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About Any Which Way You Can

Clint Eastwood shared the spotlight with Sondra Locke, William Smith, Geoffrey Lewis, and Michael Cavanaugh in the 1980 action comedy “Any Which Way You Can.” Directed by Buddy Van Horn, the movie is a sequel to “Every Which Way but Loose.”

Eastwood reprises his role as Philo Beddoe, a retired underground bare-knuckle fighter turned trucker who agrees to wear his boxing gloves again. He initially hangs his gloves after realizing he enjoys the pain inflicted on him more than he should. After bumping into his ex-girlfriend, Lynn Halsey-Taylor (Locke), at his favorite watering hole, they patch things up and move in together.

Philo’s past haunts him when the Black Widows show up in town. The gang has maintained a long-running grudge against him after he destroyed their bikes. He manages to give them the slip several times.

Meanwhile, Jack Wilson (Smith) dominates the underground bare-knuckle scene with his combination of martial arts and boxing. The effectiveness is to his detriment, and his promoters, who have links with the mob, have a tough time booking him gigs. James Beekman (Cavanaugh), one of his handlers, figures he can put together the biggest draw if he convinces Philo to fight Wilson.

Philo isn’t up to it, but Beekman ties his hands by kidnapping Lynn. After finding out what is going on behind the scenes, Wilson helps Philo and his brother Orville (Lewis) to rescue Lynn. The pair then mutually agree to call off their upcoming bout. However, with nagging thoughts of who would have emerged as the victor, they decide to proceed with the brawl.

As the bout continues, Wilson breaks Philo’s arm, but he powers through the pain. The drawn-out brawl ends after Philo eventually knocks out Wilson. Still, Wilson helps his opponent to get to the hospital, and they later have a drink.

Any Which Way You Can Locations

In the summer of 1980, the production unit working on “Any Which Way You Can” set up shop in the Californian communities of Bakersfield, Sun Valley, and North Hollywood. The movie references several locations, and Jackson, Wyoming, is mentioned as the location for Philo and Wilson’s fight.

After their fight, Philo and Wilson have a drink at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. The movie ends with Lynn and Clyde returning to California, where they run into a vengeful cop.

Anyone who has recently sat down to rewatch the classic road picture must have wondered about the filming locations of “Any Which Way You Can.” The movie presents familiar sights, further enriched by the action scenes. Here is a list of some of the film shoot locations and recaps of some of the action comedy’s best scenes.

Fun Facts:

Before moving in with Lynn, Philo lived with his brother, mother (Ruth Gordon, and an orangutan called Clyde. Manis, the ape that initially portrayed the on-screen ape couldn’t return for the second film, He grew significantly since filming the first movie, and Budha took over the role while C.J. did the marketing rounds.

Philo and Wilson have a drink at a bar scene in Any Which Way You Can

Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, 25 North Cache Drive, Jackson, Wyoming

Philo and Wilson become unlikely friends when the latter assists in rescuing Lynn. The pair first met while out jogging and Philo rescued Wilson who fell off a cliff. He later helped Philo fight guys at a bar who didn’t have the best things to say about Lynn.

Both are egoistic, and after initially agreeing to call off the fight, they can’t shake off the lingering thoughts of who would win the bout if they faced off. They come out of it as friends, with Wilson making sure that his wounded opponent receives medical attention needed from a hospital.

Philo’s quotable line captures the situation, “a hand out is what you get from the government, a hand up is what you get from a friend.” Once Philo receives treatment, the duo stop by the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar for a drink.

It is a watering hole that exists in real-life, and you will find the “Any Which Way You Can” location at 25 North Cache Drive in Jackson, Wyoming. The bar, established in 1937, is renowned for its live entertainment and western dancing. The Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse, located underneath the watering hole, serves choice cuts of meat.

The Palomino Nightclub at 6907 Lankershim Boulevard, North Hollywood, is where they filmed the scene where Philo and Lynn reconnect. That is also where Fats Domino’s “Whiskey Heaven” is heard playing followed by Glen Campbell’s top-10 title song track.

The Black Widows save Philo scene in Any Which Way You Can

Snow King Resort Hotel, 400 East Snow King Avenue, Jackson, Wyoming

Despite their rivalry, the Black Widows bank on Philo to win the fight. The bikers stake all their money on him believing that Philo is the better fighter. While in town for the fight, Wilson and several bettors check into a hotel.

In the middle of the fight, the mobsters make an attempt to end Philo’s life. Seeing that he is getting an upper hand, they know that it is in their best interest to stop the brawl in any which way they can.

Fortunately for him, the Black Widows step in to protect their investment. It displayed how the bikers had come a long way since Cholla (John Quade), their leader, said, “though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will chew on Philo Beddoe’s a** for my last supper!”

The Ramada Snow King Inn, now known as the Snow King Resort Hotel, is where the “Any Which Way You Can” production unit filmed the hotel scenes. At 400 East Snow King Avenue, the Resort is a 20-minute drive from the Jackson Wyoming Airport.

The hotel offers breathtaking views of the nearby Teton Mountain Range. Its proximity to the Yellowstone National Parks equally makes it a popular destination.

Philo’s one-handed knockout scene in Any Which Way You Can

Jackson Town Square, Jackson, Wyoming

Wilson and Philo’s fight isn’t a regular one by any means, with the two fighters experiencing personal reflections and also mutually admiring each other’s skills. Still, Wilson breaks Philo’s arm and extends an offer to end the brawl.

Wilson tells him, “you’re fast and you like pain. You eat it like candy…the more they get hurt, the more dangerous they become.

They continue the fight, and it stretches out for quite some time. Working with one hand to his benefit, Philo manages to eventually knock out Wilson long enough to win the bout.

The Jackson Town Square provided the setting for the final fight scene. Also known as the George Washington Memorial Park, is one of Jackson’s main attractions. In the summer, historic walking tours starting from the Town Square are organized by the Jackson Historical Society & Museum.

In the winter, the Town Square transforms into an ice skating rink. In a unique twist, Santa drops by after Thanksgiving to reward the town’s deserving tots. Navigate your way to the “Any Which Way You Can” filming location via bus 9 or 7R.

The Black Widows place a hit on Beekman scene in Any Which Way You Can

California Living Museum, Bakersfield, California

Beekman ends up with the short end of the stick, first after his attempts to rig the fight in Wilson’s favor fail. Having won them their big bet, the Black Widows declare a truce with Philo.

However, it isn’t the same case with the bikers who remind Beekman that he owes them “70 cents on the dollar.” When he can’t pay up, they place a hit on him.

This is another “Any Which Way You Can” scene without a clearly defined filming scene. However, the production team also shot some scenes at the California Living Museum. At 14000 Alfred Harrell Highway, CALM is a zoo that houses animals and plants native to California.

The zoo offers five event areas for rent. Their Wedding Gazebo is aptly set up next to the Raptor exhibit. Some of their other fascinating attractions include the Birds of Prey Exhibit, the deer yard, and the underground reptile house. Bus 22, 82, or 45 can get you to the Living Museum.

Clyde stripping cars scene in Any Which Way You Can

Pacoima, San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles

Clyde is given his share of screen time, compared to his depiction in the first film. The alcoholic-ape takes a hands-on approach to most things and his favorite pastime is demolishing items. Another recurring gag sees him persistently taking dumps in squad cars.

When Orville tells Philo that Joran offered them $200 to scrap a Mercedes for him, Philo delivers a hilarious response. “Great. Clyde? Scrap the Merc.” Clyde also has a more defined persona and a rather amorous one for that matter.

Manis portrayed the beloved on-screen ape in the first film but couldn’t return to film the second installment because he grew too large. He had also gotten aggressive and that wouldn’t have made him the happiest camper on the “Any Which Way You Can” film set.

The production team sourced a replacement from Gentle Jungle who provided Buddha. After filming wrapped up, C.J. took over the role to drum up publicity.

Filming also took place around the San Fernando Valley. If you find yourself in the Valley, consider exploring Universal Studios, touring the North Hollywood Arts District, or bowling on Ventura Boulevard.

Philo and Lynn pulled over in Any Which Way You Can

U.S. Route101 & Interstate 405, California

With the fight done and dusted, Philo and Lynn return to California. Just when they have arrived back in town, a cop pulls them over.

It happens to be the cop who attended the brawl and lost money by betting against the champion. He promises to make the duo’s lives a living hell with endless punishments and harassment. Lynn calls out one of the film’s famous recurring lines, “right turn Clyde.” Philo runs the cop over and they drive away.

Though not clearly detailed in the IMDB “Any Which Way You Can” filming locations list, the scene was probably filmed around U.S. Route 101 or Interstate 405. I-405 is famously where the O.J. Simpson chase took place in 1994.


If you find yourself in any of the “Any Which Way You Can” locations, make the most out of it by visiting as many of the filming spots as you can. IMDB also lists New York City as a location where the production team filmed scenes.

While the Jackson Hole Airport in Wyoming served as the setting for the exterior shots, the scenes of the jet leaving the airport were filmed in California. The biker gang is referred to as the Black Widows of Pacoima, which is a real-life district in the San Fernando Valley.

The fight scene starts off with Philo being thrown into a restaurant which as per IMDB is Anthony’s Italian in Jackson. The dining establishment closed down after the bank foreclosed on the property. It later reopened with the props and set dressing laid out by the production company intact.