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Where was Heaven Can Wait filmed?


City Locations

Topanga Canyon, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA; Filoli Estate, Woodside, California, USA; Exposition Park, Los Angeles, California, USA.

Location Types

American, Modern, NatureScapes, Buildings/Offices, Gyms/Sports, Mansions

Location Styles

Georgian/Southern, Mid-century Modern, Modern Building, Seedy

About Heaven Can Wait

In this movie produced by Michael Jackson, Warren Beatty is cast as Joe Pendleton, a quarterback for Los Angeles Rams, an American football team. He hopes he can lead this team to the Super Bowl. As he rides his bicycle down a tunnel, The Escort (Buck Henry), who is a guardian angel on a first mission, becomes overzealous when he sees a truck heading towards Joe. He mistakenly thinks Joe is about to get killed. So, he removes him from his body.

In the afterlife, Joe disproves the fact that his time was up. After investigation, Escort's supervisor, Mr. Jordan, played by James Mason, discovered that Joe would narrowly miss the truck and was not going to die until March 2025. Sadly, his body was already cremated. After searching for new bodies for him, he was persuaded to accept that of Leo Farnsworth, a multi-millionaire, who has been killed by Julia Farnsworth (his wife), played by Dyan Cannon, and secretary, Tony Abbott, played by Charles Grodin, who were lovers.

They both become surprised when they see Leo alive and well. His tastes have changed as well. Yet, he is still obsessed with football. He buys the Rams and convinces Max Corkle, played by Jack Warden, to help get him in shape. Joe/Leo ends up falling in love with Betty Logan who is played by Julie Christie. Jordan tells Joe to quit his new body, but he resists. Julia and Tony eventually kill Joe. They incriminate each other as Lieutenant Krim, played by Vincent Gardenia, interrogates them.

Tom Jarrett is forced to start in the game, and he is killed after a bad hit while playing. Joe occupies Tom's body, and they win. As they celebrate, Corkle realizes it is Joe and they embrace each other emotionally. Joe is about to be televised and Jordan tells him he must lose the memory of Joe Paddleton before he can live as Tom Jarrett. Joe becomes disoriented as Jordan disappears. Corkle becomes sad when he realizes that Joe is no longer in Tom.

Betty and Tom run into each other. They both get the feeling that they know each other but don't know how. Betty is reminded of Joe as Tom made a statement. Betty remembers what Joe said to her before and tells him, "You’re the quarterback." Then, they both go out for a coffee.

Heaven Can Wait Locations

Heaven Can Wait is an American comedy fantasy movie, which was directed by Buck Henry and Warren Beatty. This is a fascinating movie that stars Warren Beatty, Julie Christie, Jack Warden, James Mason, and Dyan Cannon. This film represents the second movie adaptation of Harry Segall's play, Heaven Can Wait. The movie was shot in different places in the state of California.

Specifically, the scene locations of the movie were Topanga Canyon, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA; Filoli Estate, Woodside, California, USA; Exposition Park, Los Angeles, California, USA. Many of these locations are great places for tourists to visit. Besides this, they are sites for interesting scenes from many top-rated movies that have been released over the years.

These are the places you would want to visit to enjoy a first-hand experience of many movie scenes. To learn more about these locations, the following scenes will lend you a hand.

Fun fact:

The fictitious super bowl game between the Steelers and Rams, used in the movie, was shot during halftime of the Chargers/Rams preseason game.

Tony and Julia are about to kill Leo as Joe is urged to take over Leo's body scene in Heaven Can Wait

Filoli Estate, 86 Cañada Rd, Woodside, CA

As Mr. Jordan and Joe enter the mansion, they see two people bickering. Jordan tells Joe about Leo, as well as his wife and secretary. As Joe asks Jordan about Leo, he says, "he's been drugged by those two downstairs. This is a murder. You see how he's slowly sliding into the water?"

Joe is already running around to look for help for the man who is already drowning. However, no one could see him or hear him. Julia tells Tony, "give me a drink. I like to drink!" "Try not to go overboard dear," Tony replies. She says that Leo was an eccentric, sadistic person. Joe tells Mr. Jordan that they should look for another body, but the latter tells Joe to hold on as they try to see what happens next.

Tony and Julia try to find an alibi. As Joe says, "let's get out of here," Ms. Logan comes in. Then, Tony describes the library to the woman and introduces himself to her. The woman is there to stop the construction of a refinery, which will not only evict people from their homes but also damage the air they breathe in.

The Filoli Estate is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful estates of the 20th century. There is a Georgian revival-style mansion, which spans more than 54,000 square feet. There are also 16 acres of gardens, as well as acres of Natural land, which boasts different ecosystems.

This is where beauty meets history. A guided tour of the location can be enjoyed. This is a place tourists must visit anytime they are in Woodside. Access to the place is possible by road.

Joe possesses Leo's body scene in Heaven Can Wait

Filoli Gift Shop, 86 Cañada Rd, Woodside, CA

Joe looks at the mirror and sees himself in Leo's body. One of the servants calls for him at the door and he responds. In disbelief, he finds out that the man could hear him. Then, he dresses himself up and meets up with the woman that came to see him. Joe asks, "how are you doing?" "I'm not leaving until you've heard what I have to say." The woman responds harshly.

The woman continues as Joe drops his stick, "Mr. Farnsworth, you've been sent hundreds of letters from a town in England." Joe responds, "Yes, I know about the situation." The woman moves closer, "have you read the letter?" He says no and the woman says she suspected that.

The woman makes her case in front of him. Then, Julia and Tony enter, and the former shouts after she saw Leo still very much alive. Tony locks her in a room and proceeds to meet Joe.

This estate was constructed in 1917 and opened to the public in 1977. Filoli estate is aimed at using nature, beauty, and shared stories to connect its vibrant future with its rich history. The values of the estate are rooted in integrity. The estate spans more than 654 acres of land.

This has become the site for National Trust for Historic Preservation. Every interaction at this location is filled with a fascinating experience. For this reason, it has emerged as an ultimate vacation destination for many tourists and is easily accessible by car.

Tony and Julia discuss outside the mansion scene in Heaven Can Wait

Filoli Garden, Woodside, CA

Tony covers Julia's mouth as he drags her outside to talk to her. Tony tells her - as his hand keeps her from shouting - that there is nothing for her to be scared of. Even though there is a lot to be worried about, there is no reason for them to be frightened. He continues, "dearest, are you alright? Can I trust you? Can I trust you?" Then, he removes his hand from her mouth.

She tells him angrily, "you locked me in a closet." He replies, "only for a moment." "What did you say to her?" Julia asks. "I told them you saw a mouse." He tells her that he is not good with alibis. She says that it makes no difference since Leo/Joe knows their secret anyways, with evidence that can lock both of them away.

Tony tells her there is nothing to worry about after he saw Joe. She is scared that Joe is playing a game with both of them. They both get scared when one of the maids sneaks up on them. He tells both of them that Joe wants to see them.

This scene location has become a major tourist attraction over the years. If you wish to learn about the Filoli history and culture, this is the right place to visit. The name "Filoli" was dubbed from the personal motto of the first owner: "Fight for a just cause; Love your fellow man; Live a good life."

Dynasty (1981 - 1989), Rent (2005), and Wedding Planner (2001) are some of the movies that have been filmed at this location. The place is 30 minutes away from the south of San Francisco and you can reach it by vehicle.

Max Corkle tells the players that Leo Farnsworth has bought the team scene in Heaven Can Wait

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Exposition Park, 3911 Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA

Max addresses the players, "Leo Farnsworth has bought this team, and he wants to play quarterback." The players murmur in disapproval. Max tells them, "listen fellas. Mr. Farnsworth will be playing quarterback on Wednesday; at which time he and the coach will decide whether he is qualified for the job or not."

He continues, "and Mr. Farnsworth says, 'tell no one to hold back.' These are his words I quote." He tells them to try to do their best to reach the Superbowl.

Besides being one of the largest football stadiums in the state of California, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is the home to USC trojans. This historic stadium ranks as the first stadium to host Olympic events twice. It is a backdrop for numerous civic and sporting events. If you wish to enjoy a pleasant time in Los Angeles, this is a place to visit.

The team training in the stadium scene in Heaven Can Wait

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Exposition Park, Los Angeles, California, USA

"My team. The son of a b*tch gets my team." Middleton laments. Then, John introduces himself to one of the training players, "Wow! Very very nice. Very, very impressive. Hi! I'm Tony Abbott. Mr. Farnsworth's personal private executive secretary." He tells the player not to be frustrated by Joe's involvement.

The player continues his intense training and Tony goes back to sit. Everybody on the pitch takes notice as Joe jugs onto the pitch. He is inspected and allowed to enter the pitch. Joe tells them what he wants from them. They all continue their training.

This exposition park is the perfect platform for a variety of world-class athletic events. Between 1946 and 1979, the Coliseum was home to NFL's Los Angeles Rams. This is a historic venue to visit in LA. Besides, you also get to see the site of your favorite scenes in the movie. Getting to this place is possible by vehicle or you can take the Metro Line Gold, Red, Purple, or Blue.

Tom Jarrett meets Betty Logan at the stadium scene in Heaven Can Wait

Coffee Shop (now Dana Café Boba), 4270 S Vermont Ave A, Los Angeles, CA

The Coliseum is widely regarded by many as the greatest football stadium in the world. The location spans more than 29 acres of land. It is the home stadium for the University of Southern California's Trojans. You can visit this historic stadium, which has been the scene location for many other top movies over the years. Some of these include Jerry Maguire (1996), Old School (2003), and Rock Star (2001).

After Joe already left Tom's body, he bumps into Betty as they both try to leave the stadium. Betty stops Tom and asks him, "excuse me, I wonder if you can tell me where I can find Max Corkle. I believe he is along here somewhere." Then, he tells her Sam is in the locker room and describes how she can get to him.

Tom asks her if they have met. She says no. He asks her how she saw the game; she tells him she didn't see it. They introduce themselves and Betty remembers what Joe/Leo once told him. Then, they go out to have a coffee in a local coffee shop on South Vermont Avenue.

This shop is still open for business although the name is now Dana Café Boba. You can take Bus 217 to 105 or Bus 20 to 204. You can also drive to this location.


Heaven Can Wait is a top movie that made use of some historic locations for the film shoots for many of the scenes. The Filoli estate ranks as one of the most beautiful 20th-century estates in the country. Lovers of nature and history should visit this site to enjoy a pleasant time.

Similarly, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is an iconic football stadium that has hosted Olympic events twice. You will find many resources at this location that supports many outdoor activities. These and many more reasons have made these places top tourist attractions in Los Angeles.