Top 10 Fashion Photographers in Austin, TX

Austin, Texas, is known for its rich tapestry woven from a psychedelic legacy, Latino roots, and Tex-Mex vibe, lending a unique flair to its fashion scene.

Home to the Austin Museum of Popular Culture and the renowned Mondo Gallery, Austin's influence on global fashion trends is undeniable. The city's pop scene, characterized by a love for boundary-crossing, is reflected in its innovative fashion aesthetics.

Discover the creative minds shaping Austin's fashion landscape by exploring our list of the city's best fashion photographers. Their captivating work offers a fascinating lens into Austin's sartorial soul.

Jenna McElroy Photography

Based in Austin, Texas, Jenna McElroy's passion for photography ignited at the tender age of 17, and it has been an inseparable part of her life ever since.

Specializing in wedding, lifestyle, and brand photography, Jenna's work is characterized by its ability to tell a compelling story through natural moments. She holds an emotional connection with time and reality, using film photography's unique attributes to create images with depth and a sense of authenticity.

Further Creative Studio

Boasting a decade-long journey in art, Michelle Bluhm brings a unique aesthetic to her images shaped by her diverse background. Seamlessly blending different mediums, her work stands out in its own right.

With years of experience working for a burgeoning business and simultaneously driving personal artistic pursuits, Bluhm has developed a well-rounded understanding of artists' needs and business challenges. Her work is a testament to DIY-savvy solutions, reflecting the trends while maintaining a timeless appeal.

Jana Cantua Photography

With a focus on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle photography, Jana Cantua's work is characterized by an optimistic color palette that effectively conveys emotion. Her diverse portfolio explores profound themes of culture, joy, and belonging.

Cantua's work has garnered recognition from various media outlets, including People Magazine and Austin Woman Magazine. Her innovative approach to remote photoshoots further showcases her adaptability in the ever-evolving field of photography.

Karen Lawlor Photography

Karen Lawlor is a versatile photographer with a unique flair for capturing the essence of her subjects. Her editorial work demonstrates a distinct love for collaborating with local models to create innovative looks through creative use of wardrobe, location, and lighting.

Lawlor approaches fashion photography with a dedication to exploring fresh faces and concepts. Her extensive experience in the industry has enabled her to refine her skills and develop a distinctive style that defines her brand.

Maja Buck

Born with a natural inclination towards creativity, Maja Buck was encouraged from an early age to nurture her talents through local art shows and competitions. Her academic journey led her to pursue a BA in Fine Art from the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

Buck seamlessly infuses fine art into her photography work. Her images are characterized by a deep understanding of composition, color, and emotion, giving them vitality.

Mark Guerra Photography

Mark Guerra has dedicated his life to capturing the world through his lens. He masterfully blends accuracy, precision, and creative experimentation to produce signature pieces.

A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Fine Arts, Guerra's expertise spans fashion, fine art, and commercial photography. His client list boasts names such as Warner Brothers and Time Magazine.

Christy Anna Photography

Christy Campbell, a UTSA graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, utilizes her academic background to craft art that is both timeless and unique, celebrating diversity and the beauty of individuals.

From weddings to portraits, Christy's style is marked by a blend of retro vibes, true-to-color tones, and cinematic qualities inspired by fantasy films. She prides herself on fostering a creative and comfortable space for her clients, ensuring each photo session is a unique and joyful experience.

Madison Dee

Madison Dee combines her passion for fashion and storytelling through her captivating lens. Her journey began at Austin Community College, where she discovered her photographic voice in a photojournalism class.

Madison has honed her skills through various roles, from being a photographer at Austin Fashion Week to a photo editor at the SXSW event. Her work is marked by its subtlety and evocative nature, immersing viewers into the world she captures.

Julia Soniat Photography

Julia Soniat embarked on her professional journey in 2014, initially collaborating with Texas-based fashion and jewelry brands to deliver high-quality, unique imagery.

In addition to her photography work, Julia offers creative consulting services, assisting clients with concept development and location selection. Her style seamlessly blends artistic attention to detail with documentary-style photography, an approach she now applies across all her sessions.

Marine Barian Photo

Marine Barian is a multifaceted French photographer who brings a unique blend of passion and skill to her craft. Her journey with the camera started at the tender age of 7, and she developed her passion for photography while strolling the streets of Paris, armed with her dad's DSLR camera.

With a knack for making subjects stand out and a love for connecting with other creatives and entrepreneurs, Marine stands as a beacon of creativity in the field of photography. Whether it's fashion, commercial shoots or branding portraits, her work is characterized by its unique style and personality.