Black Widow movie cover Movie Locations Guide

Where was Black Widow Filmed?


City Locations

Norway, Budapest, Morocco, Pinewood Studios in England, Atlanta, Macon, and Rome, Georgia.

Location Types

Apartment, Cabin, NatureScapes, Industrial, Police/Jails, Warehouse

Location Styles

Bungalow, Factory/Manufacturing, High Tech/Futuristic, Industrial, Plane/Helicopter Style

About Black Widow

Black Widow is one of the stories of Marvel characters played by Scarlett Johansson. The Black Widow action scenes in this good vs. bad, superhero type of movie have a big story to tell. This is the story of Natasha Romanoff, who we learn so much about in this tale. As is common with so many Marvel movies, this involves other relevant characters but puts the spotlight on this main character.

Learn about the evolution of how Black Widow came to be, and what makes her the character that she is today. This is a spy thriller that really goes in-depth with how she has come to this point in her life. There are things that Natasha has never really dealt with, which she must now face head-on to move forward with her life.

This movie is in the Marvel series and comes after Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Age of Ultron. You start to see how her character evolved and why she is now in the position that she is. You also start to understand why she is such a trusted member of the Avengers as well. Spoiler alert: We will be sharing some quotes and other details about some of the great scenes in this movie.

Black Widow Locations

There are so many scenes and so many locations used to film Black Widow. That’s due in large part to the fact that this is a movie that takes you through various parts of Natasha’s life. You see her go from the modern day back to her childhood, where she was trained to be a killer and given her adoptive family. As this film takes you through the various stages of her life, the locations change quite a bit to keep up with that. So, when you see the flashbacks of Natasha’s childhood, those scenes were shot in various parts of Georgia.

When you see the movie go into the dark parts and the interior scenes where they tell the terror of the villain, Dreykov this takes place at two sound stages. The locations for these include Pinewood Studios, England, and Korda Studios, Hungary. There was an additional location for when Natasha goes into hiding, which is in Norway. Yelena’s mission was shot in Morroco, and you can see the beauty in this part of the film shoot. The reunion of Natasha and Yelena, as well as much of the build-up and fight scenes that they encounter were shot in Budapest, Hungary.

Shostakov escapes from the prison scene in Black Widow

Hankley Common, Tilford Rd, Farnham, UK

Once Natasha and Yelena met up in Budapest, they decided that they were going to get Shostakov out of prison. They knew that this was a difficult task, and that they had to keep a low profile. Both knew that they had to find out the location of the Red Room, and that they were going to need some help to do that. In order to find out this location, they had to go to their adoptive father, Shostakov.

As he was in Seventh Circle Prison, it was necessary for the two ladies to rescue him from here. He knew the location of the Red Room, and he could also offer them additional help. If they wanted to stop Dreykov and kill the Black Widows, then they had to obtain his help and find the Red Room. The location of this was going to be pivotal to their success and to moving forward. The only person who could really help them was Shostakov, and that’s what lead them to this prison escape.

The escape scene where they freed Shostakov from prison was a pivotal one. They tried to keep a low profile and get him free without incident, though that isn’t what happened in the end. This is where Black Widow says, “You made a scene didn’t you?” They used a helicopter to ultimately free him from prison as they set out onto their journey and were reunited with Shostakov.

To get to this awesome scene, take the Southwestern Railway. The park is a massive one so you may have to walk a while once you get to the station. Or rent a car and drive all the way to the park and just walk to the common field.

The conning a con artist scene in Black Widow

Pinewood Studios, Iver, UK

There is so much building up to the Red Room and finding its location as a main theme within the movie. As expected, once Natasha finds her way to the Red Room this is a buildup of so many emotions and so much to combat. It is here that she meets Dreykov, who has been the antagonist the entire time. He is all that is evil, and so this scene played a pivotal role in everything.

Dreykov is the mastermind behind all of the horrible things behind the scenes as the taskmaster. The buildup leading to the meeting of him, and Black Widow is a dramatic one indeed. In this scene, that meeting comes to a head as the two face each other in the Red Room. The way that he treats women is horrible, and you see that come into play here. Initially, she begins to fall into his hands and be controlled by him, but that changes quickly in a change of events.

As he gives details of his devilish plan step by step, it is clear that she wanted this to happen. She clearly gains confidence as he provides these details, and then delivers the quote “Thank you for your cooperation” in response to this. It is clear that she was ahead of him the whole time, and that she took things over, thus leaving him in the dust. This was her plan all along and it is a wonderful end to the tumultuous relationship between Natasha and Dreykov.

Getting to the studio where this scene was shot is easy. Just take the Great Western Railway to the number three bus to the studio or the Elizabeth Line to the number three bus. Another way is to take Heathrow Express to bus seven and then to bus three.

Natasha and Yelena’s reunion scene in Black Widow

Korda Studios, Fejer County, Hungary

This is the ultimate reunion between sisters, but of course, it begins with conflict. Yelena and Natasha were both trained to be killers and yet they went down very different paths. There was much resentment for this on the part of Yelena, as she felt left behind. Natasha went on to meet and make the Avengers her family, while Yelena never was afforded the same luxury.

Yelena sent Red Dust to the Avengers, in hopes that they would come to help her take down the Red Room. So it is through this gesture that Natasha was brought here to the safe house in Budapest. It is upon her arrival that she comes into contact with Yelena, and where a fight ensues upon their meeting. The two battle and after fighting at gunpoint, end up calling a truce. Natasha tells Yelena “I was trying to do something good. Be more than just a trained killer.”

This is a pivotal Black Widow film scene whereby Yelena talks about being left behind. It is also here where she explains to Natasha that the Red Room and Dreykov must be brought down. This is all surprising to Natasha as she was led to believe that this already happened in the past. This starts Natasha down the path of learning about her past and the difficult truths that lie there.

To reach the reunion scene location, jump on the 4210 bus to the 8710 and then switch to the IC950. Or you can take the S10 bus to 762 and then to 760. Another route would be to take the S10 to the S12 and then jump on the 8106.

Natasha saves Yelena’s life with a parachute scene in Black Widow

Cineworks, Pinewood Studios, Pinewood Rd, Iver SL0 0NH, United Kingdom

This is one of the best scenes in the film where so much of the journey and conflict has built up to. This is where the Red Room will finally be destroyed, and it’s an epic and memorable scene. This is also where Natasha shows that she must fight her own battles, as she sends Yelena to freedom so that she may fight Antonia.

This Black Widow film scene starts with Antonia locked in a cell, and Natasha goes to save her. The Red Room is literally blown up into the sky in this unforgettable moment. This is what everyone wanted, but now Natasha knows that she must save Antonia. Though they have been at odds, she also knows that she is the only person who can save her and allow Antonia to have a normal life moving forward. As she saves Yelena, Natasha says “It was real to me too.”

As the explosion of the Red Room takes place, Natasha straps Yelena into a parachute. She sends her onto freedom, knowing that she will forego her own safety in so doing. She gives a nod to her “family” before she sends Yelena on her way. She goes on to battle Antonia on her own as it should be. In so doing, she actually offers Antonia a renewed life, free of her controlling and tortuous father.

Reaching the parachute scene can be done in several different ways. Take the Great Western Railway to the number three bus to the studio. Or, take the Elizabeth Line to the number three bus. Or take Heathrow Express to bus seven and then to bus three. Either way, the location is pretty remote so you will have to walk a bit.

Family dinner scene in Black Widow

Hankley Common, Tilford Rd. Farnham, UK

This was the meeting of the four that were once a family, albeit brought together by strange circumstances. This was a very simple but very poignant scene that had a place of importance in the plot of the movie. This occurred after Shostakov was freed from jail, and the two girls brought him to Melina’s home. This was the first time that the four would meet in this manner since they were torn apart. The quote that sticks with you is “Family. Back together again.”

There is much emotion and conversation between Natasha, Yelena, and Shostakov as he is freed from jail. It’s a bit like catching up on old times, though this was a family put together by Dreykov years ago when the girls were both little. This was the only family that Natasha and Yelena ever knew, and it was therefore a very special bond for both of them.

When they walk into Melina’s farmhouse, it is like a moment stuck in time. This was a simple family dinner but yet it is such an emotional and important scene. It was as if nothing was lost in time, and they picked up where they left off. The bonds and relationships were very real, and you can see that conveyed through this scene.

You will take the Southwestern Railway to get to the park but you will be walking or using a ride-share app to get to the actual location. It is a large park. You could also rent a car and walk to the common area.

Avalanche and aftermath scene in Black Widow

Workshop 112, Pinewood Studios, Pinewood Rd, Iver SL0 0NQ, United Kingdom

Breaking Shostakov out of prison was already a big task, but then things got worse afterward. Both Natasha and Yelena are in combat and fighting for their lives. This is a scene full of action and drama, with the two women having to fight to ensure the freedom of their adoptive father. Just when you think that things can’t get more action-packed, an avalanche happens.

As Yelena is trying to shoot at the prison guards and the people chasing them, she uses a rocket to knock down the tower. This sends prisoners and guards scurrying everywhere, and then the avalanche occurs as this is up in the mountains. Suddenly you see everything going down very quickly, as three “family members” escape to freedom on their helicopter. The scene below with the avalanche is actually fascinating to watch, and it’s an excellent portrayal of good vs. evil. Adding a bit of lighthearted humor to the scene, Yelena says “This would be a cool way to die.”

The scene continues with Natasha and Yelena on the helicopter with Shostakov as they narrowly escape death at the last minute. Once the ladies greet their adoptive father, things aren’t quite so smooth. Yelena punches him and there is a lot of tension as both believe that they were betrayed in their past. This is not quite the warm welcome expected, though Shostakov is very grateful. At the end of the scene, the helicopter crashes and this is when the family dinner occurs shortly thereafter.

To get here, ride the Great Western Railway to the number three bus to the studio. Another route would be to take the Elizabeth Line to the number three bus. Or take Heathrow Express to bus seven to bus three.


If you are a big follower of Marvel movies, then Black Widow is one that you will absolutely want to watch to learn about her character. Even if you aren’t a big fan of this series, this is an action-packed film with a story to tell and you can visit one of these Black Widow locations to really see the background.

You really come to understand and appreciate how Natasha came to be the Black Widow that she is today. You see how she was once trained to be a killer, and she was lucky enough to get out and create a better life for herself. The bond between Yelena and Natasha is a moving one and going through their relationship and evolution is intriguing. There is some humor and plenty of action to keep you on the edge of your seat.