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Where was Enough filmed?


City Locations

Gig Harbor, Port Townsend, Seattle, Piru, Pasadena, Santa Clarita, Marina del Rey, Los Angeles, San Francisco.

Location Types

House, Diners, Gyms/Sports, Hotels/Motels

Location Styles

Classic Car, Hotel/Motel Style, Luxury Hotel

About Enough

A Cinderella story quickly turns into a nightmare for waitress Slim Miller (Jennifer Lopez) when her seemingly perfect marriage to diner customer Mitch Hiller (Bill Campbell) collapses. She discovers he has been unfaithful and soon turns physically abusive toward her.

The combination of domestic drama and revenge thriller is set in San Francisco, where Slim works at a diner with her best friend Ginny (Juliette Lewis). The kind-hearted yet naive young woman almost succumbs to the smooth talk of an insincere customer before Mitch steps in and rescues her. It's love at first sight and their whirlwind romance leads to marriage less than three months later.

At first, they seem blessed with marital bliss; they live in a beautiful home, have a bright and precocious daughter named Gracie (Tessa Allen), and generally enjoy life together. However, it isn't long before the cracks start to form in their marriage, and Slim begins to suspect that all is not as it seems.

She discovers evidence of infidelity and discovers that Mitch has been seeing other women behind her back. When confronted by his wife, he responds with physical violence; he hits her and uses Gracie as collateral against any further accusations by threatening to take their daughter away if Slim speaks out about his misdeeds.

The situation escalates and Slim finds herself trapped in this emotionally crippling relationship. She is unable to leave due to financial insecurity and fear of retribution. After years of being abused verbally, emotionally, financially, and psychologically, the young mother finally musters up the courage to make a move when Mitch's betrayals become increasingly extreme.

With the help of Ginny, who remains loyal throughout the ordeal despite facing personal difficulties of her own, Slim embarks on a daring adventure that ultimately leads her toward freedom from abuse - but not without taking some revenge along the way.

Enough Locations

The 2002 thriller, Enough, was filmed across various locations in the US, including Washington and California. A majority of the scenes were shot in Port Townsend, Gig Harbor, Seattle, Piru, Los Angeles County, and San Francisco.

Gig Harbor is a small town located on Puget Sound near Tacoma, Washington. Surrounded by evergreen forests and stunning views of Mt Rainier and the Olympics Mountains, it's a place that oozes tranquility and beauty. This small fishing village has been around for centuries and provides a unique filming setting that gives off a sense of quaintness that audiences appreciate.

Port Townsend served as another backdrop for the production of this movie. Located on the Olympic Peninsula in Jefferson County, Port Townsend features an abundance of Victorian-style buildings that have been preserved since its founding in the late 1700s.

Seattle also provided filming locations for Enough, with some of its beautiful backdrops, sweeping views of Elliott Bay, and the Space Needle Tower having on-screen cameos.

Slim’s boxing scenes in Enough

Fort Worden Historical State Park, 200 Battery Way, Port Townsend, WA, USA

Slim's boxing and kung fu sequences were filmed at Fort Worden Historical State Park, 200 Battery Way, Port Townsend. The location also provided a setting for some of the most adrenaline-filled car chases and ferry boat rides that stunned audiences across theaters. Boasting over 300 exquisite 19th Century Victorian houses, the charming locale has the ability to transport viewers back to simpler times.

Its charming streets and alleyways have earned it the nickname “Key City,” a moniker it still proudly holds today. The quaint houses, narrow cobblestone paths, as well as sweeping vistas of Puget Sound make it apparent why this historic town has hosted several production crews. Besides Enough, Puget Sound lent several backdrops to Practical Magic, The Sundowner, and Blackfish.

To get to this location, take State Route 20 E and W Sims Way. If using public transit via Jefferson, then the nearest stop will be Haines Place Park.

Slim and Mitch’s family home scene in Enough

445 Prospect Square, Pasadena, CA, USA

Los Angeles provided a setting for several scenes, including when Mitch forces a homeowner to relinquish the rights to their house so that he purchases it for Slim. The family home depicted in the film is situated at 445 Prospect Boulevard, Pasadena, a city located northeast of downtown Los Angeles.

Mitch’s house, seen on screen, is found at 5417 Via Donte in the coastal town of Marina del Rey. It’s a private residence and off-limits to visitors, but you can still enjoy its beauty from afar by taking a stroll down the street.

Old Pasadena's breathtaking Victorian and Art Deco buildings make it a sought-after shopping and dining destination, with the Norton Simon Museum at its vanguard. The museum boasts an impressive collection of European and Asian artworks as well as a stunning sculpture garden.

Taking a 30-minute stroll or commuting by car or bus are two options to reach the destination. If you're downtown, hop onto the bus at the Garfield stop and disembark after six stops at Orange Grove. Head west on W Colorado Blvd toward Orange Grove Blvd, make a right turn onto Orange Grove Boulevard, veer left onto Rosemont Avenue then take a right turn once more into Prospect Square.

Slim and Mitch's first meeting scene in Enough

4211 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey, CA, USA

In the opening scene where Slim meets Mitch for the first time, the Enough production team set up shop at Edie's Diner, located in Marina Del Rey. On-screen as served as Phil's Famous Red Car Diner, the restaurant is designed to emulate a 1950s diner complete with nostalgic memorabilia and classic decor that will whisk guests back to an era gone by!

For years, both Edie's Diner and its adjacent event space, Harbor House, served as an important part of the Marina Del Rey community. However in 2008 when The Waterfront development halted progress, a new venue known as The Organic Panificio Café opened at their former site.

After a year of emptiness, the Killer Yacht Club Speakeasy was finally established on this land in May 2012 - furthering this area's legacy and traditions. Believe it or not, despite its transformation from Edie's to Killer Cafe, the restaurant's interior remains basically unchanged! Gone are the lines of booths in the center of the room, but the counters and perimeter booths remain unchanged.

When traveling by bus, W Washington Blvd should be your destination; however, you will have to walk approximately 0.8 miles and 16 minutes from Venice Wy.

The car chase scene in Enough

Piru Creek, Piru, CA, USA

As the dramatic car chase between Slim and Robbie (Noah Wylie) reaches its climactic conclusion at the bridge, an unforeseen steel beam suddenly halts their pursuit. With a crash of his SUV into the beam across the span, Robbie's wild adventure comes to an end as Slim turns onto Center Street and vanishes in search of her next exciting journey out west.

The Piru Creek Bridge is located on the southern side and is easily visible from Center Street. The Southern Pacific Railroad bridge over Piru Creek is an impressive accomplishment of engineering from the turn of the century. When it was built in 1902, it helped bring commerce to the area for many years that followed.

To get to Piru Creek, head east on Center Street towards Piru Square, and you will spot the building on the left.

The gas station scene in Enough

Rosedale Market, 8111 86th Ave NW, Gig Harbor, WA, USA

The short scene at a gas station where Slim is talking to her mother, asking for advice about Mitch, was shot in Rosedale Market in Gig Harbor, WA. The market still exists so you can visit it.

Gig Harbor is a place of magical beauty, with breathtaking scenes and vistas at every turn. From boats of all sizes to historic dwellings, the harbor offers stunning views that continually captivate, especially with Mt Rainier looming in the background.

The tranquil town also offers an abundance of outdoor pursuits, from fishing to camping out under starry skies.

Drive Rosedale St NW to reach the market seen in the movie. Start your journey by heading west on Harborview Dr, then make a right turn onto Harborview Drive. Take the next left to stay on Rosedale Street NW which will eventually veer right and become 86th Ave NW/Rosedale Purdy Road. The destination is located conveniently on the right!

The first try to leave her husband scene in Enough

506 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Slim desperately tries to protect herself and her daughter from her abusive husband. While attempting to flee his wrath, she turns to the luxurious Biltmore Hotel for privacy and safety; but despite it proving to provide a much-needed escape initially, her husband blocks her card preventing her from paying for a room. She then moves to a motel.

The historic Millennium Biltmore Hotel has been an icon of Los Angeles since 1923. The exquisite Spanish-Italian Renaissance architecture, including magnificent hand-painted ceilings, has been preserved throughout the years.

Not only was the founding banquet of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences held at the hotel's Crystal Ballroom in 1927, but it's said that the original sketch of the now-famous Oscar statuette was drawn on a napkin from the legendary Biltmore. This building also hosted an impressive eight Academy Awards banquets between the 1930s and 1940s before firmly establishing its place in Hollywood history and beyond.

Using the metro is by far your most convenient option to navigate your way to the hotel. From downtown, take a Metro J Line (Silver) which will head towards Figueroa St & 7th St. Proceed for the 910 El Monte Station route in DTLA - J-Line (Silver) which will only take 5 minutes with 2 stops. Get off at Olive / 5th station then walk for about two minutes or 0.1 miles.


This Jennifer Lopez vehicle found British director Michael Apted continuing to support his career as an acclaimed filmmaker. Before his passing in 2001, his list of directorial credits included Coal Miner’s Daughter, Gorillas in the Mist, and The World Is Not Enough.

Enough isn’t his best-received films, with critics picking out the first seventy-five minutes or so spent outlining Lopez's character as a wronged wife, as one of its shortcomings. On the merits it received, the film takes an unexpectedly thoughtful approach in how it portrays Slim’s marriage. It deviates far from the traditional Cinderella fairy tale where Prince Charming saves the day; this is more about self-empowerment than romance.

The pre-fight scenes draw on several different elements to illustrate the complexity of domestic abuse, financial control, emotional manipulation, and physical violence.

Any fan of the film who is keen on going on an Enough filming locations tour should also add stopovers at the following places that feature in the film. The Alamo Square Park, San Francisco International Aiport, Kearny Steps, and Pier & around North Beach.