Top 10 Family Photographers in Washington, DC

Washington, DC, extends far beyond the halls of power. It is a city adorned with vibrant cherry blossoms, picturesque parks, and a rich culinary scene.

With family-friendly attractions like The National Mall, Smithsonian Museums, and the National Zoo, you can capture precious moments with your loved ones against a backdrop that is truly unique.

The following list of the top family photographers in Washington, DC, will help you explore this visual wonderland through the lens of those who know it best. From the cherry blossoms embracing the Tidal Basin to the historic architecture of Georgetown, each frame here encapsulates a timeless memory.

Rachel Larsen Weaver

A mother of five, Rachel Larsen Weaver's work radiates an infectious enthusiasm for details and self-love. Her portfolio showcases a mindful approach, with a focus on capturing the life and light of her subjects.

Rachel has honed her skills through extensive travel and documentation of intricate details of family life. Her photography is a testament to her commitment to joy and presence, often revealing beauty in hidden and messy places.

Jen Joseph Photography

Born and raised in New Jersey, Jen Joseph's journey into photography began in middle school, but it was during the pandemic that she decided to turn her passion into a profession.

A mother herself, Jen understands the preciousness of childhood and aims to create emotive and authentic memories. Her unique approach involves being a quiet observer, capturing small yet meaningful moments. She illuminates each client's unique narrative with beautiful, bold imagery.

Photos by Sarah Beth

Stemming from her love for people, Sarah Beth's journey into photography began over a decade ago. She prides herself on transforming clients into friends, believing that knowing her subjects personally enables her to capture their lives authentically.

With a degree in Communication, Sarah has tuned her skills to create a unique blend of personal connection and professional photography. Her experience living in different countries like England and Colombia has enriched her perspective, making her adept at capturing diverse cultures and traditions.

Erin Winter Photography

Erin Winter's professional journey started with a childhood love for photography, which has led to a successful career recognized by publications like Wedding Rule and Couture Colorado. Her style, characterized by the timeless aesthetic and rich colors of Kodak film, is deeply rooted in her Southern upbringing and love for natural light.

Erin has been honing her skills in the industry for over a decade. She is dedicated to forming lasting friendships while artistically documenting the unique stories and relationships of each family she works with.

Emily Alyssa Photography

Emily Fisher is a seasoned family and couples photographer renowned for encapsulating timeless moments with a touch of nostalgia. Her style is distinguished by a blend of dusty blues and neutrals, with an emphasis on film photography for its imperfectly perfect appeal.

Emily goes beyond capturing images; she aims to evoke feelings and memories, creating a sense of ‘home’ within each photo. With a heart that finds joy in travel and new experiences, Emily continually draws inspiration from various environments and cultures, enriching her photography craft.

Katie Lewis Photography

A former staff photographer in Washington, DC, Katie Lewis has honed her skills by capturing world leaders and thousands of individuals. She has mastered the art of creating relaxed portraits and cherishing the honest, loving moments between couples and family members.

Katie's dedication to capturing the essence of relationships is noteworthy. She values photography as a medium to remember and honor loved ones, making her services not just a business transaction but a personal endeavor.

Alexis El Massih Photography

Alexis El Massih has been crafting unique narratives through her lens since 2014. Her Greek heritage and Orthodox Christian faith are central to her photography, as she strives to honor marriages and growing families through her fine art.

With a passion for hospitality, Alexis encapsulates joyful moments, turning them into lasting memories. A mother of three herself, her approach to family photography is rooted in celebrating every mundane moment, making it magical through her lens.

Captured by CM

Christine McDonald's journey began in her corner of the internet, where she merged her passion for photography with her love for baking, digital art, and reading. She skillfully integrates this diverse blend into her work, delivering an exceptional experience for her clients.

Specializing in family, maternity, and senior portraits, Christine aspires to radiate joy. With a deeply personal approach, she expertly captures the essence of families, aiming to reflect the beauty of God's creation through her lens.

Kattariya May Studio

Kattariya May's artistry elegantly intertwines the intimacy of familial bonds with the sophistication of fine art. Inspired by the timeless beauty of Impressionism, her photography showcases a unique blend of natural light and high-fashion elegance.

With a detail-oriented approach, Kattariya captures heartwarming scenes that narrate each family's unique story. Her meticulously planned sessions ensure she captures every cherished family moment, from the joy of new additions to everyday milestones.

Pages of Gray Photography

Having worked in the film industry for over a decade, Jennifer Duncan excels at capturing authentic moments of everyday life, bringing her professional expertise to every session. Her impressive portfolio showcases collaborations with esteemed entities like DreamWorks, MTV, and ILM.

Jennifer emphasizes natural light to seize genuine smiles and real laughter, giving clients an authentic glimpse into their lives. As a single mother, she understands the value of these precious family moments and is dedicated to bottling them up into lasting photographs.