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Where was 50 First Dates filmed?


City Locations

Kaneohe Bay, Sea Life Park, Waimanalo, Halona Blowhole, Hanauma Bay, Dillingham Ranch, Waialua, Kualoa Ranch, Kaʻaʻawa Valley, He'eia Kea Boat Harbor, Oahu, Hawaii

Location Types

American, Beach/ Oceanview, Cabins, NatureScapes, Retro, Diners, Hospitals, Restaurant, Studio

Location Styles

Beach House, Beachfront, Boat Style, Modern Car, Classic Truck, Pick-up, Sail, Dock

About 50 First Dates

50 First Dates is a romantic comedy (romcom) released in 2004 by Peter Segal. The film follows the story of womanizing marine veterinarian Henry Roth (Adam Sandler), who falls in love with a local Hawaiian girl, art teacher Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore). They meet at a local diner, where he stops for breakfast. Henry introduces himself to Lucy, and they talk, eventually agreeing to meet at the restaurant for breakfast again the next day. However, when Henry comes over to speak to Lucy, she freaks out, creates a scene, and starts screaming for help, claiming she doesn't know Henry and has never met him earlier.

The diner's owner explains to Henry that Lucy suffered an accident and has short-term memory loss. The fictitious Goldfield's Syndrome (with symptoms similar to/ based on clinical anterograde amnesia) makes her forget and 'resets' her day when she sleeps. Essentially, Lucy Whitmore has been living the same day again and again for more than a year.

Hearing this, Henry, with the help of his friend Ula (Rob Schneider), Lucy's father, Marlin Whitmore (Blake Clark), her brother Doug Whitmore (Sean Astin), and others, set out to get Lucy better each day. Henry devises a way to ensure Lucy understands what is happening to her daily, so no one must pretend, and she can slowly move forward with her life (even though her memory might never return). He does this lovingly and also stops womanizing since he realizes Lucy is his one true love.

What follows is a comedy of errors, with incredibly poignant scenes, some raunchy ones, plenty of laughs, and lots of love.

50 First Dates Locations

Most of the shooting of 50 First Dates was shot on-site at Oahu in Hawaii. Many people mistakenly assume everything is filmed in Hawaii. Some film scenes were also shot on set in California, with the majority of them being on the island state.

Many filming locations used in 50 First Dates are popular with production teams. They have been used in other TV series and movies like Magnum PI, Lost, Jurassic Park, Jumanji, Jurassic World, Hawaii Five-O, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

The locations in this movie add authenticity to the film with its storyline, characters' professions, hobbies, and habits. The 50 First Dates production team has done a fantastic job recreating many of this movie's scenes yet making them look like audiences have never seen these locations before.

Teaser: Out of all the locations in the film, the diner (Hukilau Café) where Lucy and Henry meet for the first time was redeveloped. However, the new breakfast diner looks nothing like the earlier one with its wooden beams, ceilings, and flooring. Visitors can go and see the place and try their peanut butter cups and spam! There are also several other options on their menu, and many movie fans stop here for a quick bite on their way to multiple locations.

Fun fact:

Did you know Adam Sandler has reworked parts of the original script? In fact, the diner scenes where Lucy and Henry meet for the first time and keep meeting till he starts falling for her are all rewritten by Sandler. Initially, all the memory scenes were supposed to be in the diner. Still, Director Peter Segal felt it best to not make them claustrophobic and moved the remaining locations to Kualoa Ranch. Adam Sandler was also instrumental in turning the genre of the movie from drama to a rom-com.

Henry working with the marine animals scene in 50 First Dates

Sea Life Park, Waimanalo

Henry working with the marine animals scene in 50 First Dates

Henry Roth (Adam Sandler) is chilling and relaxing with his friend Ula (Rob Schneider) and Ula's five children. While they are goofing around and joking, Alexa (Lusia Strus), Henry's assistant, runs in and yells, "Henry! Come quickly! It's Jocko!" Since Henry is a marine veterinarian, he immediately runs to the aid of Jocko, the walrus. He gets his medical aid kit and runs with Alexa to see Jocko.

Henry instantly realizes that Jocko is suffering from flatulence. Still, he tries to get revenge on Alexa (since she keeps eating his roast beef sandwiches). So he makes Alexa run around, telling her to check the temperature of the water and get inside the barrel of fish to find two perfect ones. He then orders Alexa, "I need your face right next to his mouth to see if he's breathing." When Henry presses Jocko's tummy to get him to burp, Jocko vomits all over Alexa instead!

This hilarious vomit-disaster tops all the funny scenes in 50 First Dates! This site is one of the most popular 50 First Dates filming locations. The gorgeous Sea Life Park is a trendy tourist destination and is known for more than its animals. Many visitors come for the great oceanic foreground and the vast mountainous backdrops. To get here, hop onto bus number 69 and get off at the Sea Life Park stop.

Henry is knocked unconscious during golf and starts dreaming scene in 50 First Dates

Halona Blowhole, Hanauma Bay, Oahu

Henry is knocked unconscious during golf and starts dreaming scene in 50 First Dates

Henry and Ula play golf at the Hawaii Kai Golf Course with Ula's children when Ula goofs up his swing and tears open his stitches. As he's complaining to Henry, Ula's five children come forward and execute perfect swings that land the golf balls flawlessly on the green. While they're cheering, Ula tries to set Henry up with a tax attorney on vacation to Hawaii. Instead, Henry turns Ula down and decides to take his swing. Suddenly, he's knocked unconscious (because the gold ball hits him in the head after ricocheting off the cart).

In the dream, he meets Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore) near the shore. He asks her, "Oh My God! What are you doing here?" She responds very saucily, "The same thing you're doing. Looking for my ball." Hearing this, he replies, "This is weird. I've been thinking about you all morning, all day. Can't wait to have breakfast with you again."

For this gorgeous (yet slightly steamy) scene, the 50 First Dates production team decided to shoot at the popular Halona Blowhole, within walking distance from the Hawaii Kai Golf Course. To get here, catch bus number 23, and get off at the Kealahou St + Kalanianaole Hwy stop. You can walk along the beach for 1 mile to reach the Halona Blowhole on your left.

Lucy and her father crash into a tree while getting pineapples for his birthday scene in 50 First Dates

Dillingham Ranch, Waialua, Oahu

Lucy and her father crash into a tree while getting pineapples for his birthday scene in 50 First Dates

Lucy creates a ruckus in the breakfast diner, thinking that Henry is a stranger. She gets distraught and calls out for help. Henry doesn't understand why Lucy behaves like she has met him for the first time. Sue (Amy Hill), the manager of the breakfast diner and Lucy's mother's best friend, pulls Henry aside and tells him how Lucy lost her memory.

Sue tells him, "Lucy is a very special person. Very different from other people. About a year ago, Lucy was in a terrible car accident. She and her father went up North Shore to get a pineapple." While they were returning, a cow came onto the road. Her father tried to save it and ended up skidding the car, which crashed into a tree. Sue continues, "Her father broke some ribs, but Lucy suffered a serious head injury. She lost her short-term memory."

Out of all the 50 First Dates action scenes, this flashback one is the most memorable (pun intended!) for audiences because it explains Lucy's backstory. Visitors cannot travel to the location at Dillingham Ranch via public transport and will have to drive. To get there, follow I-H-2 N to State Hwy 930. Once there, follow the road signs to Dillingham Ranch (approximately a 4-minute drive from the exit).

Lucy at home with her father and brother scene in 50 First Dates

Waikane at Kaneohe Bay, Oahu

Lucy at home with her father and brother scene in 50 First Dates

Lucy Whitmore comes home to celebrate her father Marlin's (Blake Clark's) birthday with her older brother Doug (Sean Astin). Her father and brother have to enact Marlin's birthday every day since Lucy doesn't know she is reliving the same day repeatedly. She tells Marlin, "Happy birthday! You should watch the Vikings game while I'm painting."

Marlin smiles at his daughter, goes into the main house, takes out a video cassette recording of the Vikings game from October 13th of the earlier year, and plays it while Doug continues to exercise. As soon as they hear Lucy, they put the game on again. Doug bets Lucy about the game's outcome and tells her that the loser does the dishes. Since he has seen the game many times, Lucy loses and goes to do the dishes while Marlin throws a drink can at Doug for taking advantage of his sister's illness.

The fictitious Whitmore family home is at Waikane at Kaneohe Bay. Visitors can get to the house at Waikane but are not permitted to enter as it is a private residence. However, they can click photographs and see the eastern coastal scenery. To get to this filming location of 50 First Dates, it is best to catch bus number 60, get off at Kamehameha Hwy + Waiahole Valley Rd, and walk for 4 minutes towards the sea.

Henry tries to remind Lucy who he is (repeatedly) scene in 50 First Dates

Kualoa Ranch, Kaʻaʻawa Valley, Oahu

Henry tries to remind Lucy who he is (repeatedly) scene in 50 First Dates

Henry tries to get Lucy to remember him each day (since she has short-term memory loss), and he always gets her to talk to him. One time, he pretends his car is stalled, stops her, and asks her help in jump-starting his car. He says, "Sorry to trouble you, I'm kinda stuck. You mind giving me a jump?" Another time, he pretends to be a road worker and stops her in the rain, saying, "Hi, sorry for the delay. Should be a few minutes." When she responds positively, he asks, "Where are you coming from? Breakfast?" and they get talking again.

He tries his best to find ways to meet her, including getting beaten up by his friend Ula (who Lucy beats up instead!) This continues each day till Henry decides to switch things up and make a video recording for Lucy telling her about the accident.

Adam Sandler reminding Drew Barrymore repeatedly makes for one of the best scenes in 50 First Dates. While the scene and dialogues might keep changing, the location of Kualoa Ranch in the picturesque Kaʻaʻawa Valley remains the same. This location was also used to shoot Jurassic Park, Jumanji, and Jurassic World. Like the stop to Waikane, visitors can use the same bus (number 60), get off earlier at Kamehameha Hwy + Kualoa Ranch, and walk for a minute to reach the location.

Henry's boat is docked while he says goodbye to his friends scene in 50 First Dates

He'eia Kea Boat Harbor

Henry's boat is docked while he says goodbye to his friends scene in 50 First Dates

In this scene, Henry Roth is finally going on a trip with his boat, Sea Serpent, to Bristol Bay to study and complete his research on walruses. He is standing in front of the boat and saying goodbye to his friend Ula, Ula's five highly athletically talented children, and Alexa (Lusia Strus), his assistant.

Henry puts the last of his things on the boat and walks off the ramp saying, "Okay, you guys, Thanks for coming to say goodbye." One of Ula's daughters says, "Be careful." Henry smiles at her and says, "You guys, just make sure your father doesn't get eaten by a shark." The five kids nod in agreement, and Ula says something profound in Hawaiian. Once he's done, Henry asks him what he said, and Ula replies, "Bring me back a t-shirt."

While not the most notable 50 First Dates film scene, the shooting of this revamped (finally!) boat is at the He'eia Kea Boat Harbor. The harbor is open to the public, and visitors can also enquire about renting boats for a day trip. Like many other locations, the number 60 bus also stops at the Kamehameha Hwy + He'eia Kea Boat Harbor stop.


50 First Dates was an enjoyable experience for many viewers, not only because of the romance and comedy but because it dealt with human emotions and sentiments surrounding a deadly mental condition. Short-term memory loss can be pretty traumatic to everyone (not just the person afflicted), and this movie beautifully explained all sides of the story.

Keeping the storylines aside, all the 50 First Dates locations were picture-perfect! Each of these destinations is like a backdrop for a romantic proposal. Each scene shows viewers the beauty of Oahu and its people. Everything from the customs and traditions to the roads, mountains, greenery, rains, stunning ocean vistas, and of course, the welcoming hospitality of the Hawaiian people.

50 First Dates, with its gorgeous scenery, marine animals (Hello, Jocko!), and star cast, is a fun watch for audiences who love a weekend afternoon movie while it rains outside. Get the popcorn, coffee, and blanket ready. Here come Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler!