Texture Preview

How it works

  • ◉ You can play with the settings to get different effects for the final texture. Click on the texture preview to get another random variation using the selected settings.
  • ◉ You can choose the size in pixels for the long edge. You can either choose for it to cover your entire image size, or you can export a smaller texture and tile it since these textures are seamless. The maximum size currently is 10,000 pixels.
  • ◉ Cloud textures can be useful to add abstract texture to backgrounds in your photos. Just add them as a new layer, set the blend mode of the cloud texture layer to something like Screen, and then reduce the opacity and mask out where you don't want the texture to apply. Don't hesitate to also tweak the texture in Photoshop by blurring it up.
  • ◉ These cloud textures are not meant to look exactly like clouds in the sky look like, more like abstract fluffiness to add this extra touch of detail to your photographs.