How Stella Got Her Groove Back movie cover Movie Locations Guide

Where was How Stella Got Her Groove Back filmed?


City Locations

Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Marin County, California; Montego Bay, Jamaica

Location Types

Beach/Oceanview, NatureScapes, Modern, Mediterranean, Hotels/Motels

Location Styles

Beachfront, Bohemian, Boutique Hotel, Boat Style, Exotic/Tropical

About How Stella Got Her Groove Back

How Stella Got Her Groove Back was filmed in California and select resorts in Jamaica in 1998. A romantic drama, this film was directed by filmmaker Kevin Rodney Sullivan. It is based on Terry McMillan’s novel of the same name, a book that was published in 1996. The all-star cast in this film includes Angela Bassett, Taye Diggs, Whoopi Goldberg, and Regina King.

In the opening How Stella Got Her Groove Back film scene, Stella Payne is enjoying life as a successful stockbroker. Stella has just turned 40 years old and shares her life with her young son Quincy. Stella and Quincy live in Marin Country, California.

After a minor health crisis, Stella’s best friend Delilah convinces Stella to book a luxurious vacation to Montego Bay. The two travel together, and Stella enjoys the relaxation and sunshine found in Jamaica. She meets an attractive youthful Jamaican man by the name of Winston Shakespeare. Winston is 20 to Stella’s 40, yet her age is no deterrent for Winston who pursues her relentlessly. Stella begins to take stock of her life and for the first time begins to ponder what she really wants from her career and her relationships.

Though Angela Bassett’s acting received rave reviews, How Stella Got Her Groove Back was largely panned by critics. However, box office sales were quite strong for this beloved romance, earning $11,318,919 on its first weekend and coming in second to Steven Spielberg’s epic war film Saving Private Ryan. How Stella Got Her Groove Back was ultimately deemed to be financially very successful.

How Stella Got Her Groove Back Locations

The filming locations for How Stella Got Her Groove Back are spread out between two main areas: Marin County, California, where Stella lives with her son Quincy, and Montego Bay, Jamaica where she meets and falls in love with the charming and handsome Winston Shakespeare.

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Fun Fact:

The soundtrack for How Stella Got Her Groove Back consisted largely of songs in the R&B and reggae genres. It was released in 1998 and quickly became very popular. The album reached gold status on September 22nd, 1998, and climbed as high as eighth place on the Billboard 200 and third on the Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums listings.

Stella and Delilah meet up in Jamaica scene in How Stella Got Her Groove Back

San Francisco Marriott Marquis 780 Mission St, San Francisco, CA

Stella arrives at the resort and inquires at the front desk as to where she can find her best friend Delilah. The two friends are reunited with this exchange.

Stella (to the hotel desk clerk): Can you tell me which room Delilah Abraham is in?

Hotel desk clerk: Sure.

Delilah, sneaking up behind Stella: AAAAAHHHHHHH! The two girls embrace.

Delilah: Girl, I have been waiting for you in the bar for an hour and a half.

Stella: Then where’s my rum punch cause you know I can use it?

Delilah: Well, come on, girl. Ooh, you look so fly.

Stella: Don’t I?

Delilah: I know you think you’re cute with your little braids.

Stella: You like ‘em?

Delilah: I love ‘em! They make you look entirely too young.

To get to this How Stella Got Her Groove Back production location from nearby Union Square, travel west on Geary Street, making a right-hand turn onto Powell Street. Make another right onto Post Street, driving past Capital One Café on the right-hand side. Go right onto Montgomery Street and continue onto New Montgomery Street, bypassing Flatiron Wine and Spirits on the right. A final right-hand turn onto Mission Street will bring you to the hotel’s doors.

Stella and Delilah work out on the beach scene in How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Montego Bay Beach (Doctor’s Cave Beach), Montego Bay, Jamaica

Stella, an avid runner, forces Delilah to go with her for a run on the beach. Delilah is uninterested in exercising and keeps up a hilarious running commentary in one of the best action scenes in How Stella Got Her Groove Back. The following dialogue takes place.

Delilah (following Stella’s lead with stretches): Oooh. This is my favorite.

Stella: Umm, hmm?

Delilah: Umm, hmm. Just gets the circulation going. Alright, going now. Here we go. I’m running, girl, like the wind, I’m running. Look at me go.

Stella: Come on, D, you can do it.

Delilah (almost at a dead stop): I’m doing it girl, look at me run. I’m fast like a mofo. Running. (Stopping and turning back towards the resort). I’ll see you at breakfast.

Stella: D!!!!

Delilah: That was great for me. I feel warmed up and everything. I feel like I could just have the whole day for myself. I’m bad, I’m so bad. I’m bad, I’m so bad.

Montego Bay Beach is just a five-minute shuttle ride from Round Hill Hotel and Villas, the next filming location on this list of the best scenes from How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

Stella meets Winston scene in How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Round Hill Hotel and Villas, John Pringle Drive, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Stella is enjoying breakfast on the hotel terrace when the very handsome Winston comes to join her. They share some flirtatious banter in this romantic and funny scene from How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

Stella: What’s your name, young man?

Winston: My name’s Winston, Winston Shakespeare (he laughs). And yours, young lady?

Stella: My name is Stella, Winston.

Winston: See, I gave you two names, you only gave me one.

Stella: Well, the one I gave you was real, Mr. Shakespeare.

Winston: You didn’t know Shakespeare was really black? Ya, man. Socrates too. So, ummm, where’s your husband?

Stella: What makes you think I have one?

Winston: Okay, where’s your boyfriend?

Stella (laughing): You know, you ask a lot of questions to be so young. Where are your parents? And how old are you?

Winston: My parents are at home where they belong. And how old do you think I am?

Stella: 25?

Winston: Really?

Stella: Uh-hmmm.

Winston: Well, I’ll be 21 on my next birthday, so that makes me twenty.

Stella (to herself): He’s not even legal!

Winston: And you are?

Stella: 40.

Winston: No, truthfully.

Stella: Ooooh, let’s not go there, okay?

Winston: You look really, really good. I mean I’ve never seen a 40-year-old woman who likes like you.

Stella: Thanks…

You will easily find this How Stella Got Her Groove Back location by traveling 30 minutes by shuttle bus or car from the Montego Bay airport or driving from Montego Bay Beach which is only five minutes away and accessible by several different types of public transit.

Stella and Winston dance together at the pajama party scene in How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Time n Place, Falmouth, Jamaica

Stella and Winston take to the dance floor for Pajama Night at the resort in Montego Bay. Stella has chosen to wear an outfit that is quite sexy, and Winston admires her appearance in the following conversation in one of the best scenes in How Stella Got Her Groove Back:

Winston: That’s a very pretty nightgown.

Stella: Oh, thanks. I feel a little overdressed.

Winston: Don’t.

A young man walks by and looks Stella up and down. She turns to look at him with a look of disgust and awe on her face. The dialogue continues.

Winston: Why don’t you wrap that thing around your waist?

Stella: Thanks.

Stella is uncomfortable on the dance floor, but Winston starts to dance, and she soon joins in.

Though this former How Stella Got Her Groove Back film set is now officially closed, you can still pop by to visit the spot where this scene was filmed. The property’s grounds are still open for the public to view. The best way to get to the now shuttered Time n Place is by taking a shuttle or taxi directly from the airport.

Stella comes home to find her sisters at her house scene in How Stella Got Her Groove Back

1182 East Elizabeth Street, Pasadena, CA

Stella drives home after her trip to find her very pregnant sister sitting in a lawn chair on her front lawn. As she exits the car, her other sister comes out from the house to greet her. The sisters share the following conversation.

Stella: Ah, Lord! Oooh, finally!

Vanessa: Well, first of all, welcome back, slut!

Angela: I’d say that was a pretty accurate description.

Stella: Can I at least get into the house without coming home to the instant bullsh*t?

Vanessa: Next trip. I’m sorry, but Miss FBI Agent here grilled me so long and hard, I had to tell her.

Stella: Whatever. Can you at least help me with the bag?

Vanessa: No, I have some good news. I have a little bit of bad news.

Stella: What? It’s not Quincy, is it?

Vanessa: No.

Angela: If it was Quincy, you were on the other side of the world partying, so what would you have done if it was?

Stella: Hello, Angela.

Angela: Plus, I hear you’re a cradle robber. So, you probably have a hard time keeping the children straight.

Vanessa: Now you didn’t have to go there, Angela, not at all.

A private residence in Pasadena, you can visit this former film set by traveling north on Garfield Avenue and making a right-hand turn onto E Walnut Street. Make a left onto N Los Robles Avenue then a right onto E Washington Boulevard. Continue on this route, turning left at N Lake Avenue and making a final right onto E Elizabeth Street. You will find this former film set on the right-hand side of the street.

Stella and Winston reconcile scene in How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Los Angeles International Airport, 1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA

In the final scene of How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Winston is in a taxi en route to the airport. He is planning to return to Jamaica where he will pursue his studies as a doctor. He is uneasy and sad, and rain heavily pelts the taxi as he remains deep in thought. He arrives at the airport and exits the taxi.

The driver asks him for his ticket, and he pays the driver and leaves him with his luggage. He walks into the airport, and at the top of the stairs, he spies Stella looking for him. She runs to him and asks him, “Ever consider Stanford?”

The two walk to each other, and when they meet, Stella says “Yes, yes!” affirming that she will accept Winston’s marriage proposal.

Winston kisses Stella and then holds her in a tight embrace as Stella lets out a deep exhale.

One of the busiest airports in the world, it will be a challenge to find the precise area where this scene was shot, but you can still visit this former film set and put your imagination to the test. There are many public transit options that will take you to LAX including shuttle bus, taxi, and passenger vehicles.


A romantic classic that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide, watching How Stella Got Her Groove Back is a great way to spend an afternoon. With a landscape that includes some of the most beautiful resorts in Jamaica as well as several scenic houses, buildings, and properties throughout Northern California, the scenery found in How Stella Got Her Groove Back is nothing short of truly inspiring.

Thinking a vacation to visit the filming locations for How Stella Got Her Groove Back is in order? Our guide to the places where some of your favorite scenes were shot is sure to be a help as you plan your next great adventure.