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Where was Forty Days and Forty Nights filmed?


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Vancouver, BC, San Francisco, CA

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Lofts, Apartment, American

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Van/Bus/RV Style, Office Building Style, Industrial Style

About Forty Days and Forty Nights

Michael Lehmann's 2002 romantic comedy, 40 Days and 40 Nights features the charming Josh Hartnett as its lead actor accompanied by Shannyn Sossamon and Paulo Costanzo. Written by Rob Perez, this lighthearted movie is a perfect choice for those seeking to enjoy an evening of laughter and love. Embracing a daring challenge, San Francisco web designer Matt Sullivan forgoes all forms of intimate contact during the 40 days of Lent. The film follows him as he navigates his newfound abstinence and discovers what it means to be truly fulfilled.

Matt is struggling to move on from a break-up with Nicole (Vinessa Shaw) and decides to take on the challenge of abstaining from sexual contact for the duration of Lent. Soon after, he meets his new love interest Erica (Shannyn Sossamon), but how will he explain that he can't be intimate? Unsurprisingly, news of his vow quickly spreads around the internet and people start placing bets about whether he'll last for the full 40 days and 40 nights. There hasn't been a film as obsessed with sex as 40 Days And 40 Nights in recent memory.

Robert Perez (writer) and Michael Lehmann (director) assume that young men and women cannot survive without sex for even a very few days, making Matt's current celibacy attractive to the ladies at work. And his new interest, Erica, is surprised and not quite sure how to take the fact that Matt does not attempt to get closer.

Not all reviews of the movie are favorable but both Erica and Matt make the viewer look for a happy ending in this relationship.

Forty Days and Forty Nights Locations

40 Days and 40 Nights was filmed both in Vancouver and San Francisco. Though only a short time of filming involved San Fran, much was accomplished. Dozens of scenes took place in the city, from cafes to laundromats and even Pier 9. SF Muni is a well loved locale for fun scenes that may bring back memories of young love for many.

As well, Vancouver sets the stage with Josh, cast as Matt, making what may be the biggest vow of his life. 2022 was the 20th anniversary of this fun film and seeking out the Forty Days and Forty Nights filming locations is just the way to celebrate.

Matt’s vow scene in Forty Days and Forty Nights

2400 Boundary Rd, Burnaby, British Columbia

Josh Hartnett's character Matt is so preoccupied with his ex-girlfriend Nicole (Vinessa Shaw) that it causes him to experience issues when trying to be intimate with other women. He confides in his brother, John (Adam Trese), a Catholic priest-in-training, and also finds out that Nicole is now committed elsewhere. In an effort to address his issues, Matt decides to abstain from any form of sex or intimacy for the duration of Lent—or 40 days.

Feeling despondent due to the "emptiness" inside, Matt seeks help in confession. His conversations with his priest-in-training brother through the confessional window provide some of the most humorous lines of the script, written by Rob Perez in his debut.

Bridge Studios at 2400 Boundary Rd is surprisingly easy to reach although studio tours are not presently offered. Still, from Vancouver, it's just a short driving trip away. Start by taking West 4th Avenue until the Doyle Street turnoff. Follow Doyle Street until you see Boundary Road, then take a left. You'll be there in about 15 minutes total if traffic is light. If you're coming from other parts of Canada, getting to Burnaby shouldn't be too difficult either. Taking the Trans-Canada Highway 1 will bring you right around to 2400 Boundary Road without having to worry about navigating through busy downtown streets.

Matt throwing away unnecessary stuff scene in Forty Days and Forty Nights

1945 22nd St, San Francisco, California

This scene takes place at Matt’s apartment. On the inaugural day of his celibacy, Matt (Josh Hartnett) sets out to rid his apartment of anything that might tempt or remind him of Nicole (Vinessa Shaw). Sex videos and magazines are removed, and nude posters are taken down—all that is left for him to do is focus on things like building model cars and working hard, presenting his work ahead of time.

Getting to 1945 22nd St in San Francisco, California, USA is a breeze for locals and visitors alike. The street is relatively easy to reach by public transit, car, bike, and foot. The first option for getting there is to take the MUNI Metro rail from the nearest stop and hop off at Mission Station. From there, the destination can be accessed on foot. For those wanting to drive or ride a bike, it's easy and convenient as the local streets have plenty of parking spots available for free near the destination.

Matt explaining Erica his vow scene in Forty Days and Forty Nights

Pier 9, The Embarcadero, San Francisco, California

When Erica (Shannyn Sossamon) discovers the website detailing Matt's (Josh Hartnett) Lenten Vow, she believes that Matt has been betting on her with his friends. This prompts Matt to visit her office and attempt to explain himself. Despite his efforts to clarify his intentions, Erica remains angry. But as we all know, after developing feelings for him, Erica agrees to another date.

To get to Pier 9, The Embarcadero, there are a number of options available. Depending on where you are coming from and the mode of transport preferred, you take public transportation like Muni Metro or Golden Gate Transit buses, which can be taken directly to the pier. A walk along the waterfront would also be a pleasant experience with spectacular views and landmarks along the way. Alternatively, one could rent a scooter or bike and ride along the Embarcadero Freeway Trail or Historic Waterfront Promenade for an enjoyable journey. Regardless of how you choose to get there, Pier 9 is an amazing destination.


Forty Days and Forty Nights, a movie produced by the same people behind Notting Hill and Bridget Johne's Diary, is a comedy with an odd blend of religious and redemptive messages. It features a blossoming love story, Matt's commitment to his promise and his parents' positive outlook on sex (which provides great comedic moments).

Forty Days and Forty Nights acknowledges how powerful sexual obsession can be in a funny way.

Michael Lehmann designed Forty Days and Forty Nights with the MTV crowd in mind and seemingly succeeded. Advertised as a romantic comedy, it allows Josh Hartnett to portray Matt and solidified his star status. His character is both believable and sympathetic in this context. The movie's release date was delayed multiple times and filming wrapped up in late 2000.