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High School Musical 2 movie cover Movie Locations Guide

Where was High School Musical 2 filmed?


City Locations

Salt Lake City, St. George, Midvale, Utah

Location Types

House,Mansions, Modern, Schools/Colleges, Theatres, Gyms/Sports

Location Styles

Resort, School

About High School Musical 2

High School Musical 2 is the sequel to the much-loved High School Musical movie released by Disney back in 2006. This sequel, which was released just a year later in 2007, starred many of the same actors as the first film including Zac Effron who played Troy Bolton, Vanessa Hudgens who was cast as Gabriella Montez, and Ashley Tisdale who played Sharpay Evans.

The series ends with a third movie, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, which was filmed and released in 2008. In 2019 a series was put out following the same setting as the movies and was called High School Musical: The Musical: The Series which can be streamed on Disney Plus.

In the first film we meet our main characters as they attend East High School and discover that they do not have to be part of only one group, nor do they have to fit into any expectations or pressures from their peers. The school’s main basketball star, Troy, finds a new passion in singing, and at first, it takes his friends and family a while to understand and support him, but eventually, everyone realizes that we are all in this together.

In the second movie, school is out for the summer and everyone is looking for jobs since they will be entering their senior year and have to pay for college. Troy, Gabriella, and most of their friends from East High are hired by Sharpay Evans to work at the country club, but little do they know that Sharpay is trying to win over Troy for herself. Throughout the movie, the group struggles to have a good summer together, and Gabriella and Troy face their own obstacles in their relationship related to Sharpy and their future plans after school ends.

High School Musical 2 Locations

Similar to the first and third films in the series, High School Musical 2 was mostly filmed in Utah, USA. You will quickly recognize East High School in Salt Lake City as the home of the Wildcats, which is also featured in this film. Some other scenes took place in the nearby city of St. George, Utah. Most of the places that were featured in the movie can even be visited in person.

Are you planning a trip to Utah and want to stop by all of the biggest High School Musical 2 filming locations? If so then you have come to the right place, and we will introduce you to the places where the movie was filmed. Since they are located fairly close to each other you can easily make your own High School Musical 2 tour and visit all of the locations where filming took place.

If you are interested in visiting the school where Sharpay, Troy, Gabriella and all of the other wildcats attended, or maybe the country club that they worked at in the movie, then you should keep reading to find out exactly where the best scenes in High school Musical 2 were filmed. Spoiler alert: some of the scenes that we discuss might be from the end of the movie!

Fun fact:

Did you know that filming for this movie lasted only five weeks, and during that time the “Bet On It” dance sequence took six days?

School ends scene in High School Musical 2

East High School

The beginning of High School Musical 2 starts with some shots of the empty East High School as the same beloved characters are sitting in class, waiting for the bell to ring, finally releasing them for summer vacation. They are in the same class that starts off the first movie, being lectured by Miss Darbus who is giving them a speech that no one really seems to be interested in.

Once the bell finally rings everyone jumps out of their seats excited about the vacation, and they begin singing “What Time Is It?” as crowds of students pour out of the school's entrance. Afterward, our group gathers outside to discuss their summer plans and their search for summer jobs. Troy says, “No, but seriously, guys, this summer I gotta make bank. My parents keep talking about how much college is gonna cost.”

This High School Musical 2 scene was filmed at the real East High School in Salt Lake City. It is the very same building used in both of the other films in the franchise, and lots of High School Musical fans stop by to visit. You can stroll through the halls, go to the gymnasium and even see Sharpay’s iconic pink lockers.

Ryan and Mrs. Evans do yoga scene in High School Musical 2

Sego Lily Spa

After being hired at the country club, the Wildcats show up for their first day on the job. When Sharpay notices that not only Troy has been hired but the entire Wildcats team, she is not pleased. She complains to the manager of the club, Mr. Fulton, exclaiming that she only wanted Troy to be working there. He insists that he spoke to the Lava Springs board before hiring them, which sends Sharpay off to complain to her mother.

Sharpay and Ryan find Mrs. Evans in her yoga class, and Ryan quickly joins her in her exercises. As they do a handstand together Mrs. Evans speaks to Ryan, saying “Tell pumpkin if she worries too much, she’ll get frown lines”, and he responds, “Told her twice!” Sharpay is pretty unhappy that she can’t get her way, and storms out of the room.

This scene in the yoga room was filmed at the Sego Lily Spa in Midvale, Utah. Do you need a relaxing getaway and want to visit a High School Musical 2 filming location at the same time? Then this is the place to go!

Troy and Gabriella have a picnic scene in High School Musical 2

Entrada at Snow Canyon Country Club

Things are starting to look good for the summer; school is out and Troy, Gabriella, and the Wildcats have scored some great summer jobs at the Lava Springs country club. Although they are busy with their new jobs, they are trying to make time for each other, and Troy and Gabriella decide to meet for a picnic on the golf course.

They have a nice lunch together on the grass until the sprinklers suddenly come on. Troy and Gabriella begin dancing through the sprinklers, until Mr. Fulton, their boss, comes onto the course and interrupts them. “This is a private club, not a water park! We exist to serve our membership. Employees will do well to remember their place. Clear?” Although Gabriella gets in trouble, Troy gets off with just a warning.

The golf course where Troy and Gabriella have their picnic takes place at an upscale golf resort in St. George. You will recognize the stunning rock formations in the background that are also featured in the movie, and it is a beautiful place to visit. The resort is called the Entrada at Snow Canyon Country Club.

Troy and Gabriella go for a night swim scene in High School Musical 2

The Inn at Entrada

At the beginning of the summer, Troy and Gabriella promised that they would spend the summer together. However, Troy has been very busy with Sharpay and his job and is struggling to find time to be with her. He keeps on showing up late for dates and missing activities with the Wildcats, and in this scene, he was supposed to meet Gabriella for dinner. He arrives much later than they had planned but brings a picnic for them to share.

The two jump into the pool and are happy to finally be together. However, the date doesn’t last long as Mr. Fulton walks in and catches them swimming after hours. “You have a reason to be here after-hours, Mr. Bolton. Mrs. Montez, however, does not. I overlooked the tardiness yesterday. But then came the golf-course jaunt, and now this. Two days, two strikes. Don’t get a third. Out of the pool!” Of course, Troy does not get in trouble for swimming but Gabriella does.

This scene and the others taking place at Lava Springs were filmed at The Inn at Entrada at the Snow Canyon Country Club, which is right next to the golf course mentioned above. You can come here for a relaxing stay at the Inn, to go golfing or to swim in the same pool where Troy and Gabriella swam in this scene.

The staff softball game scene in High School Musical 2

Canyon Softball Complex

After working for a little while at the Lava Springs country club, Gabriella and the rest of the Wildcats are beginning to notice that Troy is acting differently. Sharpay is doing her best to win him over by offering him the job, introducing him to the Redhawks basketball team, and setting him up for scholarships. It doesn’t take long for everyone to notice that he is spending less time with them and Gabriella, and more time with Sharpay and his new friends.

The staff at the country club participate in the annual softball game, which Troy was supposed to play in. However he doesn’t show up and instead, Ryan takes his place, and despite their differences, the group becomes fast friends with him. Although Chad says “Look, if you want to hang, grab a mitt and let’s play ball. But we’re not dancers, so let’s get on with the game!” This cues the “I Don’t Dance” song and choreography where Ryan shows them how challenging but also how much fun singing and dancing can be and encourages them to consider performing in the talent show.

This scene at the baseball diamond takes place at the Canyon Softball Complex in St George, Utah. Whether you are into sports or just want to see where this High School Musical 2 film scene took place, you can head here and watch a game!

Troy plays basketball with the Redhawks scene in High School Musical 2

Jon M. Huntsman Center

In the meantime, as everyone else is playing in the softball game, Troy is at the University of Albuquerque gymnasium where he is playing basketball with the Redhawks. He is hoping to impress them and get a scholarship to the university but doesn’t notice that he is losing all of his friends in the process.

Troy’s father, Coach Bolton, is supportive of him, of course. At the gymnasium, he is talking to Mr. Evans, Sharpay’s father who is also the owner of Lava Springs and is helping to give Troy all of these connections. As they watch them play we hear Coach Bolton say; “Troy gives one hundred and ten, twenty-four seven. That you can count on!”

In this scene the gymnasium at the Jon M. Huntsman Center in the University of Utah, Salt Lake City is the filming location of High School Musical 2. It is a functioning sports center for basketball, gymnastics, and volleyball competitions, and you will recognize the red stands and huge gymnasium that Troy plays in.


Like the other films in the series, most of High School Musical 2 was shot in Utah. However, unlike the first film, most of the movie takes place outside of school and the High School Musical 2 production team needed to find some new places to shoot the scenes.

If you want to visit all of these places where the best scenes in High School Musical 2 took place you can easily stop by them all in one trip. Not only are they fun to visit because they were used as film sets but also because they are functioning spas and golf resorts, so you can do something other than sightseeing. The next time that you are in St. George or Salt Lake City, try to take a trip to some of these filming locations!