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Seattle, Washington

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About Eden

Eden is a 1996 drama movie that was shot in Seattle, Washington in the United States. The movie was written and produced by Howard Goldberg. The movie featured several movie stars, including Joanna Going, Dylan Walsh, and Edward O' Blenis, among others.

The movie was set in 1965. It follows the story of a New England boys' school. Helen (Joanna Going), who suffered from multiple sclerosis, was married to Bill (Dylan Walsh). However, one of Bill's students would be strongly drawn to Helen. Bill and Helen both grew up at the academy and they knew each other well ever since they were kids.

However, they would fall in love when they go to college and get married. After they both graduated, Bill and Helen would go back to Mount Eden Academy. Bill was a teacher and Helen was charged with the responsibility of raising their family. One afternoon, Bill talks to one of his students, Dave (Sean Patrick Flannery), about sending his grade to his parents, in the presence of his wife. Helen offers to talk to him, telling him he should take responsibility.

Later that night, Helen tells her husband she should treat him carefully, but Bill affirms that the same approach was used on him as well when he was a student. Helen maintains that Dave is a free spirit, and as a result, he must be nurtured. Dave's friends are often amazed at the fact that he isn't drawn to hot girls they know in their school.

Helen tries to show her strict husband that love is what makes students succeed, instead of great demands. Eventually, Helen slips into a coma. Thanks to the fact that Helen can "look down" and be aware of everything that is happening around her, her condition ensures that Bill can pay close attention to the needs of others.

Eden Locations

This American movie was released in 1996. It was written and produced by Howard Goldberg. Joanna Going, Dylan Walsh, and Edward O' Blenis are some of the excellent cast members in the movie. It follows the story of Dave, who fell in love with his teacher's wife, Helen.

The movie was set in the 1960s and filming was mostly done in Seattle, Washington. Most of the scenes of the movie were filmed at the Seattle Hebrew Academy, Seattle. However, some scenes were shot in surrounding neighborhoods.

Ever since the movie was released, the locations have experienced significant changes. After all, these are burgeoning locations where visitors go to enjoy a nice time. If you wish to know more about these locations, as well as your favorite movie scenes, the following will explain further.

Fun fact:

Did you know that Eden represents Bonnie Root's (who played Lucy) movie debut?

Bill talks to his student scene in Eden

Seattle Hebrew Academy, Seattle, Washington

The scene begins with Bill advising Dave to start taking College seriously since he is already halfway through junior year. Dave replies, "I don't know Mr. Kunen. Maybe I will worry about that when the time comes." Bill answers, "You're halfway through your junior year. The time has gone". Dave responds, "Well, maybe I don't even want to go to college."

After Bill reads to Dave his grades, the latter tells his teacher that he doesn't need to go to college to be a writer. Dave begs Bill not to send the results to his parents because they will send him to a military school. Then, Helen comes in telling Bill not to be so hard on him. The two kids come in telling their mother they didn't know she was there.

As Bill tells Dave he is still deciding on whether to send the results to his parents, Helen tells him he shouldn't worry. She promises to talk to him and tells Dave to try to show some responsibility and initiative. As he replies, "Yes ma'am", his friends laugh. Bill turns to them and says, "I don't know what you think is funny, Mr. Chase. We'll get your grades tomorrow." Then, he leaves the room with Helen.

This ranks as one of the best schools in the county. This school provides kids with a fair and nurturing environment where they can grow emotionally, spiritually, and academically. Besides this, Seattle Hebrew Academy is the right school for any child to grow in character, respect, and compassion.

Part of the mantra of this school is to ensure that every student is equipped with a moral compass and respect. This is a site where most of the scenes in the movie were shot. If you wish to visit this place, you can do so by road.

Bill and Helen talk about Dave scene in Eden

Wooded area behind Seattle Hebrew Academy, Seattle, Washington

That evening, Bill and Helen talk about getting a babysitter for their little kids. Then, Helen starts talking about Bill sending Dave's results to his parents. She says, "Honey, are you gonna send Dave's parents his mid-semesters?" Bill replied, "You don't give up, do you?"

Then, Helen tells Bill that Dave is a student that needs love to thrive, rather than high demands. She claims that Dave is a free spirit and should be treated with care. However, Bill tells her that he was treated with the same approach when he was younger, and it worked just fine. He tells her that Mount Eden is different from any other high school. They don't nurture students. Rather, they prepare them to lead.

This is another major location in the movie. This place is located close to Interlaken Park, which is a wooded area close to the north end of Capitol Hill. If you are a lover of skydiving, canyoning, and many other outdoor activities, then this is the right tourist destination you should consider visiting.

Besides this, all adrenaline junkies often find this place the right destination to embrace. Other activities you would love to engage in include hiking, biking, and sightseeing. You can access the location by road.

Everyone in the school gathers for lunch scene in Eden

Interlaken Park, Seattle, Washington

This movie scene begins with the students walking down the hallway. Then, Bill is already seated inside the common room, waiting for his students. As they get to him, he tells them they must have burned the midnight oil. Then, they all stand up to say grace.

Back at home, Helen is seen cleaning the house. Then she sees a drawing as she sits down and falls asleep. She feels like it is impossible for her to grab a physical object. Then, she finds it hard to move her hand.

It is not a stretch to suggest that Seattle Hebrew is one of the best private schools in Seattle. This historic, Jewish institution is focused on preparing its students for leadership roles in the future. Seattle Hebrew Academy is a place where students are motivated to strive for success.

Do you wish to visit the site where your favorite scenes in the movie were filmed? Then, you should consider visiting the school. There are also great activities you can enjoy in the neighborhood.

The students sing in the chapel scene in Eden

Seattle Hebrew Academy Chapel, Seattle, Washington

This scene begins with Dave rushing into the chapel, finding students inside the hall already, singing. He sits down quickly, and Helen enters the hall. Sonny and Rick were intentionally singing the song the wrong way as a way of mocking the gathering. As Helen reaches their side, Sonny quickly taps them to call their attention.

The amount of respect they have for Helen is evident in this scene. She sits down with them and joins them in their frivolity. As the music stops, Dave and Helen smile at each other and she asks them, "so, what did you guys decide about helping me with the dance preparations?" Rick tells her, "I forgot I had a class." She looks at Sonny, and he replies, "Me too".

Seattle Hebrew Academy is a Jewish Day School that offers complete and effective academic programs. The school provides every student with a great atmosphere that can facilitate learning. Other than these, you can also come across the Capitol Hill Wishing Tree. This is a popular place where people passing by can write their wish in a note and attach it to the tree.

For many, doing this can be thrilling. Why not enjoy this fun as well by simply visiting the location? Besides, it also grants you the chance to see some of the locations of the scenes in the movie.

Dave talks about the letter he got scene in Eden

1712 E Galer Street, Seattle, Washington

The boys are together, and they collect a letter from Dave. They ask him who sent the letter. He tells them the letter is from Lucy Small. They are surprised that she could send him a letter. He replies, "So what, she is just a kid."

In response, Rick said, pointing to himself and chuckling, "some kid I wanna babysit." Then, Helen is dizzy, and her vision is impaired. After she stands up, Dave walks in and she asks, "Dave, you decided to help after all." Then he walks out. Helen's friend tells her not to think about it. After all, the massive crush he has on her is too obvious to ignore.

This street is located in a friendly neighborhood. If you are a tourist and you wish to visit a place where you can come across nice restaurants and a fascinating park, then you should visit this location. There are so many things to explore.

Volunteer Park Cafe & Pantry is a popular restaurant where you can have cheese sandwiches, Israeli couscous salad, and matzo ball soup, among other tasty dishes. You can have a good eating experience at this dining destination. You can access this location by road.


Eden is a movie that explains why people should never be ignorant about what happens around them. Besides, the best way to teach a student is by love, not by high demands, as Helen noted in the movie.

The movie scenes were shot in Seattle, a city that is not strange to Hollywood filmmakers. Many notable movies have had their scenes shot in this city. Some of these movies include Fifty Shades of Grey (2015), 10 Things I Hate About You (1999), Fifty Shades Freed (2018), Malignant (2021), and Into the Wild (2007).

You will find world-class restaurants and parks to visit all around the place. The friendly neighborhoods are also safe to visit. There are also trails for hiking and biking for lovers of the great outdoors. Visitors can also enjoy many other recreational activities at this location.