Top 10 Engagement Photographers in Miami, FL

In the city of Miami, love blossoms like sunflowers in the summer heat. This vibrant South Florida city captures romance with its art-deco skyscrapers, lush parks, and iconic skyline. It's no surprise why so many couples choose Miami as the backdrop for their engagement sessions, capturing their love stories against breathtaking scenery.

Whether it's witnessing the captivating sunsets over Biscayne Bay or taking a leisurely stroll along vibrant Ocean Drive, Miami offers a dream destination for couples seeking a romantic experience beyond the ordinary. Engagement photographers in Miami are experts in making these dreams come true. To help you find the perfect photographer for your once-in-a-lifetime moment, here is our list of the top 10 engagement photographers in Miami who specialize in creating heartfelt images that you'll cherish for eternity.

Tessa Maxine Photography

Tessa Maxine combines her studies of fine arts and art history with her deep understanding of light and composition to create editorial-inspired images that tell unique stories.

With more than 300 weddings under her belt, Tessa has perfected the art of capturing natural and heartfelt moments using a combination of photojournalistic style and fine-tuned approach. Her work evokes emotion and tells each couple's story in an artistic, creative way – making every moment timelessly beautiful.

Danielle Margherite Photography

Danielle Margherite values honesty and authenticity in all her work - no over-the-top posing or excessive editing! She prioritizes comfort over perfection, aiming to create a unique experience for each client and capture genuine moments that cannot be replicated.

Creating timeless photographs that evoke emotions and celebrate the beauty of life is Danielle's passion. Her style focuses on stillness and chaos in equal parts, with the goal of turning ordinary moments into extraordinary heirlooms. Her approach allows her to transport any couple through time and space when they look back at their photos.

Kristelle Boulos Photography

Kristelle Boulos Photography is a husband-and-wife duo of passionate storytellers. The couple, Kristelle and Adrian, hail from Beirut and Venezuela respectively, bringing a unique multicultural flair to all of their work.

Having over 15 years of experience in the field, their styles combine Kristelle's captivating portrayal of street life with Adrian's journalistic background and theatre-inspired creativity. Together, they bring a multilingual touch to their work, combining the calmness of their tropical Miami home base with the thrill of exploring new places and meeting fascinating people.

Dani Parada Photography

Having traveled extensively, Dani Parada has brought together her passion for the natural world with her eye for detail to create stunning images of people in love. Her photographs are vivid, full of life, and organic - the perfect blend between art and real life.

Dani's style centers around crafting timeless memories - each image evokes the same emotion as when you first laid eyes on it. With a keen eye for detail, Dani captures both beauty and complexity in her shots, inviting you to lose yourself in the moment.

Alisa Ferris

With her California roots, Alisa Ferris is well-known for her light, natural, romantic and timeless style. Her work has been celebrated by Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty and The Knot, as well as BHLDN and Claire Pettibone.

In addition to her drive to produce beautiful images that will last a lifetime, Alisa's down-to-earth demeanor adds an extra layer of joy to special days. Her story of leaving her “dream job” in London to pursue her passions as a professional photographer gives her an extra edge in the field - she approaches each shoot with enthusiasm and determination.

Justine Berges Photography

Justine Berges is known for creating beautiful visual stories that capture candid yet editorial moments from around the world - from romantic Parisian streets to the deserts of Arizona and the islands of the Florida Keys.

Born and raised in Normandy, France, Justine's passion for photography emerged when she first picked up a camera at the age of 12. Her distinct style reflects her French heritage of subtlety and elegance, as well as her ability to balance capturing organic moments with intentional editorial shots.


Growing up, Dean Sadler found himself captivated by his family's old photos, and the feeling of nostalgia and emotion that each snapshot evoked. Now, he takes this same approach to capturing couples’ love stories in meaningful, creative ways that can be enjoyed by generations.

With years of experience across multiple photography genres, Dean has crafted an editorial style that’s candid and colorful. His goal is to preserve beautiful memories and tell true-to-life stories through his lens with intent and authenticity.

Michelle Gonzalez Photography

Michelle Gonzalez seeks to document your love story with vivid emotion-filled imagery that will carry you through generations. Her style is timeless; combining a mix of candid and natural shots with romantic movement and laughter throughout her work.

Michelle draws inspiration from nature, mesmerizing sunsets, and the refreshing scent of the sea air to capture timeless memories of your special day. With her expertise, creativity, drive, and passion for storytelling, Michelle Gonzalez Photography creates breathtaking photographs that are bound to leave you in awe.

Ray Santana Photography

With over 15 years of experience as a Miami wedding photographer, Ray Santana brings an unparalleled level of expertise to his craft. His style combines photojournalism with traditional portraiture, allowing him to capture candid and natural moments without sacrificing any of the classic beauty of posed photos.

Ray takes a personal approach to his work, striving to bring new light to each couple’s unique dynamic while celebrating their individual personalities. His passion for creating timeless memories shows in every image he produces - allowing each couple to relive those special moments long after they say “I do!”

Ashley Nicole Photos

Ashley Nicole brings her passion for photography to each and every one of her sessions, fueled by her desire to explore the world and the people within it.

With an ultimate goal to tell stories through her photos, Ashley Nicole strives to capture not only what is in front of her lens, but also the personality that lies within. She has a unique style that blends cinematic visuals with the beauty of natural lighting, making for stunning images you'll treasure forever.