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Where was For Whom the Bell Tolls filmed?


City Locations

Sacramento, California, USA; Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, USA; Nevada, USA; Kennedy Meadows, California, USA; Sonora Pass, California, USA; Paramount Studios - 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA

Location Types

American, NatureScape, House, Ranch, Rustic

Location Styles

Americana/Anywhere America, Mid-century Modern, Muscle, Dated/50's-60's-70's Building

About For Whom the Bell Tolls

Robert Jordan (Garry Cooper) is an American language teacher who was living in Spain during the period before the Spanish Civil War. He would also fight against Fransisco Franco's forces in the International Brigades. Jordan is a competent explosives engineer and he was ordered to destroy a bridge behind enemy lines. This is to ensure that enemy troops cannot move across it to prevent them from responding to an impending offensive to be launched against the fascists.

Taking up the responsibility of being Jordan's liaison, Anselmo (Vladimir Sokoloff) leads him to fellow guerilla fighters, who are led by Pablo (Akim Tamiroff). Jordan falls in love with Maria (Ingrid Bergman), one of the fighters whose life was turned upside down when her parents were executed while being gang-raped by some Falangists just before the war started. While Jordan and Pablo didn't agree about the bridge-blowing operation, the former suddenly longer for living, thanks to his love for Maria.

Pablo is displaced by his wife, Pilar (Katina Paxinou) who became the leader and promised to support Jordan's mission. Despite this, El Sordo leads other anti-fascist guerillas, and they are killed in the last stand. Then, Pablo destroys the equipment for Jordan's dynamite detonation, in an attempt to prevent the bridging-explosion plan. He later regrets this.

Yet, as the enemy gets to know about the plan, they prepare an ambush that threatens the bridge-blowing plan. Despite this, Jordan knows how important it is to blow the bridge to ensure that the fascists cannot get the reinforcement they require. Since he does not have the equipment that was destroyed by Pablo, Anselmo helps him find an alternative that can help to detonate the dynamite. This method exposes them to more risk than conventional detonators.

Pablo, Maria, and Pilar try to cause a diversion, which can help Anselmo and Jordan execute their plan. Anselmo is killed in the process as he gets hit by the exploding bridge's debris. As the guerillas try to escape, a fascist tank shoots Jordan's horse. Jordan finds it impossible to feel his legs and knowing that his comrades will be killed or captured if they attempt to rescue him, he says his goodbye to Maria, he waits until the fascist soldiers - riding a horse - show up in his gun sights. He then fires the gun at the onrushing soldiers.

For Whom the Bell Tolls Locations

For Whom the Bell Tolls is an American war movie that was released in 1943. The movie was directed and produced by Sam Wood. This epic movie was filmed in different locations across the states of California and Nevada. The specific locations where the movie scenes were shot are Sacramento, California, USA; Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, USA; Nevada, USA; Kennedy Meadows, California, USA; Sonora Pass, California, USA; Sonora Pass, California, USA.

Since this movie was released, all these locations have become very popular among filmmakers. In fact, scenes in popular movies have been shot in these locations. Take, for instance, White Water Summer (1987), The Girl on The Mountain (2022), and Washington Square (2014) are some of the highly rated movies with film shoots in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. These locations have emerged as top tourist attractions over the years. However, if you wish to know more about these places or visit them, then the following should explain more.

Fun fact:

When Ernest Hemingway spoke to Ingrid Bergman about cutting her hair off to play the role of Maria, she snapped back, thinking she would cut her head off. Eventually, she had to practice all through the night, and scenes were repeated before the director was satisfied.

A train is blown scene in For Whom the Bell Tolls

Sonora Pass, California

This scene - and indeed, the movie - begins with two soldiers looking at each other. As a train approaches from a distance, they blow up the train with the use of a detonating device. As the train blows, the two soldiers run back, and they are chased and shot at by their enemies.

The gun hits one of the two soldiers, Gashkin. The fallen soldier says to his friend, who happens to be Robert Jordan, "You promised." Jordan bids his goodbye and shoots Gashkin who didn't want to be captured. The opposing soldiers keep shooting at him, but he is long gone.

Accessibility to this area is possible through California Highway 108. This place is located within the Sierra Nevada Mountains. You can simply park and follow a trail that leads to Sonora Peak where you will find a wide range of locoweeds, as well as low-growing alpine buckwheat.

Jordan is informed of his next assignment scene in For Whom the Bell Tolls

Kennedy Meadows, California

Jordan enters a gathering where people are dining. Suddenly, a nearby explosion shuts the light and everyone in the room escapes out of panic. Then, in total darkness, Jordan meets general Golz (Leo Bulgakov) who is surprised that Jordan can recognize him in the dark. Then, he asks Jordan about the success of the explosion operation.

He tells Jordan, "In this business, remember nothing… nothing except the next job." Then, Jordan asks, "what's next?" "A bridge." He replies. The general stresses the difficulty of the job, telling him that it is one thing to blow a bridge, but doing so at a specific hour is something that must be done carefully.

Then, he tells Jordan that they want to launch a "beautiful" attack. The former says that the attack must succeed. He also tells Jordan that what he has been told must be kept a secret. After all, they can only achieve their goal through a surprise attack. Then, he tells him about Anselmo.

If you wish to experience a wide variety of recreational activities, then Kennedy Meadows is a place to go. From biking to jogging, you have so much fun here. Indeed, the Kennedy Meadows General Store is globally renowned as the ultimate destination for hikers. You will find a great supply of hiking gear at the store.

This is a truly special place to experience the great outdoors. If you also love camping, you should consider visiting Kennedy Meadows. Access to this location is possible by road.

Jordan meets Pablo for the first time scene in For Whom the Bell Tolls

Sierra Nevada Mountains, California

Anselmo is on the mountains with Jordan, looking at the bridge. They walk across the mountains where they met Pablo. Jordan was impressed with his body size. Pablo asks for Jordan's identification, which the latter duly provides. Jordan tells Pablo, "I'm here for the republic."

Pablo takes a look at the seals. Jordan continues, "You know those seals, don't you?" He tells him that the seal is a command from the republic. Pablo tells him he is in charge of his group and walks close to Jordan's belongings. "What's that?" He asks. Jordan replies, "dynamite".

Pablo responds, "Good, I can use dynamite." He continues, "How much you bring me?". Jordan tells him none. Then, Jordan asks for his name, to which Anselmo responds to.

The Sierra Nevada Mountains have emerged as one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. Several studies have shown that the mountain keeps growing by a millimeter every year. This is a place all nature must visit. After all, the flora and fauna of this location are simply breathtaking. You can access the area by road, air, or train.

Jordan sets his eyes on Maria for the first time scene in For Whom the Bell Tolls

Leavitt Peak, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California

As Maria comes down from the mountain to where the men are seated, greets Jordan, "holla". A completely smitten Jordan replies, "holla". Jordan can't help himself but stare at her helplessly as she walks past him. Then, Maria brings out a big loaf of bread for the men to share.

Jordan moves closer to them. Maria stands up close to Jordan and she tells him while touching her hair, "that's the way I comb it." She tells him to eat as she leaves the men. Then, Pablo taps Jordan to take his share of the loaf. They both can't stop staring at each other. Jordan moves closer to her, and they introduce themselves to each other.

This mountain range can be as high as 14,000 feet, which makes its view remarkable. Many tourists who have visited the place have spoken about its stunning aesthetics. The region is also home to the giant sequoia trees. You can visit this place by train, air, or road.

The men share the attack plan scene in For Whom the Bell Tolls

Kennedy Peak, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California

The scene begins with Maria staring at Jordan as they cook dinner for the men. The men gather at the table and Jordan gives them cigarettes to smoke. Jordan asks the men, "Is there wine?" "Not much left," Pablo responds.

Then, Jordan continues, "And in that case, I'll have a cup of water." Then, he asks Maria to give him water and she gladly accepts. Jordan starts showing them the bridge and part of his plans. Then, Pablo tells Jordan that he does not want to go for the bridge. Pilar, Pablo's wife, disagrees with him and takes command.

The Sierra Nevada Mountains are home to many amazing animals. If you wish to see a black bear, then this is the right place to visit. It is no stretch to affirm that this ranks as the most popular mountain range in the state of California. Lovers of hiking and cycling will find this place interesting.

Jordan cannot feel his legs scene in For Whom the Bell Tolls

Paramount Studios - 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

As Anselmo gets himself killed after the explosion. a fascist tank shoots Jordan's horse, as the guerillas try to escape. Jordan can't feel his legs due to the injury from the fall. He realizes that if his comrades stay with him, they will either be killed or captured.

Maria asks him, "Can you ride?" He tells her yes. Jordan continues, " We won't be going to America this time. But I always go with you wherever you go." She refuses to leave as Jordan tells him to follow the others. He tells her he needs her to leave to be able to do what he wants to do.

The site of this scene is located in a friendly neighborhood that is characterized by entertainment and numerous outdoor activities to embrace. If you wish to enjoy a fine eating experience at the site of your favorite scenes, then there are many good restaurants to visit. There is a wide variety of cuisines to taste, from Asian and Mexican to Italian.

Besides this, the location is also blessed with great architecture, as well as well-designed gardens. There are also movie theaters to have a nice time. Hikers will also come across many hiking trails. You can reach this place by road.


This epic war movie was set in 1937 and follows the story of the Spanish Civil War. Various locations across California and Nevada were used to film the scenes in this movie. These locations, as mentioned earlier, include Sacramento, Sierra Nevada Mountains, Kennedy Meadows, Sonora Pass, and Paramount Studios.

Over the years, many of these locations have been used in filming numerous scenes in highly-rated movies. For instance, Lady Bird (2017), Memoirs of a Geisha (2005), and On the Road (2012) are some of the top movies that were filmed in Sacramento, California. Besides this, if you wish to experience a great culinary scene, a safe neighborhood, and lots of outdoor activities, these aforementioned locations are the right places to visit.