Top 10 Fashion Photographers in New York, NY

As one of the "Big Four" fashion capitals of the world, New York City pulsates with style. It proudly hosts the renowned New York Fashion Week twice a year and serves as the home base for numerous esteemed fashion houses and designers.

The city's streets transform into a vibrant runway as both residents and visitors showcase the latest trends. This energetic atmosphere has fostered a multitude of talented fashion photographers whose skill captures the essence of NYC's unique style.

By exploring our curated list of the top fashion photographers in New York, you not only get a glimpse into the city's dynamic fashion landscape but also discover the creative minds that breathe life into its fashion narratives.

Lara Jade

Embracing the surge of digital techniques and social media, Lara Jade began her journey in the realm of photography at the tender age of fourteen. Today, she is renowned for her timeless and emotive imagery that draws inspiration from feminine strength, unique beauty, and enduring style.

Residing in New York, Jade travels extensively for assignments across the US and UK. Her distinguished clientele showcases luxury brands like Air France, Amazon, Estée Lauder, and Vogue among others.


Exploring black history, femininity, and queer identities, Nafisah Crumity gains inspiration to seamlessly weave her cultural heritage into her art.

Nafisah's focus lies in bringing out the unique personalities within each garment, crafting a compelling narrative through the harmonious interplay of body form and clothing movement. With a background in psychology and ongoing studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology, she adeptly connects with her subjects, ensuring their comfort and authenticity radiate.

Folajimi Famosaya

Folajimi Famosaya is a seasoned photographer and director with a knack for telling authentic brand stories through captivating imagery and video. With over seven years of experience in the industry, he has worked with renowned brands like Sephora, Puma, Reebok, and Spotify, among others.

Famosaya is not only known for his skills in digital photography and video production but also for his unique approach to content strategy. He believes in creating an entire experience, not just a photoshoot, making his subjects shine both on camera and in edits.

David Walker

Drawing inspiration from the counter-cultures of his youth, David Walker collaborates with models and designers who challenge societal norms.

Renowned for his edgy and boundary-pushing work, Walker boasts a portfolio full of collaborations with high-profile brands and magazines such as the New York Times, Phlemuns, Paper Machine, Off The Rails Magazine, Arsenic, and Cake Magazine. His distinct style is not limited to behind the lens; he often takes on the creative direction and styling of his shoots.

Monika Lis

With roots in landscape and travel photography, Monika Lis has seamlessly transitioned into capturing the unique beauty and the confidence of women through her lens. Her passion for travel lends an exceptional quality to her images, often employing natural light and scenic backdrops.

Lis' work goes beyond mere picture-taking; she creates visual representations of brands and showcases products in their best light. Her portfolio includes impressive publications in Harper's Bazaar, L'Officiel, Glamour, Elle, and Marie Claire.

Adrianna Favero

A California native now residing in Brooklyn, Adrianna Favero has an intimate, sensual, and romantic style, aiming to reflect a more equitable world in her images. Her unique approach is not only about capturing pictures but also about building stories and creating memorable experiences.

With an impressive portfolio featuring prestigious clients like Givenchy Beauty, Forbes, and Marie Claire, Favero’s photography extends across borders, offering her talent globally. Her team consists of industry professionals who aid in creating impactful images that embody brand identities.

Thru Abbey’s Lens

A recent graduate from the University of California, Abbey Anderson's love for the art form has shaped her into a versatile artist with a focus on portrait, editorial, and brand photography. Her six-year journey, marked by countless opportunities and connections, has been a blend of trials, errors, and relentless learning.

Collaborative and creative, Abbey approaches fashion photography with enthusiasm, working closely with models to create captivating works of art. Her openness to any photography project results in compelling photos that cater to her clients' needs.

Zach Alston Photo

North Carolina-born queer artist Zach Alston discovered his passion for photography in high school, capturing his friends. When faced with the financial crisis in 2009, he transformed his hobby into a profession, sparking a lifelong dedication to the craft.

A graduate with a BA in Commercial Photography from The Art Institute of Charlotte, Alston relocated to NYC in 2015, quickly establishing a unique presence in the industry. His work exudes a distinctive approach, combining classic elegance with contemporary aesthetics.


Luis Taveras has made a name for himself in the industry through his innovative and personalized approach to fashion photography. He likens people to kaleidoscopes, emphasizing the beauty in our individuality and imperfections.

Rather than conforming to industry trends, Taveras has harnessed the power of individuality, crafting unique narratives through his lens. His career is a testament to his belief that greatness evolves over time, shaped by setbacks and triumphs alike.

Brinsley Edwards

Raised in North Carolina, Brinsley Edwards' passion for photography blossomed during her teenage years and was professionally honed at Randolph Community College, where she studied commercial photography.

Today, Brinsley collaborates with renowned clients like Maybelline, Lancôme, Elemis, and Bodyography, delivering captivating images with a unique blend of creativity and precision. Her ability to balance aesthetics and authenticity creates compelling narratives that engage and inspire, making her a sought-after talent in the fashion and beauty sector.