Top 10 Fashion Photographers in Seattle, WA

When you think of Seattle, Washington, the pulsating rhythm of contemporary trends and iconic moments in music, TV, and science fiction might come to mind. The city houses a globally recognized Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP), a treasure trove of legendary artifacts that have shaped our world.

Seattle's influence doesn't stop at music and media; it also extends into the fashion industry. With a blend of grunge and sophisticated style, Seattle has birthed a new wave of fashion photographers capturing this distinctive aesthetic.

Exploring the list of top fashion photographers in Seattle not only offers a glimpse into the city's creative pulse but also serves as an inspiration for anyone with an eye for style.

Andrew Parsons

Born and raised in Seattle, Andrew Parsons' passion for photography was ignited during a high school project, which led him down the path of fashion and lifestyle imagery.

With a Master's degree in Digital Photography from the School of Visual Arts, New York, Parsons brings meticulous attention to detail and an inherent sense of calm to each shoot. His work, featured in prestigious publications such as L'OFFICIEL Hommes and Men's Style Brazil, is characterized by timeless elegance and a touch of whimsy.

Tim Lawrence

With extensive experience in the fashion and beauty photography industry, Tim Lawrence is a seasoned professional working in the Seattle/Metro area. His portfolio showcases an exceptional combination of creativity and technical expertise, honed through years of collaborating with various designers and models.

Lawrence's approach is focused on producing superior-quality photos that enhance portfolios. He continually pushes the boundaries of conventional photography, demonstrating a distinctive flair for capturing the essence of his subject matter.

Nick Dechkov

Starting his career in Seattle, Bulgarian artist Nick Dechkov embarked on a transformative journey seven years ago. His mission is to capture the beauty and mystery of the fashion world, creating images that resonate with the industry's spirit and culture.

Graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Business & Economics from Sofia University in 2019, Dechkov's academic background has informed his approach to the creative process. He is known for his captivating editorials in renowned magazines like Glamour, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Moevir Paris, among others.


Steve Korn is a renowned photographer with an affinity for capturing the essence of human potential. His fascination with humanity's inexhaustible creativity and his aspiration to portray it in images is the secret behind his success.

Korn's work predominantly features artists, musicians, dancers, and athletes, expressing their potential and achievements through his lens. His mantra, "How Can I Help" encapsulates his empathetic approach to his work, which is evident in his compelling visuals.

Astrid Ji Photography

Astrid Ji brings a unique blend of Eastern tradition and Western modernity to her work. Born and raised in Shanghai, she now spends her time between Seattle and New York, capturing the avant-garde combination of these two worlds.

Ji's portfolio showcases a compelling fusion of ancient Chinese culture and contemporary fashion aesthetics, offering a fresh take on the genre. Her reputation is fortified by her extensive experience in the industry, having worked with notable publications like Pump Magazine, Ladygunn Magazine, and Bello Mag.

Jordan Hayward

An interdisciplinary artist, Jordan Hayward brings together photography, printmaking, and textiles in a seamless manner. Having graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in Art, Hayward combines academic knowledge with practical experience to create captivating artwork.

Operating in North Seattle, Hayward's photography stands out with its innovative use of mediums, resulting in visually rich narratives. With a unique style and a multi-faceted approach, Hayward is pushing the boundaries of traditional photography.

Zero Five Photography

Kyle Yunker is a seasoned professional in the realm of photography, with a particular focus on fashion, portfolio building, and artistic concept-driven shoots. His expertise also extends to producing professional headshots for CEOs and businesses, showcasing his versatility.

Kyle's love for bourbon matches his appreciation for the exquisite, which is evident in his work. His refined aesthetic, coupled with a blend of business acumen and creative prowess, adds depth to his creations, making him highly sought-after in the industry.

Prince Davis

Prince Davis, a globally active photographer, has artistry running through his veins. His journey into the industry was ushered in by his father's artistic influence, which continues to shape his career.

Prince's dedication to the rich history of photography and its celebrated artists has played a crucial role in shaping his distinctive artistic style. Infused with emotion, simplicity, and timeless appeal, his captivating portfolio truly embodies these remarkable qualities.

Corinne Catania

A Seattle-based visual artist and photographer, Corinne Catania exhibits a unique blend of lighting, color, and subject direction that breathes life into her captivating work. Her style is editorial, bold, and alluring, often exploring themes of duality and juxtaposition.

Catania possesses a discerning eye for the cutting-edge, skillfully capturing moments of deep emotion. Her extensive experience in both controlled studio environments and on-location shoots showcases her adaptability, enriching her diverse portfolio.

Ryan Kleinmann

Ryan Kleinmann, a photographer and content creator based in Seattle, possesses a remarkable attention to detail. His ability to perceive things differently is his defining characteristic, enabling him to create compelling content that resonates with viewers.

Kleinmann has honed his skills in branding and lifestyle photography, crafting images that effectively narrate the story behind every business he works with. He approaches photography with an eye for observation and finding intrigue in ordinary places. This perspective is evident in his work, where common scenes are transformed into extraordinary visuals.