Eight Legged Freaks movie cover Movie Locations Guide

Where was Eight Legged Freaks filmed?


City Locations

Superior, Arizona, USA; Glendale, Arizona, USA; Page, Arizona, USA; Sonoran Desert, Arizona, USA; Tonopah, Arizona, USA; Magma Hotel, Superior, Arizona, USA

Location Types

Apartment, House, Mansions, NatureScapes, American

Location Styles

Americana/Anywhere America, Construction, Dilapidated/Neglected, Industrial

About Eight Legged Freaks

The movie begins with a truck driver who is carrying chemicals spilling toxic wastes into a reservoir. Joshua Taft (Tom Noonan) is an exotic spider farmer who displays his collections to Mike Parker (Scott Terra). As Mike leaves, Joshua is killed when he gets bitten by a Tarantula and the spider cage gets knocked down. The toxins cause these spiders to grow bigger.

Christopher McCormick's (David Arquette) father was a mine owner before his death ten years earlier. A week after the toxin incident, he stands against the mayor of Prosperity, Wade (Leon Rippy), proposing he wishes to sell the mine since his father had discovered gold in the mine. Sam (Kari Wuhrer) and Chris will get romantically involved. During this period, Wade holds a town meeting to decide if the mines should be sold.

Wade affirms the delusion of Chris's father for hoping that the mines had good in them but is punched by Chris. Mike finds Joshua dead and the spiders missing. Then, he tells Chris about the ridiculous size of the spiders due to the giant footprint he found at the entrance of the mine. However, Chris doesn't believe this.

The spiders find their way to every part of the city. Harlan Griffiths (Doug E. Doug) is a crazy enthusiast of extra-terrestrial occurrences. He posits that the missing pets have been taken by extra-terrestrial beings. Bret (Matt Czuchry) and Sam's daughter, Ashley (Scarlett Johansson) break up before the latter and his friends have their encounter with the spiders. Sam doesn't believe Mike and Chris until she sees a giant spider herself.

A giant tarantula attacks Sam as she tries to broadcast the threat. However, she escapes. She tells people to barricade themselves and leave the mall. Harlan and Chris climb a roof before the tarantula breaks the gate open. Then, the former jumps from the roof and United with Pete.

Bret helps the townsfolk escape through the mines and encounter tunnels filled with methane. Then, Chris searches for his Aunt Gladys in the mines just to discover the gold his father claimed. At this moment, another giant Consuela attacks them. Chris uses the methane to blow up the mall, mines, and spiders.

Eight Legged Freaks Locations

Eight Legged Freaks is a comedy action monster movie that was produced by Dean Delvin and Bruce Berman and directed by Ellory Elkayem. The movie stars Scarlett Johansson, David Arquette, Scott Terra, and Kari Wuhrer. This movie follows the invasion of a colony of spiders in a town after it was exposed to toxic substances. This caused them to grow insanely into monstrous creatures and they started attacking the townsfolk.

The movie was filmed in several parts of the state of Arizona. Specifically, the film shoot locations for the movie included Superior, Arizona, USA; Glendale, Arizona, USA; Page, Arizona, USA; Sonoran Desert, Arizona, USA; Tonopah, Arizona, USA; Magma Hotel, Superior, Arizona, USA. Arizona has been a state that is known as home to Hollywood filmmakers. For this reason, many movies have been shot in the city over the years.

Sam meets Aunt Gladys scene in Eight Legged Freaks

The Diner (now Miners On Main), 149 Main St, Superior, AZ

A week after Joshua was killed, Chris returns home. As he gets there, he sees some men trying to load trucks. As he enters the room, Gladys tells him, "Sorry son, we aren't hiring." He replies, "you're sure? I'm a pretty good engineer." "Do I look like a woman who isn't sure?"

Then, Chris tells her he used to know his way around the place. The woman reaffirms they are not hiring. She tells him that they are going out of sale in the next three months. Then, Chris replies, "Yes I get the picture, but my name is not Sonny, it's Chris."

Gladys turns back and looks at him. She laughs, "Chris! Chris!!" Then, she hugs him out of excitement.

Among the four North America deserts, the Sonoran Desert is the most biologically diverse. In fact, the fauna and flora of the desert are remarkably diverse. This includes a wide variety of yucca plants, cactus species, thorn forests, and more. The desert also spans more than 120,000 square miles of southeastern California and southwestern Arizona.

The desert is the only place across the globe where Saguaro Cacti can grow. If you wish to explore the wonders of this desert, you should head to the scene location of your favorite movie. You can get to this location by road.

Major addresses townsfolk in Prosperity Mall scene in Eight Legged Freaks

Prosperity Mall (now Northern Crossing), Northern & 59th Ave, Glendale, AZ

"This is a town meeting, not the WWF." Mayor Wade tells the people arguing. One of the men asks why those who wish to sell can't sell. The mayor convinces them to sell their property to relocate since the town is broke. One of the men stands up and says, "how do we know this is not one of your get-rich schemes, like you know, building this ridiculous mall out here?"

Then the mayor affirms every member of the town has some financial issues they wish to resolve. The mayor states that the only reason why the town has been kept going is because they thought the McCormick man could turn things around and put everyone in the city back to work.

The mayor disproves the claim of gold veins in the mines. Then, Chris responds, "he knows those mines were filled with methane gas." Then, the mayor tells him the meeting is for landowners only. He responds, "I'm a landowner, Wade." Chris tells everybody how his father told him about the gold in the mine and he believes him. Chris walks out and Wade goads him until Chris hits him.

The scene location is situated in a city that is known to be home to many historic attractions, including Sahuaro Ranch Park. You will also come across natural preserves at this location. Midwestern University is one of the best veterinary schools in the United States.

The city also remains a top choice among tourists looking for entertainment and shopping. Then, why not head out to visit the site of your favorite movie scenes? Access to this place is possible by road.

Gladys and Chris talk in the kitchen scene in Eight Legged Freaks

Manistee Ranch, 5127 W Northern Avenue, Glendale, AZ

Chris and Aunt Gladys are talking in the kitchen. "I really don't wanna talk about Sam Parker right now," Chris tells Aunt Gladys. Then, she responds to him that she knows why he left town those years ago. Chris replies, "I left town for a lot of reasons." Gladys immediately affirms that he left because he wanted to avoid Sam after he beat her husband.

He tells her he is a changed man and the old lady challenges him to prove it by going to Sam's house to tell her everything. He should also tell how he truly feels about her.

The location of this scene was founded by a Wisconsin native, Herbert Hamilton in 1897. The ranch is not just rich in citrus fruits, all its historical structures are also restored. The ranch is located on Northern Ave in Glendale, Arizona. You will find a collection of old photographs in the basement of the main house.

The date grove at the Manistee Ranch has been bought by the city of Glendale and turned into a public park. If you are a lover of sightseeing, this is a great place to visit. You can also get the chance to enjoy a first-hand experience of Aunt Gladys's apartment in your favorite movie. Access to the place is possible by road.

Mike finds huge spider footprints scene in Eight Legged Freaks

Queen Creek Mine, Superior, AZ

Mike navigates Joshua's place with his recording device. He comes across giant webs, which astounds him. After that, he sees huge spider footprints at the entrance of the mines. Mike speaks to his recording device, "from my initial estimates, the spiders have doubled. No, more like they are five times their original size."

As he walks into the mine, he picks up a spider leg and sees a very huge spider. Chris is with other miners, and they discuss the mines and the concentration of methane gas in them. Chris tells them to always wear their masks. He tells them to get to the higher chambers if they start getting disoriented.

World-class adventures await enthusiastic tourists in the city of Superior, Arizona. Regardless of your definition of adventure - from hiking to a daunting rock climb - having fun is a guarantee in Superior. The mountainscapes and desert exploration are worth enjoying. There is also a 98-mile trail on State Route 88 that you should explore.

It is never a bad idea to visit your favorite scene's location in the town of Superior, Arizona. After all, this is a place that has three different geophysical characteristics. Access to the place is possible by road.

Chris gives Mike a ride scene in Eight Legged Freaks

Hwy 60 near Queen Creek Mine, Superior, AZ

Mike walks alone on the road. He sees a car and hitchhikes. As he enters the vehicle, he shows the big spider leg he found in the mine to Chris, who replies, "that seems awful big to be a spider's leg." He tells Chris that no one is going to believe him if he tells them.

Chris asks him, "believe what?" Mike replies, "do you really wanna know?" Chris says, "try me." Then, the boy tells him this friend's spiders have been growing bigger for the past couple of weeks. He tells Chris that the spiders have gone to the mine shaft. Chris does not believe the boy.

Tourists have a lot to enjoy in the city of Superior, Arizona. From the stunning mountainscapes to the remarkable trails, this is the right place to visit. The largest mine in the state is present at this location. You will also come across a wide collection of artifacts in different museums in the city.

There are also beautiful parks in the city where locals and visitors can enjoy a fun afternoon. Boyce Thompson Arboretum, Caboose Park and Superior History Trail, and Montana Mountain Loop are some of the most scenic places you can visit in the city. Access to this location is possible by road.

Bret arrives at the mall with a forklift scene in Eight Legged Freaks

Parking Lot, Manistee Town Center (now Northern Crossing), Northern & 59th Ave, Glendale, AZ

The spiders enter the mall after a giant tarantula breaks open the gate. To help those that are trapped by bringing down the locked gate, Bret arrives with a forklift. Mike shouts, "behind you!" Then, Sam, Chris, and the others open fire on these creatures. Then, they all head to the front entrance of the mine.

Glendale is a vibrant city that welcomes tourists to connect and explore its remarkable beauty. There are various historic locations in this city, such as State Farm Stadium and Sahuaro Ranch Park. There are also natural preserves in this city, including Thunderbird Conservation Park. Besides these, the city is home to more than 250,000 friendly residents.

The great weather in Glendale makes the city a great tourist destination. Living in the city is affordable as well. Indeed, the cost of living in Glendale is 7% lower than the national average. You can visit the site of your favorite scene by road.


This horror comedy movie follows the invasion of huge spiders in a city and how the townsfolk managed to destroy them before those abnormal creatures consumed their city. This is a movie with lots of suspense and twists.

Away from this, the movie was shot in the state of Arizona. Many of these cities are known as the ultimate destination for tourists looking to enjoy hiking, entertainment, sightseeing, and other fun activities.

Furthermore, these cities have been used for filming scenes in other top-rated movies. For instance, Three Kings (1999), The Other Side Of The Wind (2018), and Cartel Land are some of the great movies acted in the Sonoran Desert.