Get Carter movie cover Movie Locations Guide

Where was Get Carter filmed?


City Locations

Washington: Seattle, Tacoma; Nevada: Las Vegas; Canada: Vancouver, British Columbia

Location Types

Apartment, American, House, Buildings/Offices, Clubs/Bars, NatureScapes

Location Styles

Americana/Anywhere America, Foreign, Federal Building, Hotel/Motel Style

About Get Carter

In the opening Get Carter film scene, Jack Carter, a mafia henchman, comes back to Seattle upon hearing the news that his brother Ritchie died in an unfortunate drunk driving collision.

While attending his brother’s funeral service, Jack encounters his niece Doreen and a friend of Ritchie’s named Eddie. They inform Jack that Ritchie was not a drinker and would never drive when drunk. Eddie also states that Ritchie would not involve himself in illegal things. Carter speaks to a lady named Geraldine who will not share her relationship with his brother. Carter continues to try to find out information about his brother’s death, enraging Eddie’s widow Gloria.

Carter speaks to the owner of the club where Ritchie worked. His boss, Brumby, does not suspect foul play in Ritchie’s death but does confirm an affair with Geraldine who is the girlfriend of the local mob boss, Paice.

Jack speaks to Paice who reveals nothing. He tails Paice to Jeremy Kinnear, a computer magnate Paice sourced women for. Paice is now using this information against Kinnear to force him to run pornographic sites for him. Without any answers, Jack begins scrutinizing the camera footage from Brumby’s club.

He finds out about Paice’s home porn films that feature women that were drugged and then sexually assaulted by both Eddie and Geraldine. Doreen is one of the victimized women. Geraldine discovered Doreen was Ritchie’s daughter and gave him the footage, but Ritchie was killed before he could take the tape to the authorities.

Carter embarks on a journey for revenge. Geraldine apologizes and informs Carter about Paice’s plans to kill her. Carter discovers her dead body and then seeks to find Paice. Eddie informs him he is at Kinnear’s, and Carter throws Eddie from the balcony.

McCarty, Carter’s former partner, finds Carter, and a car chase ensues. McCarty crashes his car, and it is presumed that all in his vehicle are dead. Carter corners Paice who implicates Kinnear in Ritchie’s death. Carter tries to attack Paice from behind, but Paice ducks the blow. Paice beats him and tells him that Ritchie fought harder than he is now, an admission of his involvement in Ritchie’s murder.

Paice leaves for the dance floor with Carter following him. The fight continues. Carter beats him to death. Carter finds Kinnear who informs him that his only role was in asking Paice to get the tape back from Ritchie. He tells him Paice and Brumby murdered his brother.

Carter finds Brumby in a parking lot trying to steal the tape from his car. Brumby admits to his part in the murder but tells Carter that murdering him will mean he will spend the rest of his life on the run. Brumby starts to walk away from him. Jack calls his name, but Brumby keeps walking, so Jack shoots him.

Get Carter Locations

Get Carter is an action movie directed by filmmaker Stephen Kay. The all-star cast for this film includes Rhona Mitra, Michael Caine, John McGinley, and Mickey Rourke as well as Alan Cumming, Rachael Leigh Cook, and Sylvester Stallone. Upon its US release in 2000, the film was largely panned by critics. It performed quite poorly at the box office as well, earning only $19 million back of the $64 million it took to make the film.

The film shoot locations for Get Carter are largely found in several states that include both Washington and Nevada. Big city landscapes feature prominently in this film including the Las Vegas strip and the iconic Seattle skyline as well as footage shot in Tacoma.

Are mob movies among your absolute faves? If so, Get Carter just might be the ideal film for you! Looking for an interesting way to spend some vacation time? Why not consider a trip to visit the filming locations for Get Carter? You’re sure to have a ball!

Fun Fact:

This version of Get Carter is a remake of the 1971 classic film that starred Michael Caine as the main character.

Carter chases a thug in a casino scene in Get Carter

Venetian Hotel, 3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

Carter runs through a casino chasing a thug by the name of Mr. Davis. Mr. Davis makes a break for it outside the casino and nearly makes it but is stopped by a limousine that causes him to barrel over the top of the hood. Carter catches up to him, grabs him by the collar, and puts his finger to his lips before uttering this line in one of the few funny scenes in Get Carter, “Hello, Mr. Davis. My name is Jack Carter, and you don’t want to know me.”

Reaching the Venetian Hotel, the site where this scene was filmed, is as easy as can be by taking a shuttle from the airport. Taxi service is also available.

Carter confronts Eddie scene in Get Carter

251 E Hastings St, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Carter walks into a darkened building. He faces a stairway leading up. He walks up the stairs and finds Eddie upstairs. Eddie immediately tries to back away from an angry Carter, blaming Paice and Kinnear for killing his brother Ritchie. The following conversation takes place in this action scene in Get Carter.

Eddie (being thrown against a wall by Carter): Ah! What? They knew what they were f*cking getting into…

Carter: Don’t play me!

Eddie: I thought it was Cyrus’ deal, man. He probably killed your brother. Right? It wasn’t f*cking me! He’s at a f*cking party right now. That’s the f*cking fancy club or something with Kinnear, alright? I was just playing. I was just f*cking playing around. Go get them, man, I don’t…

Carter: I’m having a real hard time understanding something Eddie. What could she have done to you that was so bad that you’d want to do this to her? Hmmm? Because what you did doesn’t go away! She trusted you, and you raped her. She was my brother’s daughter, my family, and it’s my fault. Because if I had been here, this NEVER would have gone down. So now I gotta make it right, I gotta do that. I mean what would you do if it was your daughter?

Eddie: Jack, don’t kill me, man.

Carter: You killed yourself.

Carter throws him off the balcony and exits the building.

To visit this Get Carter location which is now the site of a business known as Town Pantry, take bus lines 3 or R4 or board the SkyTrain’s Canada Line.

Carter tracks down Paice at Kinnear’s house scene in Get Carter

900 W Georgia St, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Carter goes to Kinnear’s house and finds a party in full swing. He walks through the halls of the house until he discovers Paice with some women. Paice tells the girls to go in the back while he talks with Carter. This conversation ensues in one of the best scenes in Get Carter.

Carter: Did you know who she was?

Paice: Excuse me?

Carter: Did you know she was my blood?

Paice: Jack, are we gonna go through this g*dd*mned moondance again? Go ahead. Take out your gun, Jack, take out your gun in front of all of these people here and put one right between my eyes. I don’t think you could handle jail for the rest of your life, Jack. I want to tell you something, slick, the man you want is that little p*ss*ass Kinnear.

To get to this former Get Carter film set, you can take bus lines 19, 22, 246, 250, or R5 or board the SkyTrain routes Canada Line or Expo Line. A short walk will take you to the Fairmont. Hotel, formerly known as the Mercer Hotel. One of the suites found in this iconic property provided the set for this well-known Get Carter scene.

Carter follows Paice to Kinnear to question him scene in Get Carter

Furry Creek Golf & Country Club, 150 Country Club Rd, Furry Creek, British Columbia, Canada

Carter trails Paice and a lady friend as they enter a private property. He approaches the gate, and the guard asks him if he is a member. He informs the guard he is with a “Mr. Franklin” and is granted entrance to the property.

He walks to the golf green where he spies Paice threatening Kinnear. When Paice notices Carter, he immediately takes off. The following conversation takes place between Carter and Kinnear.

Carter: Nice stroke!

Kinnear: Who the f*ck are you?

Carter: Tiger Woods.

Kinnear: I’m gonna get security, alright? Hey, can I help you, sir?

Carter: I don’t know.

Kinnear: Are you from the club? Is there a problem?

Carter: My brother died the other night, and now I’m here.

Kinnear: Listen Mr…

Carter: Carter.

Kinnear: Mr. Carter, um, I’m real sorry about your brother. That, that sucks, but I can’t help you here, so what I suggest you do is contact my outreach program over at the offices…

Carter: Mind if we talk a minute?

Kinnear: Uh, yes, yes, I mind. I was under the impression this was a private club.

Carter: I think we should go someplace and talk.

Kinnear: Okay, listen, scary man…

Carter: Do I scare you?

Kinnear: Okay, whatever this is, it isn’t going over real well, So…

Carter: Look, I’ll tell you what, why don’t you drive me over to my car? We can talk on the way. Is that a problem?

Kinnear: Yeah, it is a problem.

Carter: No, no, it’s a problem if you don’t.

Located just 43 minutes from downtown Vancouver, you can easily reach this former Get Carter film set by traveling along BC-99N directly into Furry Creek and then taking the exit for Furry Creek Drive. Continue along this route until you reach the turn for Country Club Road. Your destination can be found just up the street.

McCarty chases Carter scene in Get Carter

Tacoma, WA

Carter and McCarty are both in cars, and a high-speed chase ensues between the two. The cars careen through the streets with McCarty attempting to shoot Carter. Carter travels through narrow back alleys in an attempt to lose McCarty.

The two men narrowly miss hitting passengers that walk through the streets. McCarty yells to his driver, “Don’t lose him! Stay on him!” He hangs out the car window in an attempt to shoot Carter, but Carter evades him again. McCarty attempts to shoot out Carter’s windows and his tires then tries to ram his vehicle from behind.

Carter parks his vehicle and waits until McCarty’s car is in view. In a very high-stakes game of chicken, Carter races towards McCarty’s vehicle at top speed while McCarty tells his driver not to turn. His driver swerves to miss Carter’s oncoming car and is flipped into a ditch where the vehicle becomes stuck. It is assumed the passengers in the car died in the accident.

Though the exact street where this film is shot is not known, there are landmarks that indicate it took place in downtown Tacoma, Washington. Just shy of 4 hours from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Highway I-5S will lead you to the heart of Tacoma where you can enjoy viewing the backdrops that featured prominently in Get Carter.

Carter and Paice fight scene in Get Carter

Seattle, WA

Carter and Paice get into a fight. The two pummel each other relentlessly with Carter taking the worst of the beating.

Paice taunts Carter by saying, “Come on, Jack, let’s see what you got.” He continues to hit Carter savagely.

He continues to bait him with these words, “Hey, hey, Jack, come on!”

Paice knocks Carter off his feet, and Carter appears to lose the will to fight. Paice hurls one final insult at him, confirming his involvement in Ritchie’s murder, “G*dd*mn it, Jack. Your brother put up a better fight than you did.”

The only scene filmed on a set constructed in Seattle, you will not be able to find the precise location where this footage was shot. However, you can certainly spend some time in Seattle, enjoying the landscape that features in many scenes throughout Get Carter. To get to Seattle from Tacoma, take I-5 N, traveling approximately 43 minutes in total.


One of the most beloved mob remakes of all time, Get Carter has earned a following of fans from all across the world. The landscape featured in this much-loved film spans the distance from Vancouver and Furry Creek, Canada to Las Vegas, Nevada, and Seattle and Tacoma Washington. The footage has a gritty feel to it that lends authenticity to the story of Get Carter.

Thinking a vacation to visit the filming locations for Get Carter is in order? Our guide to the film sets where some of the best scenes occurred is sure to be a big help in the planning process!