From Dusk till Dawn movie cover Movie Locations Guide

Where was From Dusk till Dawn filmed?


City Locations

Washington: Redmond, Seattle, various locations throughout California

Location Types

American, Modern, House, Clubs/Bars, NatureScapes

Location Styles

Americana/Anywhere America, Camper, Motorhome, Parking Lot

About From Dusk till Dawn

In the opening From Dusk till Dawn film scene, bank robbers Seth and Richie Gecko rob a liquor store, murdering two people. They take refuge in a hotel, and Seth goes to purchase food for them. He returns to find that Richie has murdered their hostage.

A widowed pastor named Jacob Fuller takes his kids on a trip in the family’s RV. When they make a stop at the motel, the Geckos kidnap them and force them to help them get across the border. When in Mexico, the brothers visit the Titty Twister, a popular strip joint in the heart of the desert. The Geckos are supposed to meet Carlos, their contact here at dawn. He committed to taking them to a safe place at a place called “El Rey.”

A bar fight occurs, and the brothers discover the employees are vampires whose goal is to kill the customers. Richie is attacked by Santanico Pandemonium, sustaining a bite. After he dies, Seth delivers a fatal blow to her by shooting a light fixture that falls and kills her. Scott, Kate, Jacob, Seth, and two others named Frost and Sex Machine are the only people to escape the bar.

The people killed in the bar are reincarnated as vampires, and the survivors end up having to kill them again. A group of vampires appears as a bat, forcing the survivors to barricade themselves indoors. Sex Machine is attacked and bitten. He transforms and bites both Jacob and Frost. Frost pushes Sex Machine through a door, and the other vampires descend upon the others. Frost becomes a vampire.

Scott, Kate, and Seth take refuge in a storeroom. Jacob, injured, chases after them with a gun. The trio creates weapons from cargo stolen from previous victims. They assemble an arsenal that includes holy water, a drill, and a crossbow. Jacob makes Kate and Scott promise to murder him when he converts to a vampire.

The trio attacks the vampires. Sex Machine turns into a rodent and tries to take out Seth but is murdered instead. Jacob transforms into a vampire, and Scott struggles to kill him. Jacob bites him. Scott throws holy water on him and then shoots him, ending his life. Scott is surrounded by vampires who eat his flesh as he begs to be killed. Kate kills him. Vampires encompass Seth and Kate as light penetrates the building through the bullet holes. The vampires retreat. Carlos arrives on the scene, letting in light with the opening of the door, and the remaining vampires die.

Seth rants to Carlos about the horrible place he chose to meet and insists on paying less for his entrance to El Rey. Seth gives Kate some money, and she leaves in the RV.

From Dusk till Dawn Locations

Produced in 1996, From Dusk till Dawn crosses two genres and is considered be an action horror movie. Written by the famous Quentin Tarantino, From Dusk till Dawn features an all-star cast that includes Juliette Lewis, Ernest Liu, Quentin Tarantino, George Clooney, and Harvey Keitel.

Upon its release in 1996, this movie was on the receiving end of mixed criticism with many critics feeling it contained far too much violence. The movie was a box office success and is now considered to be a cult classic. Several sequels have followed this initial film.

The filming locations for From Dusk till Dawn are found in two cities in Washington: Redmond and Seattle. If you consider yourself one of Tarantino’s biggest fans, a trip to visit the filming locations for From Dusk till Dawn might be just what the doctor ordered! You’re sure to have a fantastic time.

Fun Fact:

The screenplay for this film marked Quentin Tarantino’s first job as a paid script writer.

Richie and Seth rob the convenience store scene in From Dusk till Dawn

Benny's World of Liquor, 46551 140th St E, Lancaster, CA

A Texas Ranger stops by the convenience store and is chatting with the cashier of the store. He asks for permission to use the bathroom, and the cashier tells him yes. Seth re-enters the convenience store with a hostage, holding a gun to her head. The following dialogue takes place.

Seth: You think I’m f*ing playing with you, *sshole? Do you want this little girl to die, or that little girl, or yourself, or your bosom buddy with the badge? Now I don’t want to do it, but I will turn this place into the f*ing wild bunch if I think that you are f*cking with me!

Cashier: What do you want from me? I did what you said.

Seth: You let him use the bathroom. No store does that.

Cashier: He comes in here every day, and we bullsh*t. He’s used my toilet a thousand times. If I told him no, he’d know that something was up.

Seth: I want him out of here, in his car, and down the road, or you can change the name of this place to Benny’s World of Blood.

A building that has now been abandoned, the outside of this former From Dusk till Dawn film set is now encased by a fence. You will find this iconic site in Lancaster just off 14oth East Street, a main thoroughfare that leads directly into this town.

Seth and Richie kill the Texas ranger and cashier scene in From Dusk till Dawn

Benny's World of Liquor, 46551 140th St. E. Lancaster, CA, 93535

The Texas ranger exits the bathroom and begins conversing with the cashier again. He looks down at his wallet and is shot in the head by Richie. Blood spatters the cashier who becomes upset and begins shouting at the brothers. Richie tells Seth that when the men were talking, he mouthed the words “Help us” to the Texas ranger, and that is why Richie had to kill him. The brothers argue then Richie shoots the cashier, wounding but not killing him. Seth yells at him, “Aye! You stop it! What the f*ck is your problem? G*dd*mnit!”

Richie tells him that he clearly saw the cashier mouth the words when Seth had his back turned. Seth tells Richie to go start the car, and the cashier kicks over a display of pop cans. He tries to break into a safe as the men argue. He removes a gun and takes aim at Richie, hurting him. Seth returns fire, shooting rapidly at the cashier. Seth asks Richie if he is okay, and Richie says, “He shot me in the f*ing hand. I told you he said, “Help us!”

In a morbidly funny scene in From Dusk till Dawn, the cashier and Seth share this exchange.

Cashier: I never said, “HELP US!”

Seth: Well, it doesn’t matter now cause you’ve got about two f*ing seconds to live.

This From Dusk till Dawn scene also takes place in the former Benny’s Liquor World. Though there is no public transit to this particular former film set, you can easily reach it by car.

The Titty Twister scene in From Dusk till Dawn

Constructed film set, near Ghost Town Road and Lapis Street, St. Yermo, California, 92398

Seth and Richie enter the Titty Twister, intent on meeting with Carlos who is supposed to take them to safety in El Rey. The two men and their hostages meet Sex Machine and Frost who join them for a drink. Richie turns to Jacob’s son who is admiring a dancer on the stage and says, “Any time you want a lap dance with that girl, kid, just let me know, alright?”

This particular From Dusk till Dawn production location was built specifically for use in this movie. Though the film set no longer remains, you can still pop by to visit the property on which it once rested. Much of the landscape surrounding the Titty Twister structure was also featured in the film. To get to this specific From Dusk till Dawn film set, take Interstate 15 to the Calico Lake Dry Bed found near Calico Boulevard and Ghost Town Road.

Seth meets Santanico Pandemonium scene in From Dusk till Dawn

Calico Lake Dry Bed, 36225 Happy Trail, Yermo, CA

While the men are still at the Titty Twister, Seth meets Santanico Pandemonium, a beautiful exotic dancer at the bar. She knocks him to the ground and places her foot on his chest, telling him, “I’m not going to drain you completely; you’ll be my slave.” With these words, Seth becomes aware that Santanico is a vampire like the other bar employees. He pulls a gun from his pocket in an attempt to shoot her. She continues, “Because I don’t think you’re worthy of human blood, your feet are the blood of stray dogs. You’ll be my footstool, and at my command, you’ll lick dog sh*t from my bootheel.”

This footage is often mentioned as one of the best scenes in From Dusk till Dawn. It was filmed in what is now known as Calico Lake Dry Bed. This location is easily accessed by taking Interstate 15 to the intersecting roads of Calico Boulevard and Ghost Town Road.

Richie is reincarnated as a vampire scene in From Dusk till Dawn

Budget Inn Motel (now Americas Best Value Inn Mojave), 6698 Sierra Hwy, Mojave, CA

Seth encounters a dead Richie, lying on the floor. He tells him he loves him. Suddenly, Richie’s face takes on a demonic form. His head wrenches to the side unnaturally, and he tells his brother in an evil voice, “I love you too, Seth,” and snarls at him. He rises to his feet and as others try to thwart his path to his brother, he displays superhuman strength in shoving them to the ground. Sex Machine grabs a stake to try to shove through Richie’s heart, killing him, but Seth pulls a gun on him and informs him not to do it otherwise he will die himself. Jacob tries to be the voice of reason, but Seth will not listen.

This iconic filming location is found 16 miles outside the famed Tehachapi Museum in Mojave, California. A rather isolated attraction, you will need to travel to this From Dusk till Dawn filming site by passenger car.

Seth, Jacob, Scott, and Kate make a plan to defeat the vampires scene in From Dusk till Dawn

16801 I-15 Frontage Rd, Victorville, CA

Scott, Jacob, and Seth hide in the storeroom and discuss the best way to defeat the vampires and save their lives. Seth shares these words with the men.

Seth: Actually, our best weapon against these Satanic c*cks*ckers is this man. He’s a preacher. As far as God is concerned, we might all be a piece of sh*t, but he is one of the boys. Only one problem. His faith isn’t what it used to be.

Jacob punches Seth in the face, knocking him to the ground.

Jacob tells him, “I’ve had enough of your taunts.” Seth tell him he is not taunting him, and that they need him to survive.

Another film set that has long since been demolished, this storeroom scene was shot in what was once a restaurant. You can visit this location by taking I-15 to just outside Victorville.


For true Tarantino fans, this film, the first in a series, is not to be missed. The From Dusk till Dawn film sets are largely found in California as well as the cities of Redmond and Seattle in Washington.

If you’ve seen all of Tarantino’s films, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to visit the From Dusk till Dawn filming locations. It’s sure to be a trip to remember!