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Where was Edward Scissorhands filmed?


City Locations

Tinsmith Circle, Lutz, Hillsborough County, FL

Location Types

American, House, Mansions, Rustic, Beauty/ Spa, Diners, Police/ Jails, Restaurant, Schools

Location Styles

Bungalow, Classic Car, Classic Truck, 50s-60s-70s building, Mid-century Modern

About Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands is a 1990 cult classic directed by Tim Burton. With a budget of $20 million, this blockbuster grossed over 4 times its original budget and received several nominations and awards.

This beautiful movie starts with a grandma telling her granddaughter where snow comes from and why it falls. The little girl doesn't know that the grandma is narrating her own story about the love of her life, Edward Scissorhands (portrayed by Johnny Depp). The grandma is Kim Boggs (portrayed by Winona Ryder), whose mother, Peg Boggs (Dianne Wiest), brings Edward home from the decrepit Gothic mansion on the hill.

Edward is a humanoid young man created by his inventor 'father' who suffered a heart attack and died before giving Edward real hands instead of scissor hands, leaving him unfinished. Edward is home-schooled and educated by his father and believes in the goodness of all human beings.

Edward comes home to a paranoid fictional suburb with pastel-painted homes and tiny windows. Peg introduces Edward to the rest of her family, including her kids, teenager Kim (portrayed by Winona Ryder), young Kevin (Robert Oliveri), and her husband, Bill Boggs (Alan Arkin).

Edward is welcomed into their home, and he shows his prowess with his Scissorhands by turning their hedges into topiaries, progressing to doggy haircuts, and eventually becoming a hairstylist. Peg and her family try to secure Edward a loan to start his salon business at a nearby shopping center. However, the loan officer doesn't approve his loan request.

Once this happens, Edward gets into a series of sad events where he gets caught by the cops for breaking and entering with Kim and her boyfriend. He mistakenly harms the boyfriend and runs off. Before all this happens, Edward falls for Kim, and Kim likes him back. He also makes a stunning snow sculpture of Kim dancing, and while he is sculpting it, the ice flakes fall on her like snowflakes.

A tale of love, family, sadness, and sacrifice follows.

Edward Scissorhands Locations

Most of the Edward Scissorhands locations are in Tinsmith Circle, Lutz, in Hillsborough County, Florida. Fans of the cult classic can visit this neighborhood since it is still standing. In fact, the house that Edward Scissorhands lived in was recently sold for over $230,000. The property realtor, Stacie Savoy, noted that even after all these years, just mentioning that this was the Edward Scissorhands three-bedroom house drove the price up considerably. People called from all over the US to place bids on the house without seeing it. The couple that purchased the home painted it a blue that is as close to the original in the film.

The backdrops and Edward Scissorhands filming locations fit perfectly with the various scenes in the blockbuster hit. The mountain in the film (where Edward comes from) is shot taking a Florida sinkhole, building in it, and shooting it from the bottom! It was then superimposed in the film to make it seem like the suburb was at the foothills of the 'mountain.'

Fans of Edward Scissorhands can tour the entire suburb where filming took place, click pictures, ride cycles, and click photographs of the homes. However, since all the houses are privately owned, you would need permission from the homeowners.

Fun fact:

In the interview book Burton on Burton, released in 2006, Tim Burton explained that this phenomenal cult classic movie is a fictional commentary narrative of his personal childhood growing up in Burbank, California. While the film is about the small-town social politics of Burbank and the acceptance of a social 'other,' the movie wasn't shot there at all.

Peg brings Edward home scene in Edward Scissorhands

1774 Tinsmith Circle, Lutz, Hillsborough County, FL

Peg Boggs (Dianne Wiest) brings Edward Scissorhands (Johnny Depp) to her home to live with her and her family. As she enters the house with him, she shows him around the house. Peg realizes Edward has never seen the interior of an American home and starts explaining things to him, "This is the living room, and back here are the bedrooms. You want to see the pictures? All right. This is my husband, Bill. He's a bowling champion. Do you know what bowling is? Bowling? No? Well, here they are down at the lake fishing. I think Kevin looks glum because they didn't catch anything that day."

She rambles about different parts of her house and her family when Edward sees the picture of Kim Boggs (Winona Ryder) for the first time. He's instantly smitten by her. He stares at Kim's photographs since she looks breathtakingly beautiful. Peg tells him Kim is camping in the mountains with some friends, and Edward can meet her when she's back in a few days.

This filming location of Edward Scissorhands is a house recently sold to a couple who has also painted it the same blue as in the movie. If you want to get to the house that Edward was adopted into, simply hop onto bus number 54, and get off at SR 54 & Oak Grove Blvd. The home at 1774 Tinsmith Circle is a few minutes' walk from here.

Esmerelda troubles Edward and the Boggs scene in Edward Scissorhands

Tinsmith Circle

All the houses in the suburb are slightly open to the overall street with an open-backdoor policy. The fencing has a substantial space that allows people to come in and go from behind. In this scene, Edward has just cut the garden hedge into the shape of a dinosaur and is cutting another that looks like the Boggs family – mother, father, and two children.

Bill Boggs (Alan Arkin) is relaxing while drinking a beer and listening to the game when he sees the marvelous work that Edward has done. Bill says, "Well, it's just wonderful, Ed. My God, you have the whole family in there, don't you?" Edward and Peg look mighty pleased with the family topiary. While they are fawning over Edward's work, religious fanatic Esmerelda (O-Lan Jones) comes in through the back fence and says, "It's not Heaven he's from, it's straight from the stinking flames of hell. The power of Satan is in him, I can feel it. Can't you? Have you poor sheep strayed so far from the path?"

To visit this Edward Scissorhands location, hop on to bus number 54 and get off at SR 54 & Oak Grove Blvd. From this stop, you can walk for approximately ten to fifteen minutes to reach Tinsmith Circle.

Peg and Edward go to visit the loan officer scene in Edward Scissorhands

400 North Ashley Drive, Tampa, Florida

In this scene, Peg tries to help Edward get a bank loan to set up his salon business. While they are in front of the manager, Edward is concerned since he doesn't have the funds. The loan officer (portrayed by Alan Fudge) looks at Peg and Edward and says, "No credit. No record of jobs you've held. No savings. No personal investments. No social security number. You may as well not even exist. There is no collateral." Peg pipes up and says, "No, we already have a second on the house, but don't the testimonials make a difference? Did you see here the mayor's wife can't wait to become a client?"

The loan officer refuses to budge and says, "We simply can't do it. Get yourself a social security card. Establish credit and buy yourself a car. You have a decided advantage; you can get one of those handicap placards, no problem, and park anywhere you like." Edward smiles at the loan officer, and he and Peg leave the office.

To get to the iconic 'Beer Can' building of Tampa, where this scene was shot, hop onto bus number 30 and get off at Kennedy Blvd @ Ashley Drive. From here, getting to 400 North Ashley Drive is a 2-minute walk.

The exterior of the bank scene in Edward Scissorhands

Publix Super Market, Southgate Shopping Center

Just before this scene, Peg and Edward sit with the loan officer, and Peg tries to convince the loan officer to sanction Edward's request for funding to open a salon. However, the loan officer refuses to authorize the loan because Edward has no tax priors, no social security, and no previous loans or savings. Instead, he advises Edward that he should first get a social security card and buy a car.

Peg and Edward leave the meeting with the loan officer, who refuses to grant Edward a loan to start his salon business. Peg is distraught and says, "I can't believe it. Honey, it's just an outrage. But don't you worry. This isn't the end of it. We'll get you your money somehow."

This scene, while insignificant compared to others, shows the bond that has formed between Edward and Peg, where she starts to think of him as part of her family. While the interior of the loan office scene is a different place, the exterior is what was a florist wholesaler. It is now a Publix Super Market at the northern end of Southgate Shopping Center. Catch the gold bus from Lakeland Downtown Terminal to Southgate Shopping Center to get here.

Joyce takes Edward to site for a hair salon scene in Edward Scissorhands

Lakeland Southgate Shopping Center

In this scene, Joyce Monroe (portrayed by Kathy Baker) aids Edward by offering to help him set up a hair salon. Joyce takes Edward to see a new salon space and says, "Aren't you excited? Oh, this is just so thrilling. I want to call it Shear Heaven. And here we are. Now, along here, I'm going to put in a row of new mirrors, and back along here, I think a whole row of new cosmetics." Edward, in his simplicity, suggests, "Peg could sell cosmetics here."

Joyce gets annoyed and responds, "Yeah, sure. Anyway, this is where we wash hair. And this is where I stand when I greet customers." Edward follows her around without commenting much. He keeps looking around in wonder. Joy asks him to follow her into the back room, where she tells him she needs him to decide whether she should model new smocks for him. She then tries to seduce Edward, but the chair they are on falls backward, and he leaves the salon in a huff.

Out of all the funny scenes in Edward Scissorhands, this one is a hoot since viewers ended up laughing when the joke was on Joyce. It is filmed at the Lakeland Southgate Shopping Center. You can follow Florida Ave S to the Southgate Shopping Center.

Edward goes to school for the show and tell scene in Edward Scissorhands

Mary Help of Christians Center, Tampa

Edward starts building his individual bonds with the Boggs family and thinks of them as his family. He tries to fit in with the Boggs and makes an effort to get along with them.

Kevin Boggs (Robert Oliveri) takes Edward to school to present his 'scissorhands' in the class show and tell. Kevin presents to the class, "One chop to a guy's neck, and it's all over. They're the sharpest blades in the world. They can hack through anything." When Kevin says this, Edward gets into a fighting pose and scares all the students while trying to make the class interactive.

After that, Kevin says, "And…" and looks expectantly at Edward, who pulls out a red folded paper and starts snipping away at it till it makes an origami-style streamer for doorways. When the kids see what Edward has created, they're so happy that they break into a round of applause.

This Edward Scissorhands film scene is in a Christian center. The exterior of the school scene is at the religious Mary Help of Christians Center in Tampa. This center is open to everyone and has special sign-up times too. To get here, get onto N 56th St/ Harney Rd and continue straight ahead to E Chelsea St.


Edward Scissorhands was a cult classic that put Tim Burton on the map of success. He became a rising star known for his offbeat films and plots. The storyline of Edward Scissorhands is a rising-falling, uneven graph that somehow manages to tie the entire movie together. This classic has everything from sadness, grief, and romance, to discrimination, acceptance, sacrifice, and happiness. From an emotional perspective, the film was a rollercoaster of sentiments that viewers loved.

The movie locations, backgrounds, exclusivity of the suburban middle class, raised eyebrows over outsiders, and the weird pastel lifestyle made viewers understand the importance of inclusivity and acceptance. The sunny, idyllic locations, overshadowed by a black mountain, showed the contrast in lifestyles that Tim Burton is so well known for. The Edward Scissorhands production team has done a fabulous job capturing it all.

The backgrounds, characters, and actors were excellent. The star cast and supporting actors carried the film on their shoulders all throughout and are responsible for the immense success.