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Where was Doctor Dolittle 2 filmed?


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San Francisco (USA), Los Angeles (USA)

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American, Apartment, Nature, Modern, Film Studio

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Modern Building, Americana

About Doctor Doolittle

Dr. Dolittle 2, released in 2001, is the sequel to Dr. Dolittle, a 1998 American fantasy comedy film. It was written by Larry Levin, who had previously co-written the first film. Directed by Steve Carr, Dr. Dolittle 2 stars Eddie Murphy, with Kristen Wilson, Jeffrey Jones, and Kevin Pollak also appearing in supporting roles.

The story picks up from where the first installment left off and follows Dr. John Dolittle on his second journey of discovery. Along the way, he finds himself taking care of a group of animals that have been affected by a new construction project nearby. He is then forced to confront his own past when it becomes clear that he must rescue them from an animal testing facility.

With the help of his friend Ava (Wilson) and his daughter Maya (Murphy), as well as some new allies, including Lucky the Dog (Pollak) and Archie (Jones), they embark on a quest to save the animals while also reconciling with their respective pasts.

The movie received mixed reviews since its release but was praised for its comedic elements and excellent cast performances, particularly those of Eddie Murphy and Kristen Wilson, as well as its imaginative visuals and effects that remain impressive even to this day. It was also nominated for three Kids Choice Awards including Favorite Movie, Favorite Male Movie Star, and Favorite Female Movie Star.

Doctor Doolittle Locations

Several Doctor Dolittle 2 scenes were filmed at various landmarks in California, including Universal Studios Hollywood, Big Bear Lake, and Yosemite National Park. The latter location is where breathtaking scenery is captured during the montage of Dr. Dolittle and his animal friends.

An eye-catching montage of Dr. Dolittle and his animal pals enjoying a day out at Yosemite offers viewers some of its remarkable vistas, while other sites such as Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills and Malibu Creek State Park are also featured prominently in the movie.

Spectacular views can be seen among these regions, ranging from soaring mountains, lush forests, and expansive lakes to grand deserts. Each of these locations also offers plenty of attractions and activities for visitors to experience; whether it's hiking and camping in Yosemite National Park or discovering the exciting rides and attractions of Universal Studios Hollywood.

Paying a visit to the filming locations of Doctor Dolittle 2 would surely be a remarkable and rewarding experience. Whether it's for a day out with pals or an enriching exploration of California's natural beauty, a journey to these sites will not fail to satisfy.

Fun Fact:

The film also marked the last time Eddie Murphy took the lead role in a Dr. Dolittle movie, with Kyla Pratt stepping into the role for the subsequent 2006 installment, Dr. Dolittle 3. This is also the last film to feature Raven-Symoné as Charisse Dolittle, who first portrayed the character in the first film and returned to reprise her role in the 2001 sequel.

Charisse's 16th birthday party scene in Doctor Dolittle 2

2100 Green Street, San Francisco, CA 94115, United States

The action of the story takes place and is mostly shot in San Francisco, with the Doolittle family calling the posh Pacific Heights apartment block at 2100 Green Street, on the corner of Webster Street, their home.

After John (Eddie Murphy) returns from France, he presents his daughter Maya (Kyla Pratt) with a chameleon called Pepito (voice of Jacob Vargas). As a consequence of Charisse's (Raven-Symoné) poor academic performance, he confiscates her phone for seven days. Charisse celebrates her 16th birthday with a surprise visit from Eric (Lil Zane).

But the real shock comes when John is approached by two of Godbeaver's minions, an opossum, and a raccoon who goes by Joey (Michael Rapaport), informing him that their boss aka 'Godfather of the Rodent Mafia' (Richard C. Sarafian) wants to meet him. Upon meeting with the Godbeaver, John agrees to help preserve the forest from being destroyed by arranging a mating between an endangered female Pacific western bear and its male counterpart.

Before dealing with any other problem, Doc has to go to his daughter's birthday party. There, rats that look like they're having a great time jump out of the cake and fly in the air before coming back down again. Dolittle grabs them by their necks and sends them flying out of the window into a bin.

To get to 2100 Green Street, San Francisco, CA 94115, start by taking the freeway or main highway that will bring you into the city. Once you have made your way to San Francisco, turn onto Haight Street and take a left onto Masonic Avenue. Continue along Masonic until you reach Anza Street and make a right-hand turn. Continue for two more blocks until you reach Green Street and make a left-hand turn. 2100 Green Street is located at the end of the block on the corner.

Interview with Irvin scene in Doctor Dolittle 2

Big Bear, CA 92314, United States

The Doc (Eddie Murphy) is very popular and always sets aside time for everyone. He even helps two giant tortoises that are facing issues in their relationship. At this point, he has become so famous that The Crocodile Hunter (Steve Irwin) interviews him.

Steve talks about how to approach an alligator silently and we get to see the alligator explain their strategy. There's a close-up of the gator, followed by a shot of Steve lunging at it and quickly pivoting back, then a black screen with a final gator burp.

To create the scene, the alligator was placed in disguise with leaves and a brown heavy mat. Trainers hovered around it, securing it to the platform with a safety cable, while a water machine above provided comfort during the scene. A trainer stayed off at the side and gently tapped the alligator's side using a long stick, causing it to turn and open its mouth in response.

Visiting Big Bear, CA 92314 in the United States can be enjoyable and simple to experience. Located in Southern California, the easiest way to arrive is by car. From Los Angeles, take Interstate 10 east to Highway 30. The journey should take under two hours if traveling on the interstate and coasting along scenic highways.

The area surrounding Big Bear provides an additional natural beauty that visitors may wish to see, so setting aside a full day will allow for exploring its hills and valleys. Additionally, public transportation services are available from major cities like Los Angeles or San Bernardino. Before travelers get on their way, they also may want to check road conditions in advance of their trip to ensure they have an easy and safe drive!

An audience with the Don scene in Doctor Dolittle 2

100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608, United States

Dr. Dolittle (Eddie Murphy) and Joey the raccoon (Michael Rapaport) head to the forest for a meeting with the animals' union leader, The Boss, or Don, the Godbeaver (Richard C. Sarafian). The opossum (Isaac Hayes) is securely fastened into a child's car seat in the backseat of the car, while Joey sits comfortably in the passenger seat.

When they arrive at their destination, Joey jumps out of the car and follows Dr. Dolittle. During production, a trainer hid in the backseat, while a green screen made it look like they were driving, without actually moving. The trainer released Joey from his seat and it followed Dr. Dolittle into the woods where another trainer retrieved it and rewarded it with a treat.

The Don presents the Doc with a dead fish, which Joey implies should be accepted if offered by the Beaver. This Critter Mafia is run professionally and purposefully; multiple dead fishes have been bought for sustenance purposes and can be seen placed on a log.

100 Universal City Plaza in Universal City served as a Doctor Dolittle 2 film set. Located off the 101 Freeway, between Barham Boulevard and Lankershim Boulevard, it is accessible via Metro Bus 224 from Hollywood or the Metro Red Line stop at Universal City/Studio City.

For those navigating their way from Burbank Airport, take either the 150 or 155 Metro Bus to the nearby Metro Red Line Station and then take the train to Universal City/Studio City. Take a stroll along the picturesque pathways of this lively tourist hotspot, and you'll have no trouble discovering attractions such as movie studio tours, theaters, eateries, stores, entertainment centers, and much more!

Professional advice scene in Doctor Dolittle 2

4730 Crystal Springs Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027, United States

Dr. Dolittle (Eddie Murphy) understands that endangered species need to inhabit the woods to push environmental laws in their favor, the woods being a target for development. Ava (Lisa Kudrow), a beautiful Western Pacific Bear, is living in that area, however, she needs a mate.

If Dr. Dolittle can save her, it's possible to secure the entire habitat. He turns to his friend the Zookeeper for advice. While the Doc presents his problem to the Zookeeper, who is carrying a baby orangutan, they stand near a giraffe (Georgia Engel) enclosure. A young giraffe whispers something in Doc's ear.

This giraffe was 7 weeks old and named Leonard, while the orangutan was 2 years old and called Bam Bam. Both of them were only allowed on set for a limited time, with some scenes being shot against a blue screen. The Doctor Dolittle 2 filming location for those scenes was the former zoo in Griffith Park, Los Angeles.

4730 Crystal Springs Drive in Los Angeles, CA is the address, and it is accessible via Interstate 10 East. Once on I-10 East, take the Crenshaw Blvd exit and merge onto Crenshaw Boulevard. As you're driving south, make a right onto Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard.

After taking this right turn on MLK Jr. Boulevard make a left at W 111th Street and follow the road until it dead ends at Crystal Springs Drive where you will arrive at your destination.


Doctor Dolittle 2 is a humorous and endearing movie about a physician who can communicate with animals, and often hears them passing gas. This charming blend of the 1998 original film and modern Hollywood's fixation with bodily functions will appeal to children, who tend to be particularly interested in these kinds of details.

Eddie Murphy plays a renowned vet who now owns his own clinic, in which he offers 12-step programs for abandoned dogs. At home, his life is just as demanding: his 16-year-old daughter Charisse (Raven-Symone) has started dating, and his wife Lisa (Kristen Wilson) is incredibly understanding of the number of animals they harbor in their house and garden, including a raccoon that comes to call the doctor in case of an emergency.

The movie doesn't demand too much attention and is an uncomplicated role for Murphy, who displays far greater complexity in the Nutty Professor movies (not to mention being a lot funnier). With a PG rating, this movie clearly appeals to a younger demographic, who will likely be attracted to the adorable creatures, amusing storyline, farcical jokes, as well as Dr. Dolittle's extensive description of how a bear's excretory system hibernates during winter.