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San Francisco (USA)

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Dated, Federal Building, Hotel style

About Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry, directed by Don Siegel and released in 1971, stars Clint Eastwood as Detective "Dirty" Harry Callahan, Reni Santoni as his rookie partner Chico Gonzalez, and Andy Robinson as the psychotic killer Scorpio. The movie follows Callahan’s quest to track down and capture the elusive killer responsible for a string of violent murders throughout San Francisco. Along the way, he must confront a mayor intent on maintaining order in the city with any means necessary and his moral code of justice.

Dirty Harry was met with critical acclaim upon its release. It earned $36 million at the box office, becoming one of the highest-grossing films of 1971. In addition to its financial success, it has been lauded for its groundbreaking approach to crime cinema – blending elements of gritty realism with a unique blend of vigilante justice. It also marked Clint Eastwood’s emergence as an international star with his signature portrayal of “Dirty” Harry Callahan. The film earned a 2019 Online Film & Television Association award and an entry into the National Film Registry in 2012.

Since its release, Dirty Harry continues to be one of the most iconic films in American cinema history — often cited as one of the best examples of a “cop thriller” or “action film” ever made. Showcasing Eastwood's remarkable talent as an actor and director, Dirty Harry became an instant classic that has inspired generations of filmmakers working in both genres alike since its release four decades ago.

Dirty Harry Locations

Most scenes in Dirty Harry, Clint Eastwood's 1971 crime thriller, were shot in and around San Francisco. The region's backdrop is truly stunning, with Pacific Ocean views and rolling hills that slope into the city. Alcatraz island – once a notorious federal prison – can be seen from across the bay as a striking landmark in the midst of it all. Other noteworthy locations featured in the film include historic Victorian architecture, scenic parks, and bustling city streets. Viewers who take a trip to these locations will discover just how much San Francisco offers; their journey will lead them back to where Dirty Harry was filmed over forty years ago.

In addition to its beautiful scenery, San Francisco also proved as an excellent filming location due to its vibrant cultural atmosphere – something essential for many of the movie’s pivotal scenes. From cozy cafes in North Beach to swanky nightclubs in Fisherman’s Wharf and Chinatown, plenty of places around town served as the backdrop for some of Dirty Harry’s most memorable moments. A visit to each location would be an eye-opening experience for any fan of classic movies or admirer of a unique culture.

Any trip to San Francisco – whether related explicitly to Dirty Harry or not – is sure to be worthwhile. With its breathtaking coastline views, distinct neighborhoods, and rich history waiting around every corner, this beloved Bay Area metropolis will surely provide visitors with plenty of memories they won't forget!

The swimming pool scene in Dirty Harry

750 Kearny St, San Francisco, CA 94108, USA

The opening scene in Dirty Harry shows us Scorpio (Andy Robinson) aiming his rifle at a young woman (Diana Davidson) swimming in the pool on top of a high rise in San Francisco. We watch as she dives into the water and then suddenly gasps as Scorpio takes aim and fires. The woman sinks to the bottom of the pool, leaving behind two clues that become evident to us only when Harry (Clint Eastwood) bends down over her body.

The rooftop pool used for this scene was originally at 750 Kearny Street in San Francisco, CA 94108, at the Holiday Inn Select Downtown & Spa. Hilton Hotels later rebranded this hotel as the Hilton San Francisco Financial District but has since closed down its rooftop pool. The area around it has become a popular spot for locals and tourists alike due to its proximity to Chinatown, North Beach, and Union Square.

To get to this location from anywhere in San Francisco, you can take any one of their public transportation services, such as BART or MUNI Metro, which will take you directly there. You can also take bus lines F Market & Wharves or 14 Mission, which will drop you off near 750 Kearny Street. From there, it’s just a short walk to the former site of the Holiday Inn Select Downtown & Spa, where Dirty Harry filmed its iconic opening scene.

Hot Mary scene in Dirty Harry

Krausgrill Pl, San Francisco, CA 94133, USA

The Dirty Harry scene where Harry (Clint Eastwood) and Chico (Reni Santoni) follow the suspect in a winding, dark passageway was filmed in the heart of San Francisco at Krausgrill Place, off Filbert Street. It has a seedy atmosphere, with trash on either side of the alley and graffiti on the walls.

The walls are made of brick stained by years of rain and smog, giving off a grimy feeling.

As Harry (Clint Eastwood) peers through a window to watch the suspect with his girlfriend, he sees Hot Mary (Lois Foraker) take a look out of her window.

Just a brisk stroll from Washington Square Park and Sts. Peter Paul Church, Krausgrill Place is an alleyway in the heart of San Francisco's downtown area. Here you will find older establishments that have been around for decades as well as newer additions like boutique stores and art galleries, all within the unique "U" shape of this beloved thoroughfare which stretches between Stockton Street (Krausgrill Place) to Grant Avenue (Medau Place).

To get to this location from the center, take a BART or MUNI, which will bring you into downtown San Francisco where you can easily walk to the Dirty Harry filming location, or take a taxi or Uber to Krausgrill Place.

Scorpio’s Washington Square Park scene in Dirty Harry

Washington Square, Filbert St & Stockton Street, San Francisco, CA 94133, USA

Inspector Harry Callahan's (Clint Eastwood) pursuit of a ruthless sniper in San Francisco is ultimately brought to an apex at Washington Square Park. The scene opens with the looming presence of Saints Peter & Paul Parish Church, setting the stage for the immense tension and drama that will soon ensue.

Directly southeast from this lies George Washington’s monument, around which three children frolic alongside their pup; their movements eventually take them towards Dante Building on Union and Stockton Streets, providing viewers with a riveting visual narrative as they reach closer to resolution.

Situated at 1606 Stockton Street, the Dante Building hosts Scorpio (Andy Robinson), who tears up the Police Department's answer in a newspaper advertisement. He then assembles his rifle and prepares to shoot another victim entering the park from its northeast corner on Filbert and Stockton Streets, but he is startled by an obtrusive helicopter before he can fire off any shots.

Washington Square Park is a San Francisco landmark that has remained unchanged since it was featured in movies more than forty years ago. Even today, the park stays alive with activity all day and night - people enjoying its beautiful scenery marked by Victorian architecture from every direction: North Beach to Telegraph Hill; Russian Hill towards Alcatraz Island; Nob Hill towards Downtown; Chinatown to Coit Tower.

Its rolling hills and many benches are popular attractions for locals and visitors who come here for an unforgettable experience! This destination park houses several structures including an ornate fountain dedicated to Commodore John Drake Sloat, who declared California part of the United States in 1846.

To reach Washington Square Park, take public transportation on Market Street heading northbound or ride share services like Uber/Lyft to North Beach Neighborhood near Columbus Avenue & Union Street intersection. From there, walk on foot (about 0.3 miles) using either Filbert Street or Powell Street until you hit your destination – Washington Square Park!

Ann Mary Deacon‘s body scene in Dirty Harry

Battery Spencer, Conzelman Rd, Sausalito, CA 94965, USA

The scene in the movie is powerful, as Harry (Clint Eastwood) watches on in solemn silence as the body of Ann Mary Deacon (Debralee Scott) is pulled from a foxhole. This heartbreaking moment is an integral part of the story, and it was filmed at Battery Spencer in the Marin Headlands of Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Here, visitors can stand in almost precisely the same spot that Harry did and take in the incredible view of San Francisco Bay and its surrounding area. This impressive lookout point features a steep cliffside that provides spectacular views across San Francisco Bay to downtown San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz Island. The area has also been designated as an American Defense Operations historic district, having played an essential role during both World War II and Cold War periods for coastal defense.

Visitors can take the 130 from San Francisco, Mission St & 5th St to the US-101 Off-Ramp/Sausalito Lateral Rd to get to this Dirty Harry filming location. Then turn left onto Conzelman Road, which leads up to Battery Spencer after passing through a tunnel under Hawk Hill. Alternatively, visitors can catch a bus from downtown San Francisco which stops at Battery Spencer Lookout (Route 76). The lookout is open year-round daily except for certain holidays and fire danger days, so check ahead before visiting.

Kezar stadium haunted scene in Dirty Harry

670 Kezar Dr, San Francisco, CA 94118, USA

The scene at Kezar Stadium in the 1971 movie Dirty Harry serves as a critical chase between the SFPD, led by Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood), and Scorpio (Andy Robinson), and a serial killer terrorizing San Francisco's citizens. The scene is set in the late 20th century when Kezar Stadium was still standing.

The area retains its same track layout and field, making it an excellent location for filming. As police cars and officers swarm the field, Harry and Scorpio come face to face in a moment of tension and suspense. Kezar Stadium has quite an impressive history dating back to 1925 when it opened as the home stadium for San Francisco's professional football team, the 49ers.

Despite being demolished in 1989, due to earthquake safety concerns, a facility with lesser capacity but the same name was rebuilt. Today, Kezar Stadium mainly hosts high school football games and other sports such as soccer and rugby. It is easy to find this iconic location today; Kezar Stadium is next to Park Emergency Hospital on Stanyan Street in San Francisco’s famous Golden Gate Park.

The location is conveniently accessible from Market Street, by taking the bus from Downtown heading towards Ocean Beach or the 7-Haight/Noriega bus from Market Street, which stops at Haight & Stanyan Streets just 2 minutes away from the Park Emergency Hospital building at Stanyan Street. Once there, visitors will be treated to a fantastic view of this historic stadium that has been featured in films like Dirty Harry!

The ransom run at Forest Hill Station scene in Dirty Harry

Laguna Honda Blvd/Forest Hill Sta, San Francisco, CA 94116, USA

The scene in the movie takes place at Forest Hill Station, with Harry (Clint Eastwood) running downhill to enter the station. After he passes through the grey door and climbs up the stairway, he comes across a phone booth which he uses to call his mother. In the background, we can see a house on Magellan Avenue, which gives us an idea of his location. It is quite a picturesque area with plenty of greenery and a quaint atmosphere.

Forest Hill Station was first opened in 1918, one of the oldest subway stations in San Francisco. One scene in ‘Harold and Maude’ was filmed at this exact location back in 1971. The station went through a remodeling process in 1985, but if you look closely enough, you can still make out the archway featured heavily in this scene.

Getting to Forest Hill Station is easy - it’s located along Dewey Blvd. Several bus services are available nearby, as well as free parking for those who prefer driving to this destination. You can also take any BART train to West Portal Station and board MUNI Bus 43, which will take you directly to Forest Hill Station. Once there, you can recreate the famous scene from ‘Dirty Harry’!


Celebrated for its thrilling action sequences and intense storylines, Dirty Harry is hailed as a timeless masterpiece. Eastwood's performance as Dirty Harry was genuinely outstanding, and he played the character with such charisma and rugged charm that made him an instant icon. His performance was lauded among his peers, and many actors mimicked him afterward.

The script and story were well-crafted, combining action-packed sequences with great dialogue and intense moments of suspense. It's no wonder why this film has had such an impact on viewers over the years.

Before 'Dirty Harry,' few movies featured a lone policeman operating outside the law to bring justice to society. This film opened up new possibilities for filmmakers and helped create an entire subgenre focusing on rogue cops and vigilantes who don't follow standard police protocol.

Even after 50 years since its release, this cinematic gem stands out in its genre by blending acclaimed performances with meaningful themes while delivering top-notch entertainment every step of the way.