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Where was Bridgerton filmed?


City Locations

London, Bath, and other locations around England

Location Types

Naturescape, Victorian, Castles, Museums, Clubs/Bars, Ship Docks

Location Styles

Castle/Chateau, Gothic/Victorian, Mid-century Modern, Shipping Yard/Dock

About Bridgerton

To sum it up, Bridgerton is all about romance and scandal intertwined with intrigue and an abundance of sultry scenes. Set against the backdrop of what a reimagined 1800s England would look like, the riveting Netflix series brings to life the same-titled collection of novels penned by Julia Quinn.

Will you want a spoiler alert? Or have you seen every minute of this terrific series? Each season of the Regency-era drama focuses on one of the eight Bridgerton siblings. The first cast a spotlight on Daphne Bridgerton, portrayed by Phoebe Dynevor, who earned the Queen's praise upon her debut during the 1813 London social season.

Daphne's elder brother Viscount Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey), who is the subject of the second season, took charge of finding her a befitting suitor. He does a terrible job and drives away most of Daphne’s potential suitors except the most detestable, Baron Berbrooke (Jamie Beamish).

That’s how Daphne and the Duke of Hastings, Basset (Regé-Jean Page), who had recently returned to London following his father's death, ended up striking a deal to fake their courtship.

What started out as a mutually beneficial ruse eventually turned into a full-blown romance, and in true fairytale fashion, the twosome ended up happily ever after. As the first season ended, the loved-up pair welcomed a child.

The second season centers on Anthony and his search for a wife. Being amongst the most eligible bachelors in town, he met several of the season's eligible ladies but none tickled his fancy.

That's until he set eyes on Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley) but as with every other Bridgerton storyline, it wasn't love at first sight. The stars eventually aligned and the pair jumped the broom.

In the background, Lady Whistledon, who narrated the key events of the story and also circulated a tabloid-esque society newsletter, kept everyone up to speed about the scandalous happenings around London. When the second season concluded, her identity was finally revealed.

The fifth Bridgerton sibling, Eloise who is portrayed by Claudia Jessie, figured out that her good friend Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) was the mysterious gossipmonger.

Bridgerton Locations

Bridgerton is a cinematic sight to behold thanks to the great selection of breathtaking filming locations. Principal photography took place in the cities of London and Bath with other spaces around England also featuring in the period drama.

From charming country homes to sprawling major parks; every Bridgerton location combined with the stellar performances and decadent dressing helped transport viewers to the fictional epoch of Regency London.

The 18th-century park grounds found at Painshill near Cobham were used as the setting of most of the garden scenes. Ranger's House, a red-brick Georgian mansion located in Greenwich, served as the Bridgerton family home.

Nestled in the Chiltern hills, the Royal Air Force (RAF) Halton was used to film both the Bridgerton and Fetherington house interior scenes.

Castle Howard, which is familiar to anyone who has watched "Brideshead Revisited" or "The Buccaneers," is also featured in the series. Some creative liberties were also taken, like in the case of filming the Hyde Park scenes at Wilton House and the Hampstead Heath scenes at Somerley.

Plenty of other iconic spaces made a cameo in the Netflix drama, and most are worth a visit if only to see where the magic happened. Before diving into the best scenes in Bridgerton and where they were filmed, it’s important to note that yes, a spoiler alert is also in effect.

Fun fact:

During the first season of the show, the identity of Lady Whistledown largely remained a mystery. Once the credits rolled, fans quickly learned that Julie Andrews, a six-time Golden Globe winner, was responsible for giving the character a voice. While all the show’s cast members filmed their scenes on-location, Andrews recorded Whistledown's voiceovers at a New York studio.

Daphne and Simon hatch a mutually beneficial plan scene in Bridgerton

Holburne Museum of Art

Captured in the premiere episode of the first season titled “Diamonds of the First Water”, the Duke of Hastings proposed a mutually beneficial plan to Daphne. It happened right after Lord Berbrooke made an indecent pass at Daphne and subsequently accosted her.

She retaliated and knocked him flat out, and Simon arrived in time to witness the spectacle. That's also when the two agreed to pretend that they were courting. The ruse is meant to help Daphne attract higher-profile suitors and keep Lady Danbury (Adjoa Andoh) off Simon's back after she persuaded him to join the season.

"We could pretend to form an attachment... every presumptuous mother in town would leave me alone, and every potential suitor would be looking at you," Simon explained.

The events unfolded during the annual Danbury House opening ball, and anyone who is familiar with the city of Bath knows that the Holburne Museum of Art was the setting of that particular scene. The Holburne Museum of Art features gardens to explore and you can take plenty of swoon-worthy photos with the grand façade in the background.

The museum is often one of the pit stops offered on guided city tours but you can as well make your way to the establishment via the Line 228 bus or Line 738 bus.

The Duke of Hastings fastens Daphne's glove scene in Bridgerton

Painshill Park

The second episode of the first season, aptly titled "Shock and Delight" featured a seemingly innocent yet sultry scene between the Duke of Hastings and his future wife. In what appears as an innocent and thoughtful gesture, Simon took care of the buttons on Daphne's lace glove that had come undone. All the while, the two maintained an intensely charged gaze.

Leading up to this electrifying Bridgerton scene, the two were discussing their fake courtship as they leisurely strolled along the promenade. Daphne reminded the Duke of Hastings that if he wanted their plan to succeed he should send expensive roses to her, and if he were really courting her he wouldn't have any problem buying out every florist in town.

To which Simon responded, "if I were truly courting you, I would not need flowers, only need five minutes alone with you in a drawing room." The particular scene was shot at Painshill Park in Cobham.

Painshill Park is accessible via the M25, A3, and J10 when driving or via the Routes 408 or 715 bus. You can also get there from the Cobham & Stoke d’Abernon Station or the Weybridge and Walton-on-Thames Station.

Anthony and the Duke of Hastings at the White's Gentlemen's Club scene in Bridgerton

The Reform Club

The Gentleman's Club serves as an integral location in Bridgerton. It's where the town's men convene to indulge in gambling, imbibe in alcohol, and possibly find some warmth in the company of a "lady of the night." It's also where Anthony and the Duke of Hastings had one of their initial meetups during the first episode of the first season.

Their discussion revolved around Simon's return to London and how the word around town was that he had no plans of ever tying the knot. Anthony questions whether the Duke of Hastings doesn't really want to take his place in society, to which Simon responds that "I have a title, which as far as I'm concerned will end with me."

His statement alluded to the fact that he also didn't desire to ever sire a child. The Reform Club is where the scenes of the gentleman's club were filmed. Founded in 1836, the prestigious member's club benefited the Whigs and Radicals who pledged their support to the 1832 Great Reform Act.

It subsequently served as the Liberal Party's headquarters. Now a politically neutral establishment, you can attend any of the 100-plus events hosted at the club and enjoy other perks by becoming one of its members. Get to The Reform Club via Bus 6, 12, 15, 88, 453, or 14.

Anthony meets Kate scene in Bridgerton

Windsor Great Park

While on his way for an early morning appointment with a lady of the night, unknown to him, Viscount Anthony set his eyes upon a woman who will eventually become his future bride. Galloping along the way, Kate suddenly whizzed by at top speed.

Noticing that she was unchaperoned and in an unexplained rush, he shouted out "Miss are you in trouble?" When she didn’t stop, he proceeded to chase after her and upon realizing she had company, Kate seemed to take delight in it.

When he had nearly caught up, he spotted a significantly tall hedge ahead and called her attention to it. She impressed him by effortlessly clearing it, and after successfully landing on the other side she stopped and they shared an intense gaze.

The scene unfolded in the first episode of the second season titled "Capital R Rake." The grounds and woods at Windsor Great Park served as the backdrop for the Bridgerton action scene.

Perhaps you'll also find your true love while exploring the 4,800 acres of greenery that are open to the public for exploring. Get to Windsor Great Park via the White Bus Service which operates from Windsor to Ascot every Monday to Saturday.

Simon and Will Mondrich's boxing scenes in Bridgerton

Chatham Dockyard

Martins Imhangbe portrayed Will Mondrich, a retired boxer who is also the Duke of Hastings's confidant. He also happens to be the owner of the town's popular Gentleman's club as well as Simon's sparring partner.

The second episode of the first season contained such a scene when Anthony interrupted Simon and Will's boxing session to confront the Duke of Hastings for courting his sister. Anthony asks him to back off because he has promised Daphne to Lord Berbroke. All while exchanging punches, Simon asks, "I was unaware of an engagement. Have the banns been read then?"

Anthony responds that everything is underway but the Duke of Hastings is adamant that Berbroke isn't a decent suitor for Anthony's sister. The historic Chatham Dockyard located in Kent was the backdrop of the boxing saloon.

On the other hand, the show's boxing exhibitions were filmed at the Teddington-based Normansfield Theatre. You can rent out the Dockyard for filming and photography, much like "Call the Midwife" locked it down as a film set. It's also worth a visit to simply take a voyage back to the "Age of Sail" through the vast exhibits and collections on display.

You can make your way to the historic Dockyard via the Thameslink or Southeastern train or the 700, 190, 101, or 1 bus.

Eloise's first encounter with a feminist protest scene in Bridgerton

Wilton's Music Hall

Beyond providing some much-needed comic relief, Eloise as a character embodied what it meant to be a woman in the 1800s. She had fewer opportunities compared to her brothers and didn't really have support for her thirst to broaden her intellect. She is also consumed by trying to unearth the identity of Lady Whistledon and that's how she ends up intertwined with the early markings of the feminist movement.

While still chasing after Whistledown's shadow, she asserts that her rebellion isn't a phase or merely "some party dress" she wears to play a part. Wandering about London investigating the printing house where Lady Whistledown's newsletters originate, she crosses paths with Theo Sharpe.

During their first meeting, in the second episode of the second episode. Theo hands her a pamphlet to attend a Women's Rights gathering put together by like-minded people. Her first encounter with a feminist protest happens at Wilton's Music Hall.

The establishment has been around since the 1690s, and it stands in its original state. Wilton’s hosts about 80 productions and 300 performances annually. Several bus lines can get you to Wilton's Music Hall including the 78, 100, 15, and 25. The TFL RAIL, C2C, Southeastern, and Overground train will also get you there.


There are two seasons of Bridgerton to binge-watch if you haven't already, and another two new seasons are in the works. While waiting for the third and fourth series to premiere, going on a "Bridgerton-inspired" location tour sounds like a great idea.

Whether you are a Londoner or live across the seas, the list of Bridgerton film locations doubles up as a fun vacation itinerary.

Other Bridgerton locations worth including in your itinerary include Castle Howard in Yorkshire where the exterior scenes of Clyvedon Castle were filmed. For reference, Clyvedon Castle was Simon and Daphne's fictional residence.

However, you are out of luck hoping to set your eye on the magical-looking opera house or find the Bridgerton London home covered in ivy and wisteria. Both were spruced up during post-production using Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) applications to give them the enchanted look.