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About Bushwacked

The comedy movie Bushwhacked was released in 1995 and had great casting with Daniel Stern, Brad Sullivan, Anthony Heald, and Jon Polito starring in the movie. Bushwhacked, first created to be a Home Alone spinoff, features a delivery man who works mainly taking deliveries and packages to rich people.

This location guide for the 1995 movie will contain spoilers. Max Grabelski is a delivery guy who comes face to face with an FBI agent, Palmer, during a delivery that he is doing one night. This happens after a fire starts in the mansion that Max is delivering to. After a confrontation, Max ends up getting away and finds out he accidentally grabbed Palmer’s gun while fleeing. In a news story, Max sees the millionaire he was delivering die in the fire, and Max is a suspect.

Max is left with no idea what to do but is asked to deliver another package to Bragdon, the millionaire from the fire. Max is asked to take the package to Devil’s Peak where Bragdon has a cabin, and he agrees to do so in hopes that it will prove his innocence.

On the way, he is confronted by a man named Jack, a scoutmaster who remembers seeing Max on the news. After putting Jack in his own car and having him drive off as a way to confuse the cops, he steals the man’s car. However, Max is confused about Jack and is tasked with taking a group of scouts into the wilderness. He does so as a way to keep up with his goal of reaching Devil’s Peak.

While in the woods, the scouts build a radio and use it to find out who Max really is. This causes them to knock out Max with sleeping pills and devise a smoke signal to get help. Palmer and Jack both go after Max, but Palmer ends up going after Max alone. After getting Max to a helicopter, he sees Bragdon is still alive, planning to frame Max for his death and escape with money he has laundered.

The scouts ended up following and helping Max when they learn what is going on. As the movie nears its end, a scout’s mother is captured, and both Jack and Max end up being held at gunpoint by Bragdon. One of the scouts saves them, but Max then has to save the scout from falling off the cliff himself. When the movie ends, Palmer and Bragdon have been found out, proving Max is innocent after all.

Bushwacked Locations

The 1995 comedy film Bushwhacked, directed by Greg Beeman and produced by Paul Schiff, Charles Wessler, and Daniel Stern was filmed in areas across Northern California. The two cities used for a majority of filming were Placerville and Foresthill, California. Tahoe National Forest, found in Foresthill, was used for most of the wildness shots that feature Max with the scouts or escaping from Palmer and Bragdon.

Lake Tahoe can be glimpsed in the setting of Bushwhacked and can be visited by fans of the movie today. Another California location that was used for this movie was South Fork American River.

Throughout the movie, Max is in search of the fictional Devil’s Peak, and the real-life location used for this setting was Tahoe National Forest. Fans of the movie who went to get a look at the wilderness that Max and his scout group traverse through can visit this national park in Northern California.

Over the years, this location has been featured in several movies that needed a vast wilderness setting. It is one of the most well-known outdoor locations used in Hollywood.

The mansion fire scene in Bushwhacked

Downtown Placerville, California

One of the first scenes in the 1995 film Bushwhacked shows delivery man Max taking a package to the mansion of a millionaire named Reinhart Bragdon. Max is played by Daniel Stern while Bragdon is played by Anthony Heald. Max is tasked with taking the package late at night but comes across a fire in the mansion. After noticing the fire, he also runs into an FBI agent named Palmer, who corners the delivery man. Max manages to get away, and while doing so he accidentally grabs Palmer’s gun.

The day after the fire Max learns he is wanted for Bragdon’s death and sets out to clear his name. He first calls his boss to find out about other packages for the millionaire.

His boss says, “What the hell's going on? Some guy on TV said you killed somebody!”

Max tells him, “I know, but it's not true. I was set up. I gotta know if there's another package for Timberline Inc., to Reinhart Bragdon.”

The opening scene of the mansion fire, and the following scene of Max talking with his boss, was filmed in Placerville, California.

Confronting the scoutmaster scene in Bushwhacked

Tahoe National Forest, California

After Max learns that he is wanted for the fire and Bragdon’s death, he goes on the run from the cops while trying to clear his name. Early in the movie, he runs into a scoutmaster named Jack Erickson. Jack recognizes Max from the news and wants to take him in. However, Max has different plans.

Max tells the scoutmaster, “Now you are going to pretend to be me.”

Jack tries to get Max to turn himself in and says, “You still have a chance to be a fine young scout!”

Max proceeds to glue the man to the steering wheel of his car. He tells Jack to pretend to be him while driving down the road.

Max tells him, “Keep heading south, and don't stop driving until you get to Mexico and I'm going to be right behind you the whole time.”

Max then steals Jack’s van. Like much of the film, this scene was shot in Tahoe National Forest in California.

Leading the troops scene in Bushwhacked

Loney Meadow Trail, Tahoe National Forest in California

When Max steals Jack’s van, it leads to him being mistaken as a scoutmaster. He leads a troop of scouts into the woods, still needing to get to Devil’s Peak to clear his name.

When talking about their troop leader one of the scouts, Gordy, says, “My mom says the guy who's taking us has hiked all over the world."

Another scout responds by saying, “I'm sure he won't be half as good as the guy me and my dad had on our trip to the Serengeti."

Once the scouts have been led into the wilderness by Max, they end up creating a radio and find out that Max is wanted by the police.

Gordy tells Max they are creating a “crystal-dialed receiver.”

Once the kids have learned Max’s true identity, they set out on a plan to subdue him and contact their original scoutmaster. This scene, and others of the troops in the wilderness, were filmed in the Tahoe National Forest in California.

Scouts to the rescue scene in Bushwhacked

South Fork American River

The scouts follow Max when Palmer takes him, and they come to his rescue when they learn the truth about what is happening. Max ends up falling into the river and is once again saved by the scouts. The river that Max falls into is the South Fork American River found in California.

After this scene, the boys decide they will keep going with Max to Devil’s Peak to help him finish what he started and prove what Bragdon is doing. The group reaches safety and decides to start a fire.

One of the scouts says, “Well guys, we gotta start a fire. Better start looking for pinecones.” He explains that “It says in the manual, whenever your camp is surrounded by greenwood, always use pinecones to start your fire.”

The scenes following Max’s fall into the river were also filmed in California in regions of the Tahoe National Forest. While you are there, be sure to take the time to see some of this beautiful area. Take a hike, go swimming, or do some fishing.

Held at gunpoint scene in Bushwhacked

South Lake Tahoe, California

When Max finally reaches Devil’s Peak he is joined by Jack, who has managed to free himself and follow after the group. Max sees that the mother of one of the scouts, Mrs. Patterson has been captured. Max sets out to set her free, sneaking into the cabin to untie her. However, he has issues getting the knot undone.

Max says, “So, it's not a figure-eight, it's not a butterfly, and it's not a fisherman's.”

Bragdon enters the cabin and says, “It's a clove hitch.” He then adds, “I learned it in the Scouts.”

Bragdon has a gun, and this leads Max and Jack to being held at gunpoint near a cliff. This scene, and many of the final scenes depicting Devil’s Peak, were shot in California near Lake Tahoe.

Just when it seems that Max and Jack are done for, they are saved by a scout. Gordy runs at Bragdon to throw him off the cliff, but the scout ends up falling too.

Saving Gordy scene in Bushwhacked

Lake Tahoe, California

One of the last scenes in Bushwhacked features Max saving the life of Gordy, the scout who pushed Bragdon off the cliff. Gordy fell too but was able to catch himself on a branch. This leaves it up to Max to save him.

Before climbing down Max says, “Hey kid, how's it hanging? Alright, Gordy, I'm coming down to get you.”

Gordy tells him, “No! You don't know what you're doing!”

Max responds with “Of course I do! I'm the Lizard! Remember?” And then manages to pull Gordy to safety.

Once Gordy is safe, the truth comes out about Bragdon and Palmer, who was conspiring to help the millionaire. This clears Max’s name of the crime, and he is even asked to become an official scout leader.

“As for you, Mr. Grabelski. When you took these kids on an overnight, you broke every rule in the book! But, when they got into trouble, you demonstrated the kind of courage, values, and honor, which are the cornerstones of the Ranger Scouts. It gives me great pleasure to present Max Grabelski...with the badge of Ranger Scout Leader,” Max is told.

He is then tasked with taking even more kids on an overnight trip to Yosemite. This final scene was shot in Tahoe National Forest near Lake Tahoe. This lake is one of the most popular lakes in the country and gets millions of visitors every year. No matter what time of year you are there, you can enjoy a walk around the lake.


The comedy film Bushwhacked, starring Daniel Stern, was released in 1995. Greg Beeman directed the movie before he began his work on television movies. Bushwhacked was written by John Jordan, Danny Byers, Tommy Swerdlow, and Michael Goldberg.

When the movie was first written it was going to be a spin-off to the Home Alone movies, but by the time it was released the idea had been changed. Daniel Stern plays Max Grabelski, a delivery man who ends up leading a Boy Scout troop through the woods in order to clear his name of a deadly crime.

Max finds out he is being framed for the death of Reinhart Bragdon, who ends up being very much alive and just wants to make a run for it with all of the money he has laundered over the years. When filming Bushwhacked, a few Northern California locations were used. This included Lake Tahoe, Tahoe National Forest, South Fork American River, and the city of Placerville.