appreciates her efforts. Louise asks, "boy, he hasn't even had a proper bath." Louise holds Jack's hand close to her breast and says, "I shall wash this poor, dirty boy. It is my Christian duty to give this boy an immediate, thorough bath."

If you've heard of Rimrocks, then you should be acquainted with Billings. Widely regarded as the Magic City, this is the ultimate destination to come across Rimrocks. The city has experienced rapid growth over the years. You will also enjoy a great culinary scene in this region.

If what you want is a great western vibe and facilities for outdoor activities, then Montana is a place to visit. Some of the top attractions in the city include Moss Mansion, Yellowstone Art Museum, and Pictograph Cave State Park, among others.

Jack catches Louise with a shop owner scene in Little Big Man

Hardin, Montana, USA

The scene begins with Silas telling Louise to take Jack with her for her shopping. As they enter the shop, Louise introduces Jack to the soda shop owner. She says, "This is Jack, my adopted son." Jack sits down. Then, the owner asks Louise what she wants, and he gets it for her.

The owner asks, "how about you master?" Jack replies, "Oh, I'll have the same." Louise tells the shop owner to look after Jack as she leaves. As Jack eats alone, he gets an awful feeling and goes to the basement where he finds Louise and the shop owner having sex. Then, Jack renounces his religion and his foster care.

Hardin is a small town, yet a great place to visit. The town is renowned for its closeness to the Little Bighorn Battlefield Monument. There are more than 3,800 friendly residents in the town. You will always find a park to spend a pleasant afternoon and engage in some fun activities.

If you love history, then you should visit a town that perfectly represents the early ranching life in Montana. Many tourists love visiting this place and the attractions are hard to ignore. You can reach this town by road or air.


Little Big Man is a 1970 movie that follows the story of 121-year-old Jack Crabb. He narrates his story to a curious oral historian. Crabb speaks about being rescued and nurtured by the Cheyenne tribe. He also claims to be the lone white survivor of the Little Bighorn Battle.

This movie was shot in various historic locations in the U.S.A. and Canada. Many of these locations are known for the different outdoor activities that can be enjoyed there. Many tourists and locals found them great places to be.

Furthermore, these locations are popular among filmmakers. As a result, numerous movies have been shot in these cities. Take, for instance, Billings is a city where some top-rated movies have been filmed. Some of these movies include Nebraska (2013), Far and Away (1992), and The Cabin House (2019).