Jerry Maguire movie cover Movie Locations Guide

Where was Jerry Maguire filmed?


City Locations

Los Angeles, California; Tempe and Phoenix, Arizona

Location Types

American, House, Mansions, Airports, Clubs/Bars, Gyms/Sports, Restaurant

Location Styles

Cubicles, Hotel/Motel Style, Luxury Hotel

About Jerry Maguire

“Show me the money!” Nineties film lines don’t get any more memorable than this classic, delivered with lung-busting gusto by Tom Cruise in 1996’s Jerry Maguire.

Part romantic comedy, part drama, and part sports movie, the film tells the story of sports agent Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise). A successful agent in a cutthroat industry, Jerry is very good at making money. What he’s not good at is looking after the best interests of his clients, a fact which is made crystal clear to Jerry when one of the stars in his books suffers a serious injury.

It’s a wake-up call to Jerry, who has something of an epiphany; rather than treating sports stars like commodities, agents should treat them like human beings who have their own needs, dreams, and families. Jerry thinks this new approach could change the way his agency does business, but his bosses have other ideas. He’s shocked and more than a little hurt when they send his former protege, Bob Sugar (Jay Mohr), to unceremoniously fire him from the agency.

Kicked to the curb, Jerry starts his own sports management business and faces a mad scramble to entice clients away from his previous firm. All but one of them refuses Jerry’s advances. Only high-maintenance NFL wide receiver Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr.) agrees, after a very long conversation and the famous “show me the money!” line, to remain as Jerry’s client.

But he’s not Jerry’s only friend in the world. Inspired by Jerry’s personalized approach to managing athletes, Dorothy (Renee Zellweger), an accountant at Jerry’s old firm, agrees to jump ship and join him at his new business. It’s a huge leap of faith for Dorothy, and when Jerry starts to develop a relationship with her son Ray (Jonathan Lipnicki), it eventually leads to romance.

But finding happiness at home and being a successful agent is far from easy. With Jerry on the road a lot at Rod’s games his relationship with Dorothy suffers, while managing Rod’s ever-changing needs proves to be a stressful challenge. Does Jerry have what it takes to make this work?

Jerry Maguire Locations

If you want to check out the filming location of Jerry Maguire in person, we’ve got good news for you. There are literally dozens of Jerry Maguire locations to be found in various spots around the country, so it’s easy to hit the road and check out some of the most iconic settings out for yourself.

As you’d expect for a Hollywood production, plenty of important filming locations are found in the Los Angeles area. These include Jerry’s condo in Marina Del Rey, Dorothy’s home in Manhattan Beach, and the restaurant where Jerry gets fired in West Hollywood.

But this production didn’t just film in California, with several important scenes also shot in Arizona. With Rod playing for the Arizona Cardinals, that’s perfectly understandable. Arizona scenes include the dramatic game where Rod scores the match-winning touchdown, which was filmed at Sun Devil Stadium a Arizona State University, while Lost Dutchman State Park makes an appearance when Rod films a commercial with a camel.

Below, we’ve gathered details of the locations where some of the best scenes in Jerry Maguire were filmed. Keep reading to find out how to visit them for yourself.

Fun fact:

The role of Jerry Maguire was almost played by a different Tom altogether — Tom Hanks.

Airport scene in Jerry Maguire

John Wayne Airport,18601 Airport Way, Santa Ana, CA 92707

Jerry Maguire is a changed man. After understanding the impact a serious injury can have on his clients, Jerry decides it’s time to rethink how he works and how he treats the stars he manages. He writes it all down in a mission statement for his company, but little does he know that it’s not going to be well received by his bosses.

One person who does love Jerry’s ideas is Dorothy. When she runs into Jerry at the airport, Dorothy is preoccupied with trying to track down her son. But once he’s been found safe, she reveals to Jerry that she agrees with his new approach to management. “I loved your memo, by the way,” she says. “I think in this age, optimism like that … it’s a revolutionary act,” she says.

Jerry, still a little nervous about whether what he wrote will strike a chord with others, is thrilled.

This scene was filmed at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana. You can find it at 18601 Airport Way, about 40 miles southeast of downtown LA.

“Show me the money!” scene in Jerry Maguire

The Tidwell House, 1760 Kirsten Lee Dr, Westlake Village, CA

When he finds out he’s being fired from the agency, Jerry is understandably crushed. But rather than get mad he decides to get even, promising to take his clients and all of Bob Sugar’s clients with him. That’s going to prove to be a whole lot easier said than done, however, as one by one Jerry gets rejection after rejection.

Until he calls Rod Tidwell, of course, who we’re about to learn is a very hard client to manage. Standing in his kitchen, Rod says he is sweating on a new contract, and worried he’ll lose a stack of endorsements if he doesn’t sign with Sugar. “I hear what you’re saying,” Jerry responds, but Rod isn’t going to fall for empty platitudes. “No. I hear that you hear what I'm saying. But do you hear what I'm saying?” he asks.

After a lengthy phone call, during which Jerry misses a host of other calls, Rod agrees to stay Jerry’s client on one condition. Jerry has to say, or rather scream, “Show me the money!”

If you’re looking for the Tidwell house, you can find this Jerry Maguire filming location at 1760 Kirsten Lee Drive, Westlake Village, which is about five miles south of Thousand Oaks, California.

Jerry and Dorothy’s first date scene in Jerry Maguire

Paco’s Tacos, 4141 S Centinela Ave, Los Angeles, CA

It’s clear there’s chemistry between Jerry and Dorothy, but there are a lot of barriers they’ll need to overcome if they’re going to make it work as a couple. Not only is there the boss/employee relationship to consider, but after Jerry makes a drunken pass at Dorothy and is politely rebuffed, things between them are extremely awkward.

They get even more awkward when Jerry asks Dorothy out for dinner, then he dresses casually while she dresses as if they’re going on a date. Nonetheless, they head out for a meal, only to be interrupted by the restaurant’s mariachi band. “A song for the lovers?” the band leader asks.

The restaurant where this first date/business discussion was filmed is Paco’s Tacos Cantina. You can find it at 4141 South Centinela Avenue in Culver City, about 15 miles west of downtown LA.

Camel commercial scene in Jerry Maguire

Lost Dutchman State Park, 6109 N Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ

Starting a new business sure ain’t easy, and Jerry must battle desperately to keep his fledgling management agency afloat. To do that, he needs to find some endorsement deals for Rod, and one memorable scene involves Rod filming a commercial for a Chevrolet dealership.

In pretty and mountainous surroundings, Rod is dismayed to learn he’ll be working alongside a real-life camel. He’s not keen about climbing aboard the massive animal, and he doesn’t hesitate to let the director know exactly how he feels.

“You don’t need a camel. You got Rod Tidwell,” he demands. “It’s Camel Chevrolet,” explains the exasperated director.

This Jerry Maguire film shoot location is found in Lost Dutchman State Park, found at North Apache Trail about 40 miles east of Phoenix. The distinctive mountain you can spot in the background is Flat Iron Peak.

Rod scores the winning touchdown scene in Jerry Maguire

Sun Devil Football Stadium, 500 E Veterans Way, Tempe, AZ

Playing for a contract, Rod is having one of the best seasons of his football career. As a result, the Cardinals are in with a shot of making the playoffs — but it all comes down to the last game of the season.

Rod turns in the performance of his life, taking several catches to keep his team in contention. Then, in thrilling scenes, he catches a pass to score the match-winning touchdown but suffers a brutal hit in the process. As he lies on the ground, seemingly unconscious, the team’s medical staff hover over him.

“Rod! Rod, can you hear me? Do you know where you are, Rod?” they ask. As the crowd looks on anxiously, Rod is barely moving, so the trainers prepare to take him off on a stretcher. Then a smile slowly spreads across Rod’s face. “No, just let me enjoy this moment,” he murmurs.

Then, to the crowd’s applause, Rod slowly lifts himself up off the ground. He rips off his helmets, salutes the thousands of fans, and then starts dancing in the end zone. It’s a miraculous recovery, and Rod then leaps into the stands to be embraced by his fans.

This memorable scene was filmed at Sun Devil Football Stadium at Arizona State University in Tempe. You can find the stadium on East Veterans Way, about 12 miles east of downtown Phoenix.

Jerry and Dorothy reunite scene in Jerry Maguire

Dorothy’s House, 527 23rd St, Manhattan Beach, CA

After Rod’s spectacular victory and jubilant celebration, Jerry is over the moon. Despite his joy, however, he still knows there’s something missing from his life. So, after congratulating Rod, he races home to California and turns up at Dorothy’s house. He tells her that no matter how special Rod’s success was, and how great it is for their business, the night still wasn’t complete.

“It wasn’t nearly close to being in the same vicinity as complete. Because I couldn’t share it with you,” an emotional Jerry reveals. “I miss my wife,” he says tearfully, pouring his heart out in a desperate bid to win Dorothy back. “I love you. You complete me,” he says, harking back to a moment much earlier in the film with a hearing-impaired couple communicating to one another through sign language.

But before Jerry can say anything further, a smiling Dorothy tells him to shut up. “You had me at hello,” she says, and the two wrap their arms around one another in a loving embrace.

The setting for Dorothy’s home in Jerry Maguire is 527 23rd Street in Manhattan Beach, just a stone’s throw away from Los Angeles International Airport. For reference, Jerry’s condo/home office is located about 10 miles to the north, along Ocean Front Walk in Marina Del Rey.


It’s hard to believe it’s been over 25 years since Jerry Maguire was released. This memorable ‘90s movie features stellar performances from Cruise and Zellweger, but it’s Cuba Gooding Jr. who steals the show as Rod, and it’s clear to see why he won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.

And if you want to see where some of the best scenes in Jerry Maguire were filmed — and who knows, maybe even act them out — you’re spoilt for choice. The locations featured here are just a small selection of the easily accessible Jerry Maguire production locations out there, so good luck tracking them all down.