Top 10 Food Photographers in Houston, TX

Houston, Texas, often called the Bayou City, exudes a unique cultural energy ingrained in its history and diverse population. Renowned for its significant impact on American culture, Houston is a melting pot of religious diversity, a prominent hub for LGBTQ+ communities, and a powerhouse for comic and anime conventions such as Comicpalooza.

This vibrant backdrop sets the stage for Houston's culinary scene, which mirrors the city's dynamism. From traditional Texan BBQ to innovative international cuisine, the gastronomic landscape here offers a range of flavors to explore.

Discover Houston's top food photographers as we take you on a visual journey showcasing the essence of the city's distinct culinary narrative. Each image serves as an invitation to delve into the flavorful tapestry that is Houston's food industry.

Cooking With Wine

Angela and Mark, the dynamic duo behind Cooking with Wine Blog, blend their passion for gastronomy with a keen photographic eye to capture the essence of culinary artistry. Fueled by a shared love for food, the duo has cultivated a platform where delectable dishes meet striking imagery.

Through her photography, self-styled food connoisseur Angela captures the vibrant flavors of culinary creations. She creates visually stunning feasts that capture the essence of Mark's classically trained chef skills. Together, they offer highly sought-after services for brand collaborations, product photography, and recipe development.

Always Hungry Media

Inspired by his parents' vibrant Vietnamese restaurant in Southern California, Kenty Chung discovered his passion for photography as a perceptive high school freshman, learning that we "eat with our eyes" long before we taste.

Known for his dynamic use of color, texture, and composition, Kenty's imagery invites people from their digital scrolls to the alluring ambiance of the restaurants he represents. A feature in reputable publications like The Local Palate and Eater underscores his recognized talent in transforming mere dishes into a multisensory experience.

A. Scott Photography

A. Scott is a distinguished commercial and advertising photographer with a unique background as a small-scale vegetable farmer. Transitioning from tending the earth to capturing its bounty through the lens, A. Scott's images resonate with vibrancy and genuineness.

Specializing in food, lifestyle, and agriculture, A. Scott offer a vivid narrative that celebrates real-world beauty. Their commitment to inclusion and playfulness shines in every shot, whether it's taken in a bustling city studio or amidst the serene greenery of a field.

Just a Bit More Cinnamon

Ana Pape represents a unique fusion of geological precision and culinary artistry, transitioning from her roots as a geologist to becoming a renowned baker and content creator. Her platform, Just a Bit More Cinnamon, showcases her commitment to food aesthetics, bringing brands' products to life through vivid imagery.

Armed with a passion for nurturing through delectable fare, Ana channels her meticulous nature and love for detail into each project. Her background in science enriches her baking, infusing methodical rigor into the creative process.

Debora Smail

Debora Smail combines her New Mexican heritage with Texan influences in her successful career as a photojournalist. Her impressive portfolio includes notable contributions to Texas Monthly, as well as publications like National Geographic, Food & Wine, and Vogue.

With a formal education in photography from Eastern New Mexico University, Debora's lens captures the essence of culinary artistry with minimal digital alteration, challenging the norms of a heavily edited visual culture. A dedication to originality defines her visual narrative, earning her recognition across major campaigns for industry giants like Schlumberger and Four Seasons Hotels.

Becca Wright Creative

Equipped with a journalism degree, Rebecca Wright started her career at the neighborhood mainstay, My Table magazine, where she delved into Houston's varied culinary scene, developing her passion for food photography. Since 2015, she has been lending her freelance expertise to various Houston eateries, favoring the authenticity of natural light.

Wright's talents also encompass graphic design and digital marketing, making her a multifaceted partner for brands looking to enhance their visual appeal. Her varied clientele, which includes upscale local eateries, opulent real estate, and the fashion industry, enhances her reputation as a creative professional.

Sweet Miscellany

Courtney West is a Houston-based visual storyteller whose passion for seasonal eating is at the heart of her brand. Her platform, Sweet Miscellany, embodies her commitment to sustainable living, drawing inspiration from local farms and her urban garden.

As a visual artist, Courtney captures the essence of wholesome ingredients through her camera lens, seamlessly blending her culinary skills with photography. Her lens focuses on the raw beauty of fresh produce, translating it into stories that advocate for a deeper connection with our food sources.

Shawn Chippendale Photography

Shawn Chippendale is an accomplished culinary photographer with rich cultural and gastronomic experiences. Originally from Houston, Shawn's odyssey has seen him honing his skills under the tutelage of culinary visionaries from Maui to Boston and the bustling food scene of New York City.

Through a lens that is both skillful and adventurous, Chippendale captures the essence of each subject in his work, which resonates with an ethos of perpetual curiosity. With an impressive portfolio featuring clients like Warner Bros. and Tabasco, his images not only tantalize the palate but also narrate the story behind the culinary creations.

Hannah Mulik Photo

Based in Houston, Hannah Mulik is a commercial photographer whose work captures the lively essence of Texas. With a BFA in Photography from the University of North Texas, Hannah seamlessly integrates her formal education into her professional pursuits.

An advocate of the local scene, Mulik ensures each project is infused with her distinctive style while capturing the essence of her subjects. Her collaboration with diverse clients—from entrepreneurs and bloggers to business owners—reflects a deep-seated passion for bringing creative visions to life through her lens.

Kris Shopov

Photographer and filmmaker Kris Shopov has an eye for fine details in images related to hospitality, interior design, and cuisine. His journey began with formal education, graduating from the National Academy for Theater and Film Art, and mastering cinematography at the New Bulgarian University.

Kris has established a global career since 2000, first settling in the Middle East and Europe before moving to Houston in 2022. His clientele includes well-known companies like Grand Hyatt and Intercontinental Hotels, demonstrating not only his technical proficiency but also his acute ability to capture the essence of a brand in visually arresting ways.