Top 10 Family Photographers in Las Vegas, NV

Beyond the roulette tables and slot machines, Las Vegas is also home to a collection of visual masterpieces, from the dancing fountains of Bellagio to the replicas of an Egyptian pyramid and the Venetian Grand Canal. The city's contrasting elements - from the dazzling Strip to the tranquil Red Rock Canyon - provide endless opportunities for capturing breathtaking photos.

For families looking to immortalize their memories against such stunning vistas, exploring our list of top family photographers in Las Vegas is an absolute must. Be prepared to discover artists who can transform your precious moments into timeless treasures.

Myrna Loy Photography

Mirna Loy is an artist who values simple living with meaning. Her journey began with a Minolta 35mm film camera, gifted by her godmother, sparking a lifelong fascination with photography.

Mirna's prized possession is a box of childhood photographs, and she strives to provide similar tangible memories for her clients. Her style is uniquely defined by her adoration for sunny days and a penchant for all things blue, which is subtly reflected in her work.

Rylee G Photography

Starting off with the simple aim of capturing precious moments of her baby in 2014, Rylee G soon realized her natural knack for the art form.

Renowned for her outgoing personality, Rylee's effervescent nature shines through in her work. Her exceptional talent for putting both adults and children at ease in front of the camera enables her to capture authentic emotions and expressions, resulting in visually stunning and emotionally resonant images.

Danielle Hiltner Photography

Born and raised in Ohio, Danielle Hiltner's passion for photography was ignited during her studies in digital media design. Her transient lifestyle as a military spouse has taken her to various states, enriching her photographic perspective with diverse scenery and experiences.

Danielle's portfolio showcases a unique blend of personal and professional life. Her love for nature and travel is vividly reflected in her work, making her a cherished partner for families seeking to capture their precious moments.

Jamie Rubeis Photography

Shy yet adventurous, Jamie Rubeis seamlessly balances motherhood to four children and her passion for photography. Her love for the outdoors and living off-grid translates into her work, offering a unique perspective on family photography.

Rather than focusing on perfect aesthetics, Rubeis emphasizes the love and laughter shared between family members, aiming to capture these fleeting moments authentically.

Jennifer Hyman Photography

With an emphasis on capturing real connections and the unique magic that defines each family, Jennifer Hyman goes beyond traditional posed shots. Instead, she focuses on interactive moments, guiding her clients throughout the session to bring out genuine emotions.

Hyman's love for documenting nature hikes and golden hour light plays into her distinctive photographic style. Adept at creating images that radiate joy, beauty, and love, Jennifer's work is a testament to her dedication and talent in the field of photography.

Haley Ann Photography

After graduating from The Art Institute of Colorado with an Applied Science degree in Digital Photography, Haley Ann's transformative journey has taken her from being a shy urbanite to an acclaimed photographer known for her exceptional work.

Honing her skills in both film and digital photography, Haley finds immense joy in capturing the wonders of God's creation. From the miracle of childbirth to the curious minds of little ones exploring nature, she aims to create beautiful art with each click of her camera.

Sierra Gulde Photography

Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, Sierra Gulde has been living in Las Vegas for the past seven years, honing her craft and building strong relationships with her clients.

Sierra prioritizes comfort and connection to create authentic images that reflect the unique bonds within each family she works with. As a mother of three, she brings a certain warmth and understanding to her work, resulting in photos that are not only beautiful but also filled with emotion.

Courtney Pecorino Photography

From her early fascination with her grandparents' Polaroid cameras, Courtney Pecorino evolved into a skilled photographer, honing her craft through studies in film and fine art photography.

With over twelve years of experience in the field, Courtney still aims to build genuine relationships with her clients and capture their love in its truest form. She firmly believes in creating a memorable experience that will shape how clients feel about their photos for years to come.

Toni Patricia Photography

Toni Patricia Velasquez combines her love for exploration and capturing moments, delivering a distinct blend of visual storytelling. A proud pet parent and fitness enthusiast, she is as dynamic behind the lens as she is in her personal life.

Possessing a rich experience in the field, Toni has refined her skills to capture both grand and subtle moments with equal finesse. Making the most of her vibrant surroundings in Las Vegas, her work reflects her commitment to creating engaging narratives through her lens.

Love and Chaos Photography

Once a teacher, now a full-time photographer, Brittanie's journey is defined by personal growth, love for her family, and an unwavering commitment to her craft. Having resided in Las Vegas for three decades, her roots run deep into the heart of the city, evident in her vibrant and heartfelt imagery.

With a photography business born out of years of admiration and aspiration, Brittanie wholeheartedly dedicates herself to each frame, skillfully capturing the genuine and playful moments that encapsulate family life.