Top 10 Family Photographers in Austin, TX

The culturally rich city of Austin, Texas, isn't just known for its live music and delectable barbecues. It's also home to a talented community of family photographers who possess a remarkable ability to capture love, warmth, and cherished memories.

Set against the picturesque landscape of Austin, with its verdant Zilker Park and the vibrant graffiti walls of Hope Outdoor Gallery, these talented local photographers have transformed family photography into a true art form.

Get ready to delve into the world of Austin's finest family photographers, where every frame narrates a story worth cherishing. From candid moments to meticulously posed portraits, each photographer on our thoughtfully selected list is a true master in their own right.

Jessica Rockowitz Photography

Known for her vibrant personality and keen eye for capturing emotion, Jessica Rockowitz turns ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. With a focus on newborn and family photography, Jessica's approach is rooted in authenticity, prioritizing natural expressions over forced smiles.

Beyond her technical skills, Jessica's empathetic nature and personal experiences have shaped her understanding of the profound significance of images, making her a trusted choice for families seeking to preserve their precious moments.

Love from Cathlin

Cathlin McCullough, the creative force behind "Love from Cathlin," has a unique knack for capturing the essence of families and couples, focusing on joy, tears, and everything in between. With a love for film photography, Cathlin McCullough uses both medium-format and 35mm film cameras to create unique, fine art-style portraits.

McCullough's approach is a blend of documentary and portraiture, often shooting in clients' homes where they are most relaxed. As an award-winning artist recognized by Photo Lucida and Click & Company, Cathlin's work is not just basic portraiture but a blend of sentimentality, light, and shadow that results in stunning heirlooms.

Lo Photo

Spearheaded by Lo, a vibrant personality with a deep love for coffee and an infectious joy, Lo Photo reflects her unique approach to capturing life's precious moments. In the realm of family photography, she brings out the individuality and warmth of each family, creating a visual narrative that resonates with authenticity and love.

Lo's passion for the changing seasons and natural elements is evident in her work, which often features earthy tones and raw emotions. Her experience in the industry is marked by constant interaction with new people, expanding her perspectives, and refining her skills.

Alissa Cordoba Photography

An award-winning lifestyle photographer and documentary filmmaker, Alissa Cordoba is recognized for her expertise as a family and newborn photographer with multiple accolades, including being a finalist in the Austin Birth Awards for Best Newborn Photographer in 2016, 2018, and 2019. Her work encapsulates the creative use of light and angles, yielding playful and airy images that celebrate joy.

With a commitment to a higher standard, Cordoba's calm demeanor and observational skills help document the unique personalities and bonds within a family. Beyond photography, she also crafts documentary films, offering a holistic approach to preserving precious memories.

Natalie Celik Photography

A Central Asia native, Nataly's artistic journey began with an Associate Degree in Art and continued with an 8-year stint as a floral designer. Her diverse creative background is evident in her distinctive photographic style.

Nataly's focus on documentary and storytelling photography allows her to capture the raw emotions and fleeting moments of family life. Her sessions are primarily unposed, encouraging subjects to relax and be themselves, capturing families from their most beautiful perspectives.

Vanessa Cerday Photography

Born in Scotland and raised in Saudi Arabia, Vanessa Cerday's diverse experiences have shaped her distinctive approach to photography. Her passion ignited during a volunteering stint at an orphanage in Ghana, and since then, she has focused on capturing not just moments but the essence and emotion within them.

With a love for natural light and candid, raw moments, Vanessa creates stunning visual narratives that clients treasure forever. Her consistent ability to capture families perfectly, even those self-proclaimed as 'chaotic,' underscores her talent and commitment to her craft.

The Blackbird Flies

A wife, mother, and artist, Jessica Artice transitioned from a decade-long career in graphic design to pursue her passion for photography. Starting her career in 2016, Jessica has developed a unique style that stands out for its authentic visual narratives.

Jessica's approach to photography is deeply personal. Her work is inspired by her own experiences as a mother and her commitment to capturing the 'perfectly imperfect' moments of life. She takes pride in creating a comfortable environment for her subjects, resulting in heartfelt images.

Harper Rae Photography

As a mother of four, Jessica Penny discovered her interest in photography after documenting the lives of her own children, leading to the creation of Harper Rae Photography. Her style is distinguished by its authenticity, relaxed atmosphere, and stunning aesthetics.

Jessica's approach to family photography is client-focused; she prioritizes making her clients feel comfortable and heard, ensuring their happiness with the final product. Her work is characterized by a natural, candid style that beautifully captures the essence of family bonds and milestones, making her a sought-after choice for birth photography and beyond.

Maegan Kylie Photography

With a lifelong passion for photography that began with hand-coloring film prints at the age of six, Maegan Kylie now specializes in capturing authentic emotions in exquisite natural surroundings. Her laid-back, fun sessions are designed to make clients feel comfortable, allowing for naturally unfolding moments to be captured.

Known for her realistic and natural shooting and editing style, Maegan's work is characterized by its crispness, vibrant colors, and the ability to make her clients look stunningly natural.

Alison Eden Photography

Since 2006, Alison Eden Ditto has specialized in photographing babies, kids, and families, bringing out their unique personalities through her lens. She has a particular affinity for children, appreciating their wild, tender, and humorous nature. Alison also strives to celebrate mothers, aiming to help them rediscover their beauty through her photography.

A mother herself and a musician who began playing bass and guitar at 33, Alison embodies the spirit of reinvention and authenticity. Her work is a testament to her belief that life's beauty and complexity can be fully embraced at any age.