Alright, so time has come to clean some of your lenses and you’ve just been putting it off. No more! You’ll see it’s easy to clean lenses, so learn what you need to do once and have that part of your life handled!

You might notice from the photos in this post that there's a UV filter on my lens. You can clean the UV filter just as if it was the lens itself, or you can remove it and clean the lens directly. Just clean whichever is dirty!

What Product to Use to Clean My Lenses?

Here’s a $15-ish kit I like to use to clean my lenses and dust off my camera body. It has all you’ll need: dust blower, brushes, microfiber cloths, sensor cleaner liquid.

There are many more similar cleaning kits like that available out there, so feel free to choose something different.

How to Clean Your Camera Lenses

Step 1: Blow

Blowing dust off lens

The first and easiest step. Use a dust blower to blow dust off of the lens surface. This step you can do all the time, like every time you're about to shoot for example.

Step 2: Brush

Brushing away dust

You can use a soft brush, which comes with lens cleaning kits, to brush all the surfaces of your lens. Do that if using the dust blower was not enough to remove all the dust.

You can also use the brush to brush off dust from all surfaces of the lens, not just the glass.

Step 3: Dry Wipe

Wiping lens glass with microfiber cloth

If gently brushing the glass surfaces was not enough, you can wipe them with a clean microfiber cloth.

Step 4: Wet Wipe

Using lens cleaner on microfiber cloth

If the dry microfiber wasn't enough, spray a little bit of sensor cleaner onto the microfiber and then wipe the lens' glass surfaces gently, from the center out.

Bonus Extra Tip: Replace Microfiber Cloths

Don’t re-use the same microfiber cloth forever, as the dust it helped removed is stuck in the cloth and over time that will make the cloth less than ideal to use. Buy new ones once you feel like you’ve used the ones you have a few times already.