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Blood Song movie cover Movie Locations Guide

Where was Blood Song filmed?


City Locations

Coos Bay, Salem (USA)

Location Types

Motel, Hospital, Riverside

Location Styles

Shipping Yard/Dock, Hotel/Motel Style, Federal Building

About Blood Song

Blood Song, a horror/slasher film, tells the story of Marion (Donna Wilkes), a young woman who is put in the crosshairs of a psychopath after she witnesses his escape from an insane asylum. What makes this situation even more bizarre is that Marion has received a blood transfusion from this killer in the past, making her his next intended target. To further complicate matters, Marion is handicapped and must rely on her parents for protection and guidance. The cast of Blood Song includes some above-average talent including Antoinette Bower as her mother, Richard Jaeckel as her father, and former teen idol Frankie Avalon in a supporting role.

The movie follows the psychological journey of the young girl as she battles with fear and uncertainty in her pursuit to stay alive. With tensions running high throughout, this thriller keeps viewers on their toes with its intense plot twists and rapid-fire action sequences. The relationship between Marion and the killer is especially interesting as they go through ups and downs while trying to understand each other's struggles with identity and mortality.

Despite having limited resources at its disposal, Blood Song manages to deliver an above-average horror experience thanks to its impressive casting choices and gripping narrative. Its unique take on the slasher genre stands out above other films in its field—particularly those released around the same time—making it well worth seeking out for fans of horror thrillers. This underrated gem should not be overlooked by any fan of classic slasher cinema.

Blood Song Locations

Blood Song is a motion picture that was filmed in the autumn of 1980 against the stunning backdrop of Coos Bay and Salem, Oregon. Dense forests, jagged shorelines, and mesmerizing vistas served as an ideal setting for this movie to thrive. Cascade Head, Sand Lake Estuary, Salmon Harbor and Shore Acres State Park are only some of the attractions in proximity to Blood Song's filming locations, captivating audiences worldwide.

Visiting the locations used for this movie would be an incredible experience. There are so many things to explore and take in while on a trip to this area, from the beautiful coastline with its dramatic cliffs and pounding waves to the thick forest with its towering trees. Head inland and imagine quaint towns like Salem, full of historic buildings and bustling shops. Being surrounded by so much natural beauty can be a truly humbling experience that will stay with you long after your visit is over.

The surrounding region also has some interesting cultural attractions for day trips. Visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium which showcases marine life from all over the Pacific Northwest or The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area which is great for camping, off-road driving, and hiking. And if you're looking for some outdoor recreation activities then look no further than South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve where you can enjoy kayaking or fishing along with bird watching or take part in interpretive programs offered by their research center.

So whether you're looking for a vacation spot filled with amazing sights or just want to take a trip back to when Blood Song was filmed, then look no further than these Oregon cities!

Paul in the motel scene in Blood Song

1005 S Broadway, Coos Bay, OR

Paul (Frankie Avalon) manages to hitch a ride with a truck driver. Annoyed by Paul's melodic flute-playing, the driver met an unfortunate demise when Paul hit him in the head with a hatchet. Afterward, he commandeered the vehicle and picked up a hitchhiker on his way to Stanford Bay where they checked into a motel room. The two begin to engage in relations, but Paul strangles her to death after he fails to charm her with his flute-playing. He then proceeds to dismember and mutilate her body, disposing of the remains in various dumpsters around town.

The scene was probably shot in the Southsider Motel in Coos Bay, Oregon as we see this title at the beginning of the scene. If you’re a fan of horror films, you’ll definitely want to check out this classic motel. Although it has gone through extensive renovations, you can still imagine the chills that must have taken place during the filming and hear the eerie music in your mind.

Located on the busy Oregon Coast Highway, this one-story motel is a perfect home away from home. It's close to Mingus Park, Mill Casino, and Coos Historical & Maritime Museum—it’s easy to get there from all of these attractions.

Marion meets her boyfriend scene in Blood Song

125 Central Ave #300, Coos Bay, OR

In the early morning after being traumatized by a nightmare of Paul brutally murdering the woman in the motel, Marion (Donna Wilkes) rushes to her boyfriend for comfort. Her partner advises her to put it out of her mind and distract herself with something else. The conversation takes place on the establishment’s deck while they gaze at their surroundings together.

Located on the stunning Southern Oregon Coast, Coos Bay and North Bend host a variety of activities for visitors and residents alike. As the largest deep-draft port between San Francisco and Puget Sound in Washington State, Coos Bay is an important destination for travelers and trade. This thriving harbor city is home to many exciting attractions. Residents of Coos Bay enjoy the natural beauty literally right outside their doorstep with miles of beach access, coastal trails, and picnic areas throughout the region.

With a car or on foot, you can make your way to the port via Park Avenue. Begin by taking Date Avenue, followed by Telegraph Drive to Park Avenue until N Broadway. You’ll find your destination on the corner of N 2nd St and Central Avenue, after traveling West on the block.

Paul impersonates a doctor scene in Blood Song

2600 Center St NE, Salem, OR

Despite their search for Paul (Frankie Avalon) coming up empty, the police concluded that Marion (Donna Wilkes) was the killer and committed her to a mental facility—which coincidentally is the same place from where Paul had previously escaped. While restrained in a hospital bed, she suddenly wakes up to find none other than Paul standing beside her as if he were a doctor. She immediately shrieks out of fright at this unexpected sight!

The scene was shot in Oregon State Hospital. An intriguing landmark, the hospital has been serving the public since 1883, supplying essential mental health services to those in need. At Oregon State Hospital, visitors can tour the historic Kirkbride building which was constructed over a century ago and is now home to the oldest functioning psychiatric facility on America's west coast.

Step inside the OSH Museum, a volunteer-driven non-profit that offers an exclusive journey into Oregon's past mental health practices. As you explore over 2500 Square Feet of exhibits at your own leisurely pace and participate in interactive displays, you can immerse yourself in this unique experience.

To begin your journey to the hospital, start at the Downtown Transit Center and take bus 05 Lancaster Drive for 8 stops. Afterward, you'll need to walk about 5 minutes heading West on Center St NE towards 23rd St NE before turning left onto Recovery Dr.


Teen idol Frankie Avalon makes a surprising attempt at the slasher film genre with this horror movie. Fans of Avalon's beach party movies are sure to be taken aback by seeing their heart-throb hero wielding axes and burying dismembered corpses.

As an escaped homicidal lunatic, Avalon gives it his all to convey a sense of manic intensity, glowering menacingly at his victims, straining every muscle during a shirtless strangling scene, and obsessively playing a crudely fashioned wooden flute. Donna Wilkes (Angel from Jaws 2) portrays the angst-ridden psychic female lead in an endearing light. Blood Song offers up thrills and frights that genre fans can appreciate. Take a trip to beautiful Oregon and see a few of the scary filming locations of Blood Song.