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Where was Angel and the Badman filmed?


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Sedona, Arizona

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American, Cabins, NatureScapes, Ranch,

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Cabin, Desert, Ranch Style

About Angel and the Badman

John Wayne plays a feared gunslinger on the run from the law. Gail Russell is a beautiful, compassionate woman who believes she can save him from a life of violence. And one of “Wayne’s Regulars”, Bruce Cabot, is the bad guy who ensures that violence just keeps on following the poor Duke around. That’s just a quick summary of what you can expect in Angel and the Badman, a 1947 western that was also produced by Wayne.

The film tells the story of Quirt Evans (Wayne), a feared gunman known for his violent ways and his skills as a gunslinger. But when the wounded, fleeing Evans seeks refuge on a Quaker family’s farm, little does he know that his life is about to be changed forever.

The farm is run by Thomas Worth (John Halloran) and his daughter Penny (Russell), and Penny takes great care in nursing Quirt back to full health. As she does, she explains to him her family’s belief in living a peaceful life and how violence only ever brings trouble.

Though skeptical at first, Quirt is soon swayed by Penny’s impassioned arguments — maybe there’s a better life out there for him as a law-abiding, peaceful citizen. And maybe it’s a life he can share with Penny, as it soon becomes clear that these strangers from different worlds are falling madly in love.

But escaping his violent past is going to be easier said than done. When Laredo Stevens (Cabot) and Hondo Jeffries (Louis Faust) track Quirt down, Laredo offers to buy Quirt’s land claim for $5,000. Quirt wants $20,000 for the claim, but Laredo refuses to stump up the extra cash — if he’s man enough, Quirt will have to come and get it for himself.

Penny begs Quirt to stay away from Laredo and at first, he acquiesces, but his past life just seems to keep on catching up with him. He wants to start a new life together with Penny, but Laredo and Hondo have other ideas. Can Quirt put his violent ways behind him and turn over a new leaf for the woman he loves?

Angel and the Badman is a memorable western featuring John Wayne at his finest. Even better, you can check out several Angel and the Badman locations for yourself if you want to walk the same terrain that the Duke himself once did. Keep reading for details of where some of the best scenes in Angel and the Badman were filmed.

Angel and the Badman Locations

Would you like to visit the Angel and the Badman filming location for yourself? If so, you’ll want to make a beeline for Arizona, which is where most of the production was shot.

Specifically, the desert town of Sedona, which is located about 30 miles south of Flagstaff, was chosen as the setting for Angel and the Badman. A western street set was specifically constructed for this movie near Coffee Pot Rock, a striking red rock formation that’s well worth visiting and photographing.

A telegraph office that appears in the film is still located in Sedona, but not at its original site near Coffee Pot Rock. Instead, you’ll find it at the Sedona Heritage Museum, where it’s ideally located for a photo or two.

Other significant rock formations in the Sedona area are also featured in Angel and the Badman, including Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock. However, not all of the landscape scenes were shot in Sedona, as eagle-eyed viewers will also spot a staple of many westerns, Monument Valley, featured early in the film.

Fun fact:

Clips from this movie also feature as flashback scenes in the Duke’s last film, The Shootist.

Opening scene in Angel and the Badman

Monument Valley, Oljato-Monument Valley, AZ

As the opening credits roll in Angel and the Badman, we see Quirt unleash a volley of shots at unknown assailants and then race to his horse. Climbing into the saddle, he fires another shot and spurs his horse into action.

As the horse gallops away, we see roughly 10 attackers, also on horseback, set off in hot pursuit. What follows is a high-speed chase through the harsh desert, with a host of striking red rock formations stretching to the sky in the background.

Eventually, Quirt arrives at the Worth farm, where his horse collapses from exhaustion. Thomas Worth approaches Quirt and grabs the horse’s reins, but Quirt pulls his gun. “Gimme that horse,” he growls, but the farmer shakes his head.

“He couldn’t go on, nor could you,” Thomas says. “You’re injured, man. Let us take you in the house.”

While the setting of the farm is in the Sedona area, the opening horse chase scene is the famous Monument Valley near the Arizona-Utah border. It’s featured in a host of famous flicks over the years, including everything from Stagecoach to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Laredo arrives in town scene in Angel and the Badman

Sedona Heritage Museum, Sedona, AZ

Holed up on a farm and recovering from his injuries, Quirt has enjoyed a peaceful time of it. But that peace is soon to be shattered, as we see Laredo and his cronies striding through town looking for Quirt.

Entering the telegraph office, Laredo holds a pair of Quirt’s saddlebags and says he wants to return them to him. The man in the office is at first happy to help, but when he realizes he’s talking to the feared Laredo, he tries to backpedal, but Laredo is not a man who takes no for an answer.

“Where is Quirt Evans?” he demands. The man claims not to know Quirt, but Laredo doesn’t buy it for a second. “You’ve been bragging all over town what good friends you two are,” he says.

This Angel and the Badman location was initially located on the Sedona western set near Coffee Pot Rock, but today you can find this old telegraph office at the Sedona Heritage Museum. The museum is found at 735 Jordan Road, less than a mile north of the town center.

Quirt returns to the farm scene in Angel and the Badman

Courthouse Loop South Trailhead, Sedona, AZ

Changing your ways ain’t easy, and neither is living up to Penny’s lofty expectations. So, when Quirt feels like he’ll never be good enough for Penny, he leaves the farm, pulls a heist with his old buddy Randy (Lee Dixon), and celebrates with his old flame Lila (Joan Barton).

But Lila doesn’t realize he’s a changed man. “That’s something I thought I’d never see — a Bible with your name on it.” Furious, Quirt rides with haste back to the Worth farm, where Penny is thrilled to see him approaching. “Want a boarder for a while?” Quirt asks.

This scene was shot in the Sedona area in Arizona. As Quirt’s horse races towards the farm, you can clearly see the rock formations of Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock in the background.


If you’re expecting John Wayne at his gunslinging, six-shooting best, this probably isn’t the movie for you. Despite his history as a quick-draw killer, Quirt’s romance with Penny means we don’t get to see him riddling bad guys with bullet holes left, right, and center.

Despite this, Angel and the Badman is still a highly enjoyable watch for any keen western fan. Wayne and Russell are excellently cast in the lead roles, and there’s plenty of spectacular desert scenery to enjoy along the way. Happily, if you want to get out and explore some of that gorgeous scenery for yourself, you can. So, what are you waiting for? Saddle up and check it out today.