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Where was Charmed filmed?


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Vancouver, BC Canada

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House, Mansion, School/Colleges, Retro, Studios, Warehouses, Victorian,

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Gothic/Victorian, School, Dilapidated/Neglected

About Charmed

Charmed is a fantasy drama series that follows the lives of three sisters known as The Charmed Ones, the most powerful witches in the world. It’s a reboot of the cult classic of the same name created by Constance M. Burge and aired on The WB from 1998 to 2006.

For those who haven’t seen the newer version or want some refresher, this guide will explore what happened in the Charmed film set by unveiling some scenes from the 2018 TV series (spoiler alert!) We’ll also discover some notable Charmed locations you can visit today, including sites around Vancouver, Canada.

The theme of witches and witchcraft in drama and movies isn’t new. But viewers can’t help but be captivated by this charming tale surrounding the magical world of the trio of great witches. The three sisters you’ll find in the fictional show are Mel (Melonie Diaz), Maggie (Sarah Jeffery), and Macy (Madeleine Mantock).

However, the trio doesn’t realize how powerful they are or their link to the world of magic until the mysterious death of their mother, Marisol (Valerie Cruz). It’s also what leads Macy to meet her sisters for the first time, who don’t know they have an older sibling.

Many strange things occur as Mel and Maggie try to move on with their lives after their mother’s murder. Suddenly, Maggie can read people’s minds, and Mel has the power to freeze time. There’s also Macy, who possesses the ability to move things with her mind. Later, they discover they are witches – “Witches who are destined to save the world from impending doom” – as Harry Greenwood (Rupert Evans) explains.

They also find out that their mother was a witch, a strong one, in fact. She bound their powers when they were born to protect them and let them live normal lives. But she was murdered while trying to unbind her daughters’ powers. Now that they know about their true heritage, they’re left to decide whether to accept it and battle against the forces of evil or live as ordinary people.

Charmed Locations

Unlike the original show, which was set in San Francisco but took place in Los Angeles, the 2018 reboot is based on a fictional town in Michigan called Hilltowne. The central filming location of Charmed is in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and not Michigan, giving it a different feel.

Most of the TV series’ interior scenes were recorded inside the Whites Ironwood Studios in Vancouver. It’s a fully-equipped facility located at 888 SE Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC. Although the interior shots of the fictitious Vera family’s home were filmed inside the studio, you might recognize its exterior as The James & Elizabeth Phillips Residence.

The University of British Columbia also plays a crucial role in creating some of the best scenes in Charmed. It was featured multiple times in the fantasy drama series and used as one of its main recording studios.

Located on the university campus is the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts. It served as The Hilltowne University Graduate Center and can be seen in several scenes in the show’s first season. Parts of the Charmed production also took place in the Chemistry Building, D-Block, Geography Building, and other university areas.

Fun fact:

The Vera Manor’s exterior in the series is the same house used as the exterior of the Beauchamp family home in another witch-centric show, Witches of East End.

Macy and Galvin see the house scene in Charmed

James & Elizabeth Phillips Home

The first time the third sister, Macy, appears in the Pilot episode is three months after Marisol’s passing. She’s walking with Galvin (Ser'Darius Blain) around the neighborhood of Hilltowne, where she just moved into when a house caught her eye.

With a surprised look, she says, “That house,” referring to the Vera Manor, where her mother, whom she never saw, died. You’ll also see an evening shot of the house as Macy and Maggie head out for the night at the beginning of the episode before their mother’s death.

If you think the Vera House looks familiar, that’s because they used the James & Elizabeth Phillips Home for those exterior shots. It’s located at 323 Queens Avenue, situated at the corner of Fourth St. and Queens Ave. in New Westminster, BC, Canada. It’s one of the country’s Historic Places, revered for its association with the early periods of Queen’s Park Victorian-era development.

Visiting the residence will allow you access to other TV shows and movie locations, including the Friendship Gardens & Tipperary Park, just a short walk from the house. There are several bus stops nearby, allowing you to get to the residence quickly and conveniently. You can take bus 105 with a stop at Queen's avenue.

Harry approaches Mel in the hallway scene in Charmed

The University of British Columbia, Chemistry Building

Harry is an essential character in the show, so you’ll see him throughout the series. Interestingly, his first encounter with one of the sisters, Mel, isn’t as pleasant as he probably hoped. In the early parts of the Pilot episode, Mel is hanging posters in the school hallway when Harry, the new chairman of the Women’s Studies Department, approaches her.

Mel doesn’t hide her displeasure with the new head of the department, who replaced her mother. According to her, him replacing her mother is only “the fifth reason she doesn’t like him.” But Harry knows more about her than he’s letting on.

The Chemistry Building provided a setting for this and other scenes in Charmed. It’s one of the buildings at the University of British Columbia, which is one of the key locations in the series, especially in the first season. Whether you’re planning to study here or simply going on a filming tour, UBC offers free and friendly tours for groups and individuals visiting the campus.

The Vancouver campus provides an array of entertainment and sights, from sports, culture, and arts to recreation and natural beauty you can explore. It is home to the Museum of Anthropology, the Pacific Museum of Earth, UBC Botanical Garden, Greenheart Tree Walk, and other attractions, like galleries and even a beach. It’s also a great place to mingle, meet new people, attend events, and many more.

You can get to the university campus by bike, car, or bus, but public transportation is highly recommended. It is cheap, easy, and efficient. The 44, 84, 99, and R4 express buses run directly to the campus, and you can also take your bike on transit.

Lucy accidentally releases a ghost scene in Charmed

Casa Mia Mansion, Vancouver, BC

In an attempt to “find her zen” and some serenity in the season one Kappa Spirit episode, Lucy (Natalie Hall) decides to meditate. While grabbing some candles, she finds a unique candle holder inside the Kappa house and uses it for her meditation. But after lighting the candle and before she even gets deeper into meditation, she accidentally releases the ghost of a former Kappa member, Brenda (McKaley Miller).

Pay close attention to this scene, and you’ll notice a unique feature behind Lucy, which sets the mood of this sequence. If you’re familiar with this den, that’s because it’s been used in numerous shows and movies.

Provided the setting for this scene is the historic Casa Mia mansion in Vancouver. It was built in 1932, boasting eight bedrooms, an outdoor pool, enormous windows, vaulted ceilings, elaborate woodwork, a ballroom, and a well-maintained garden. It celebrated the charm and splendor of Spanish architecture, so it’s not surprising that it’s a beloved filming location for Charmed and other productions.

Today, Casa Mia is expanded and converted into a care home with 90 beds for seniors, including 32 private-pay and 58 publicly-funded beds. However, some of the most cherished features of the property will be preserved, including the elegant main rooms and basement areas.

Maggie visits Parker at the frat house scene in Charmed

Cecil Green Park House, Vancouver, BC

In the Out of Scythe episode of season one, with a glass and a bottle of wine on hand, Maggie visits Parker (Nick Hargrove) at the frat house only to see him injecting himself with a drug in his room. “This is your big secret?” she asks with accusations and disappointment in her voice and then rushes out of the room.

Cecil Green Park House serves as the setting for the Phi Delta Upsilon house used in this scene. It’s a stunning old-world mansion surrounded by lush gardens and set by the sea. It serves as a glorious venue for weddings, meetings, and special events, delivering a flexible space and private setting for different occasions.

It is situated on the University of British Columbia campus, offering an array of impressive facilities for meetings, parties, and personal celebrations. It is accessible via car, taxi, or bus and is within walking distance from major attractions in Vancouver.

Mel and Harry track the Darklighter scene in Charmed

Former Molson Brewery site, Vancouver, BC

Mel and Harry return to the facility in the season two Sudden Death episode, where the Darklighter was keeping the creatures, hoping to get a clue to its location. However, they seem to be “at the dead end,” as Mel points out.

This scene was recorded inside the abandoned Molson Brewery at Burrard St. in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The brewery manufactured beer in the city for decades until it was sold in 2019. It became a famous production location for several shows and films over the years.

However, it will become a site for Quantum Park, an inclusive and vibrant condo development in Vancouver. It is close to several historical landmarks, including the Seaforth Armoury, and is accessible by public transit.

The community workspace scene in Charmed

The Warehouse Studios, Vancouver, BC

The Safe Space episode in the second season takes The Charmed Ones to a different location through a portal. The magical doorway appears when a mysterious hooded assassin attacks them and destroys the Book of Shadows, leaving Harry with the villain.

The sisters end up in what looks like a lair, and behind its door is the SafeSpace Seattle, “the premier communal workspace,” as the tour guide, Swan (Christin Park), describes. It's like any other co-working space, with desks, chairs, and even a café and shop. But nothing seems ordinary in this place, as they find themselves unable to use their powers.

The entire site looks like a massive warehouse. That’s because the building where the filmmakers captured this scene was initially built as a supply warehouse in 1886. Later, it was used as a city hall, jail, and morgue after what’s now known as the Great Vancouver Fire that destroyed the city on June 13 of the same year.

In 1997, the building was restored and structurally upgraded, turning it into The Warehouse Studio. It’s a multi-media recording facility and a spacious photography studio with large loft spaces complete with materials and equipment, like recorders, tape machines, monitors, video displays, and more. It also has rooms for hair and makeup, a large bathroom, workstations, a wardrobe, etc.

You can take a tour and check out the site. It is on Powell St and within walking distance of several shopping areas, stores, and bus stops. Take bus 050 with routes that pass by the studio. But line 019 is usually the cheapest way to get to The Warehouse Studio from Vancouver and takes only eight minutes.


Although the fantasy TV drama about the powerful witch sisters is set in Michigan and features several areas in America, there are only a few scenes that were actually filmed in the U.S. Instead, the locations in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, breathed life into the charming town of Hilltowne. So if you’re ever in the area, drop by the iconic Charmed locations and see where the magic happened.

If you’re on a filming tour, you’ll find that it’s easy to get from one filming location to another. You can start your tour at the University of British Columbia, which was heavily used by the cast and crew to create a series that many people love.

Even if you’re not a fan of the show, you’re sure to enjoy your visit as it’s home to many of the city’s must-visit attractions. Plus, UBC is only 25 minutes from downtown, meaning you can easily explore an array of entertainment, shopping, and top-rated sights.