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Where was Euphoria filmed?


City Locations

Pomona, Los Angeles, Culver City

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Apartment, House, Mansions, Buildings/Offices, Clubs/Bars, Hospitals/Medical, Religious, Restaurant, Schools/Colleges, Studios

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Hotel/Motel Style, Modern Building, Modern Car, Motel, School

About Euphoria

A big hit, Euphoria was based on the Israeli miniseries with the same Euphoria. The series features several well-known actors and producers, even having Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as Drake, as an executive producer of the HBO series.

Well known for the spectacular cinematography as well as the mature topics it handles, Euphoria follows the journey of Rue, played by the famous Zendaya, who is a teenager struggling with drug addiction. As we follow her in her search to find a place in the world where she belongs, Euphoria takes the audience through the lives of other high schoolers attending East Highland High School.

Spoiler Alert: Several scenes that occur in the series are discussed throughout this article, so be on the lookout!

Although the series follows Rue, the audience sees much of her friend who is new in town: Jules. Jules is a trans woman who frankly changes Rue’s outlook on life and just like her addiction to drugs, Rue eventually becomes addicted to the way Jules makes her feel. The episodes in Euphoria vary in topic and focus on other high schoolers who, just like Rue, are going through challenges. Some are plagued by drugs, with others by violence and sex.

With season two of the show focusing on the relationships formed in season one, the audience gets to see a more fleshed-out character development as they discover who they really are.

Euphoria Locations

The hit series Euphoria was shot mainly in and around Los Angeles County. Many of the filming locations used vary in appearance which allows the audience to connect to the backgrounds of the characters much better. The series, although not explicitly mentioned, focuses on a group of students growing up in Los Angeles.

Many of the background shots highlight the Californian climate, Los Angeles County in particular, and it is most evident in the aerial shots of the town. With Los Angeles being one of the most popular cities in California, if not America, a visit to the city is sure to be a worthwhile venture and will offer you more than just being the city that was used to film Euphoria.

Several filming locations in season one of Euphoria were reused for the second season, including the Ulysses S. Grant high school in Valley Glen which is also in California. For more complex shots like the rotating room scene in the first season’s pilot episode, locations like studios were used as it was easier to set up the equipment for the film shoot. With so many places to explore from the series, feel free to drop by some of the iconic locations used as Euphoria’s film sets whenever you visit the city.

Fun Fact:

The second season of Euphoria was shot on 35mm film stock at the request of Sam Levinson, the creator of the show, to create a different feel from the first season.

Rue visits her dealers scene in Euphoria

Alta Dena Dairy Store

In this scene, the audience is introduced to a supposed reformed Rue who, just after coming back from rehab, looks for her dealers at their usual location. The viewers are introduced to Fezco and Ashtray, Rue’s dealers in this scene.

When Rue asks Fezco about Ashtray, he asks her if she is serious to which she replies, “What, you think ‘cause I went to rehab, I stayed clean?” Fezco then replies with, “I mean, ain’t that the point?” She then heads to the back where the audience is greeted by an extremely young Ashtray who looks like he’s supposed to be in elementary school as opposed to being someone’s dealer.

The scene involving the local drug dealers was shot at the Alta Dena Dairy Store located along one of the larger service roads in Temple City. To get to this specific Euphoria film set, many forms of transport are available. By public means, take the number 78 bus that travels along East Las Tunas Drive. You then hop off between Loma and Encinitas Avenue and can walk to the store.

Jules’ motel encounter scene in Euphoria

Travel Inn, North Hills

Looking for entertainment and a distraction from her family’s problems in the first episode of Euphoria, Jules goes to a dating site to chat with a so-called “DominantDaddy”. She cancels her plans with Kat, who invited her to go to a party hosted by McKay, and chooses instead to meet up with this person, in hopes of a more fun night.

With this, the audience’s attention is shifted to a motel and Jules walking to a designated room, all dressed up. When the door opens up, we hear a man, Spoiler Alert: He is later revealed to be Nate’s father, say to Jules, “Come in.”

This motel was the same motel that was also featured in the second episode of season two. The Travel Inn is located in North Hills and less than a mile from Interstate Highway 405.

To get to this location from Hollywood Burbank Airport, drive along Vanowen Street and make a turn on Sepulveda Avenue. You’ll be able to see the motel on your left-hand side, at the intersection where Sepulveda Avenue meets Chase Street. The motel can also be reached through public means which include various bus routes that pass through the area.

Rotating room scene in Euphoria

Sony Pictures Studios, Culver City, California

Trying out the new drug that Ashtray has been spreading in episode one, Rue hits an all-time high and everything around her begins to spin, even the room. On a hallucinogenic high, Rue feels like she’s falling on everything including the walls as well as the ceiling.

With her so out of it at that moment she doesn’t remember much, and the audience hears her later explain that “Now, there’s a couple versions of what happened that night. It all depends on who you ask, and to be honest, I’m not always the most reliable narrator.”

This is perhaps one of the best scenes in Euphoria if taken from a cinematic point of view. This entire shot was filmed in the Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City and was used to illustrate the highs and the lows of drug use.

An entire room was built on a Gimbal and the techno-crane dollies into the lobby as the Gimbal rotates the hallway. This scene used no CGI and was fully practical. To get to the studios used to film this scene, travel along Venice Boulevard and turn down Overland Avenue to reach the studios that host most of Sony’s cinematography magic.

Classroom scene in Euphoria

Ulysses S. Grant High School, Valley Glen, California

Introducing the audience to the tamer side of these high schoolers, which is still in episode one, the viewers are introduced to the school the main characters attend. When Kat, played by Barbie Ferreira, enters her biology class, a boy sits next to her and then introduces himself as Ethan. With a little bit of playful high school banter, including a little conversation about Ethan’s Reddit username, the audience finally gets to find out which class Ethan and Kat attend when the teacher says “Okay, listen up, everybody. Welcome to Biology 301.”

Most of the high school scenes in season one of Euphoria were shot at Ulysses S. Grant High School, which was one of Euphoria’s main filming locations. This school served as the fictional East Highland High School and is an easy location to reach, seeing as it is a school and a recognizable landmark.

To get to the high school, drive along Woodman Avenue and then turn on Oxnard Street. Traveling a little further down the street will get you to the high school that served as the fictional location of Euphoria’s East Highland High School.

Shopping mall scene in Euphoria

Del Amo Fashion Center, Torrance, California

As Nate Jacobs follows Tyler around, looking for any dirt he can put on him, the audience is transported to a mall where Nate discreetly tries to follow Tyler. His obsessive personality noted in the prior episode can be seen clearly in these moments as he follows Tyler around in episode 2 of Euphoria.

He watches as Tyler does his job selling sunglasses at a Kiosk. Although no words were said in this part of the episode, there was plenty of tension as the audience worked to figure out whether Tyler was at the mall for shady purposes or whether he was just working.

The mall scene in Euphoria was shot at the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance. Being such a large mall, the Del Amo Fashion Center is one of the easier locations to reach through public and private transportation.

Via bus, you can choose to ride the 3, 6, 7 or 9 buses that have their routes passing through the mall. Other than that, there are ample parking spaces in the area which means that even if you take your own vehicle, you’re bound to find a suitable parking spot.

Rue at the restaurant scene in Euphoria

Pann’s Restaurant, Los Angeles, California

As Rue struggles to cope with her addiction to drugs, she decides to meet up with one of the people who took part in the Narcotics Anonymous meeting. It’s here where she mentions how she has no passion for anything and how most people probably don’t. Ali eventually talks in this scene and mentions to her that her up-and-coming obsession with Jules is similar to how she became obsessed with drugs in the first place. He then asks her, “Didn’t drugs feel good the first time you tried ‘em?” explaining that her obsession to become Jules’ friend isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

This scene was filmed at Pann’s Restaurant in Los Angeles. Found at the start of episode four, this location was chosen because of the unique look that it had. The restaurant is styled after a 1950s coffee shop which draws lots of attention from locals as well as tourists who visit the area.

To get to this restaurant, drive along South La Tijera Boulevard until you reach the point where it merges with La Cienega Boulevard. You'll be able to see the restaurant on the right-hand side.


With so many topics discussed throughout the show, ranging from mature to controversial, as well as a diverse cast and each with their quirks, Euphoria is set to be one of the more remembered shows in the coming years.

With surprising character development combined with amazing cinematography and unique scores for the individual characters, Euphoria is one of those shows that need to be watched instead of being read up on. So next time you’re in and around the California area, particularly Los Angeles, visit some of the shooting locations for Euphoria for a bit of reminiscing!