Top Landscape Photographers in Adelaide, SA, Australia

Top Landscape Photographers in Adelaide, SA, Australia

Landscape photographers are experts in photographing stunning landscape photos. They shoot these photos with the help of natural light and high-end equipment with a great dynamic range. They further enhance the quality of the images by applying their editing skills.

Australia's diverse geographical features offer plenty of opportunities for landscape photographers to make stunning captures. Every great city, including Adelaide, has dedicated specialists that understand the land and are able to frame its most majestic corners.

Ready to start your search for landscape photographers in Adelaide, SA? Check out this list of the city's top pros to find the best match for your landscape photography needs.

Peter Barnes Photography

Peter Barnes is an Adelaide-based landscape photographer. Apart from landscapes, he also shoots architectural, industrial, and aerial photography. He loves to celebrate man-made works of architecture and art through his photography. For every assignment he undertakes, he ensures that his work exceeds his clients' expectations.

Peter has a master's degree in photography from the Australian Institute of Professional Photography. Over the years, he's won several awards and accolades. Peter has been a semi-finalist for the Moran Prize for Contemporary Photography in 2018 and a finalist for the Emma Hack Art Prize in 2018.

David Evans Photography

David Evans is a photography and film purist, dedicate not only to the art but the medium itself. He started with the physical formats but also the digital realms as well. Inventive and creative, David's photographic galleries include landscapes, wildlife, and adventurous people in the midst of an adventure of one kind or another.

David is inspired by a unique condition known as synaesthesia. It allows him to associate different colors with random things like letters, days of the week, and people. David believes that he's blessed to have this condition and is still trying to fathom the full potential of his condition, allowing him to create complex compositions with ease.

Over the years, David has been awarded many accolades and awards. These include the coveted Australian Landscape photographer of the year award in 2015 and the South Australian professional photographer of the year in 2006.

Simon Bills

Simon is a wedding photographer capable of shooting stunning landscape photos of the rugged Australian outback. He's been photographing since 2008 and has, over the years, gained considerable experience in a vast number of photography genres.

Simon's greatest inspiration comes from raw human emotions. Working as a wedding photographer has transformed his perspective. In his landscape work, he tries to elicit the same strong emotions of love and awe that he sees between couples and their parties. Simon has earned a solid reputation as one of the best wedding and landscape photographers in Adelaide.

Benjamin Goode

Benjamin is a fine art photographer, author, and NFT artist based in Adelaide, Australia. Although he's been shooting landscape photography since 2010, Benjamin has remained a photographer all his life, having worked in more than one creative field. Having suffered from anxiety for most of his life, it was not until he started doing landscape photography that he could finally calm his mind and find peace.

Benjamin loves creating images and fine art prints of the highest possible quality. His website is filled with pictures from around the world showcasing nature's stunning beauty. His favorite destination in the whole of the world, however, is Australia – specifically South Australia.

Over the past 15 years, Benjamin has won numerous awards for his landscape photography, with his work published worldwide. He's worked with companies like Samsung, Australian Geographic, Australia Post, Virgin Australia, Taylor's Wines, and Avis.

Off-Grid Photography

Bronte and Chantel operate Off-Grid Photography. They've been managing this business together for a few years now. Bronte and Chantel primarily shoot weddings, family, newborn, and birth photos. But they also have a special interest in landscape photography.

Together this dynamic duo has been shooting several different genres. Bronte excels in this combination with his incredible creative vision. Chantel, on her part, loves capturing raw emotion. They both love creating lasting relationships with their clients. Their wide range of work has consistently received rave reviews. Clients appreciate Off-Grid's ability for storytelling, whether at weddings or within sunny Aussie landscapes.

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