How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Wedding Venue in Los Angeles?

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Wedding Venue in Los Angeles?

Weddings are typically a momentous occasion that, for some people, don’t come around too often.  Having a ceremony and reception that is special and meaningful is symbolically important to many as their guests are there to not only celebrate their union but also to have fun with their family and friends. This is why choosing the right venue for your wedding is crucial; and between location and budgetary elements, can be quite an intimidating adventure. How much does it really cost to rent a wedding venue? What is included in those costs?

What factors affect the cost of a wedding venue?

Beautiful Historic 10 Acre Ranch Thousand Oaks, CA

Factors impacting the price of renting a wedding venue in Los Angeles, California include venue location, it’s size, the season, the number of guests and what all is included in the venue package(s) offered. An all-inclusive wedding venue can help save money on the overall cost as that would include things like catering and furniture rentals.

Will you be having your ceremony and reception at the same venue? If so, this will not only save you a considerable amount of money, the stress level in planning will also be reduced. You won’t have to worry about furniture in both locations or travel from one venue to another (and in Los Angeles, who are we kidding with the traffic?).  The logistics of the single location is far less to worry about; you won’t need to worry about everything being set up correctly in both venues.

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How much does it cost to rent a wedding venue?

Surveys show that couples spend between $5,000 to $15,000 on the wedding venue rental and the necessities like catering and furniture.  With the average cost of the venue being $6,000, wedding planners often recommend that you devote roughly half of your total wedding budget to paying for the venue.

This, of course, varies greatly depending on type of venue you are looking for. In Los Angeles a smaller venue will be around $125 per hour; medium size venues are around $500 per hour and the larger venues range around $2,500 per hour.  

Here are five examples of the kinds of wedding venues we’re talking about in Los Angeles, California form low to high end:

Colorful Spanish Church in Los Angeles, CA – This church has a beautiful alter and decorations accompanied by a nice garden and banquet hall and is $125 per hour.

Beautiful Historic Ranch with Panoramic Views in Thousand Oaks, CA – This venue has an 1800’s feel, sits on a mountain with amazing views at $150 per hour.

Arched Ceiling Church in Los Angeles, CA – A beautiful church with arched, ornate ceilings and large ballroom for $500 per hour

Beautifully Updated Historic Church in Fillmore, CA – Located in downtown Fillmore with the flexibility and capacity to accommodate up to 500 people, $500 per hour

Versatile Venue in the Valley in North Hollywood, CA – a chic, upscale venue in a premier spot for $2500 per hour

This short list portrays the various range of options available for wedding venues in Los Angeles. With varying costs, differing aesthetics, and amenities you can imagine your dream wedding in a functional space that meets all your requirements .

Where can I find a wedding venue to rent in Los Angeles?

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Beyond asking the question of “How much does it cost to rent a wedding venue?” there is the question of where.

Los Angeles is filled with churches, banquet halls and ballrooms with Giggster being an excellent resource for finding and renting these types of locations. We provide an extensive marketplace for event venues of all kinds (including – but not limited to – wedding venues).

With a quick and simple search on Giggster, you can uncover a number of beautiful and creative spaces. Providing high quality photos, detailed history and amenities along with reviews from previous renters, you are able to virtually visit each venue and gain a sense of whether it will be a fit for your wedding plans. And, we know this is a big deal – you are always able to reach out directly to the venue for any questions, concerns, or simply to discuss the possibilities.  

Find a wedding venue in Los Angeles, CA on Giggster

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