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Where was Gone filmed?


City Locations

Sydney, Billinudgel, Winton, NSW, Western Queensland, Queensland, Australia

Location Types

Artsy, Beach/ Oceanview, Cabins, NatureScapes, Clubs/ Bars, Buildings, Diners/ Coffee, Hotels/Motels, Medical, Miscellaneous, Restaurant

Location Styles

Beachfront, Bed & Breakfast, Bus, Camper, Classic Car, Classic Truck, Desert, Foreign, Motel, Seedy

About Gone

Gone is an Australian psychological horror thriller and is the directorial debut of Ringan Ledwidge. It was released in the UK and Australia in 2007 with a running time of 88 minutes. The movie follows the story of a British couple touring Australia who falls into the hands of a mysterious American.

Gone starts with Alex (Shaun Evans) reaching Sydney and missing his bus. While he sits and waits at the side of the road, trying to figure out how to get on with meeting his friend, Sophie (Amelia Warner), he's approached by an American, Taylor (Scott Mechlowicz). Taylor makes small talk with Alex and then invites him to go out partying and clubbing with him and his friends.

Alex agrees and has a good time with Taylor and his two female friends. However, the following day, Alex wakes up with his arms around one of the girls, with Taylor clicking photographs of them together on his Polaroid camera. He finds this extremely weird but still goes ahead with Taylor's plan to get out of the park and get on the road.

While in the car, Alex finds more Polaroid photos, so he doesn't suspect anything. They then stop for breakfast. While at the diner, Alex uses the restroom, and Taylor reads Alex's messages from Sophie.

Finally, Alex and Taylor meet up with Sophie and her friend, Ingrid (Zoe Tuckwell-Smith). The four of them head into Northern Territory for some fun. Once they're done, the next day, Taylor mentions that Ingrid got onto a bus and left. Alex and Sophie find this a bit unsettling.

As the trip progresses, Alex gets suspicious and refuses to go anywhere with Taylor. Sophie gets a text from Alex telling her he's left, so she goes on with Taylor and even spends the night with him. The next day, she texts Alex, but the phone lights up in Taylor's pocket. What follows is a series of events that leave viewers shocked.

Gone Locations

All of the Gone film scenes are shot in Australia. The nightclub and pubbing scenes are shot in Sydney's famous Kings Cross area. Kings Cross is known for its parties, clubs, music festivals, and student population. The location with the piggyback rides is Darlinghurst Road. Darlinghurst is one of the upmarket areas of Sydney with plenty of pubs, cafés, and live gigs. Its also known for its museums, art, and tourists.

No one can make a film in Australia without considering the gorgeous coastline, clear blue waters, and the rugged outback region. The Gone team thoroughly used Australia's geographical wealth and utilized some excellent beach locations like Manly near Sydney and the New South Wales coastline.

The outback filming was done in Western Queensland, Central West Queensland, and the Black Soil Plains in Queensland. The popular park used in the filming was the Royal National Park in New South Wales. It is Australia's first national park and is the second oldest after Yellowstone Park in the US. Another gem perfect for a cross-country trip across Australia is the Newrybar Swamp Road in New South Wales, where the near-collision occurred.

Teaser: Fans of Gone can also plan a trip to Winton. The motel in which the film shoot for the climax occurs is on Werna Street in Winton, Australia.

Fun fact:

At the beginning of the film (within the first few shots) and Alex is on the bus, fans of the movie spotted filming equipment in the reflection. The camera is quite clear at the point when Alex is looking sideways out of the bus.

Alex and Taylor go clubbing scene in Gone

Kings Cross, Sydney

Alex (Shaun Evans) is sitting on the steps at the side of the road because he realizes he missed his bus. While sitting there, Alex is leafing through a book titled 'Australia,' which is something most tourists find handy. While searching for alternate routes, he sees a young man, Taylor (Scott Mechlowicz), sitting on the steps with him. The guy says, "I don't think you're gonna find it in there. Whatever it is you're looking for." Alex smiles and says, "Yea, true. But it's not for me. It's for my friend." He points to his bag and continues, "Fu**ing thing has been following me around all day."

Suddenly two girls come, and Taylor goes off with them. However, he returns and tells Alex, "Wanna get a drink? Bet it can be more fun than sitting here all night," and convinces Alex to go clubbing with him and the girls.

This filming location of Gone is in the Kings Cross district in Sydney, Australia. Kings Cross is one of Sydney's best areas to go clubbing and pubbing. The area is dominated by Sydney's student and working population, and parties go on well past midnight. To get to Kings Cross, catch B bus number 324 and hop off at the Kings Cross Station stop. From this stop, most clubs are within short walking distance.

Alex and Taylor give piggyback rides scene in Gone

Darlinghurst Road, Sydney

Taylor tells Alex, "I need you, man," and gets him to meet the new girls. Taylor also promises Alex he'll find a place to stay for the night and help him the next day. Alex gets convinced and goes off with Taylor (who he barely knows). The four drink and pub hop from one place to the next. One of the girls tries to hit on Alex and even tries to kiss him, but Alex pulls back.

He then tries to avoid spending too much time with her and starts mingling with others in all the nightclubs they visit. They all dance, drink and make merry non-stop. Once they're done pub hopping, Taylor, Alex, and the two girls leave the clubs. As they leave, the girls piggyback on each of the boys, and the boys start running around the streets of Sydney, playing and goofing around.

The Gone filming location of the piggyback scene is Darlinghurst Road in Sydney, NSW, Australia. It has several excellent boutiques for shopping, plenty of lively pubs with gigs, and houses the National Art School, Griffin Theatre Co, and Zink and Sons. To get to Darlinghurst Road, catch bus N91 and get off at Kings Cross Station. From there, you need to walk for 3-4 minutes to reach the locale.

Taylor clicks photos of Alex scene in Gone

Royal National Park, New South Wales

After partying and clubbing the entire night in Sydney, Taylor does not get Alex a hotel room (as was promised). Instead, the following day, Alex finds himself sleeping next to one of the girls on a grassy patch. When he opens his eyes, he suddenly sees Taylor clicking polaroid pictures of him and Lena (Victoria Thaine) (who is also asleep). Alex finds this a bit weird since clicking sleeping pictures without permission is a violation.

Alex doesn't make a scene and instead just looks at Taylor. Taylor grins, says, "Breakfast time," removes the polaroid with his teeth, and starts jogging towards the car. Alex turns to the girl and notices she's still fast asleep.

This disturbing scene is shot at Royal National Park in New South Wales. Out of all the Gone locations, visitors can plan a picnic, spend the day reading, and enjoy the gorgeous park here throughout the year. Royal National Park is the second oldest park after Yellowstone Park in the US. Located just 20 miles from Sydney in NSW, this park has an area of 58 square miles. Royal National Park is huge and is accessible via Princes Hwy to Farnell Ave and Audrey Road.

Taylor, Ingrid, and Sophie jump off jetty into the sea scene in Gone

North Head, Manly, Sydney

Taylor drives Alex to meet Alex's friend Sophie (Amelia Warner). When they reach her, Sophie is with her friend Ingrid (Zoe Tuckwell-Smith). She invites Ingrid to spend time with her and Alex. The four of them head to the beach, where they have fun, get into the water, jump off a jetty, do cartwheels in the sand, click polaroid pictures, and more.

Taylor says to them, "You know, I've been thinking. What do you guys think about all of us traveling together? Forget the bus. The bus is a pain in the as*." Ingrid says, "Come on, it could be fun." Taylor seems happy, "Alright, I'm taking that as a yes, then." As usual, Taylor manages to get his way around Alex. He has also made a good impression on both girls, who readily agree to ride with Taylor on their trip.

This sequence of events has most of the funny scenes in Gone. The filming location is the jetty at North Head, Manly, Sydney. Manly is accessible via road and water. If you want to experience a bit of Sydney from the sea, you should catch the F1 Ferry from Circular Quay to Manly Wharf and hop onto bus number 161 to the Quarantine Station. The walk to the jetty is only 15-20 minutes from here.

Alex and Taylor grab breakfast scene in Gone

Marulan, New South Wales, Australia

Taylor and Alex leave Sydney in Taylor's car. On the way, Taylor asks Alex if he has a girlfriend. Alex denies it but says he was to meet a friend the day prior. Alex finds a stack of polaroids that Taylor has clicked. He finds his picture, scrawls 'Alex' and the date on it. He gives Taylor money for the ride and fuel expenses, which Taylor first denies, then accepts. While they look around, there's an uncomfortable silence in the car. Suddenly Taylor asks Alex, "You up for some breakfast? Alex gratefully replies, "Yes! Yeah, good idea!"

Immediately, Taylor pulls up to a diner where they order breakfast. Taylor tries to flirt with the server (who is unamused), and Alex quickly pays and says, "Thanks."

The Gone production team chose an eatery just outside Marulan in NSW for the diner location. Marulan sits on traditional Gundungurra lands and belongs to the natives of Australia. It is also unique because the sun rises at 6 am and sets precisely at 6 pm daily. Fans visiting Marulan should be highly respectful of the local traditions and customs and not click pictures without permission. Getting to Marulan is quick if you catch M31 to Brayton. To continue into the town proper, follow Brayton Rd to George Street.

Taylor asks Alex about Sophie scene in Gone

Garie Beach, Royal National Park, NSW

While in the diner, Taylor sees a call on Alex's phone from someone named 'Sophie.' He doesn't mention anything to Alex, and they continue on their road trip post breakfast. They reach a deserted beach where Alex and Taylor change and get into the water. They yell, jump with the waves, and generally have a great time.

Once they're done with the water and are looking out at the ocean, Taylor abruptly turns to Alex and asks, "Who's Sophie?" Alex, drying his hair, just asks, "What?" Taylor shrugs and says, "I forgot to say, you got a message on your phone." Alex looks confused and asks, "On… on my phone?" Taylor looks undisturbed and responds, "Yea. Forgot to say. You were in the bathroom, I think. It went off. I thought it might've been the girls from earlier. Sorry."

This depiction of a deserted Australian beach is one of the best scenes in Gone. Considering the disturbing events in the movie, this pristine beach and its beauty are untouched by the negativity surrounding Taylor. Getting to Garie Beach is quick if you catch Lady Wakehurst Dr toward the Burgh Track and keep steady till you reach the turning for Garie Beach in the Royal National Park.


Gone was a classic cautionary tale for travelers. It can get too easy to become the prey of someone's infatuation, obsession, or twisted regard. The growing possessiveness, emotional outbursts, extreme control, and excessive fondness should have been red flags for the lead characters. However, the storyline did not go as most people thought. There was no win of good over evil. In fact, Gone was applauded as a film that showed reality.

The plot was brought to fruition thanks to the acting of the main cast, the crew, and the excellent filming locations. Since Australia is a gorgeous island country, the topography, areas, beaches, roads, and of course, the ocean depicted helped portray the stark contrast between beauty and menace.

The road trip, park locations, jetty, motels, pubs, and more helped bring much-needed relief to the movie and made the story believable in the long term. Considering the twists, turns, and escapes, Gone is a movie everyone should watch at least once.