Top 10 Engagement Photographers in New York, NY

New York City is a global hub of culture and commerce that has come to define the American experience. With its iconic skyline, world-famous landmarks, and vibrant streets, it's no wonder why millions of people flock to the city every year.

But there’s more to NYC than just its attractions and hustle and bustle – there’s also a deep-seated sentiment of romance that evokes love in all its forms. Whether you’re watching a Broadway show or just enjoying dinner from a sidewalk cafe, there’s something special about creating beautiful memories in the Big Apple.

With its endless backdrops and unique charm, NYC is home to some of the most talented engagement photographers in the world who have the uncanny ability to capture those special moments between two people in love.

Lucie B. Photo

French-born and New York City-based photographer Lucie has been documenting people's lives for the past decade.

Lucie has a natural curiosity and an eye for the little details — like discovering pockets of light when entering a room or observing how a partner gazes longingly at their better half from across the room. She aims to capture genuine emotions through an untraditional, unposed approach to photography that is both warm and inviting. Her passion is to embrace every scene in life that can make a great photo as long as it tells your story.

Mariah Bucù Photography

Mariah Bucu is an internationally acclaimed editorial wedding photographer with an eye for detail and a passion for capturing beautiful stories worldwide - from intimate elopements set in the Mexican desert to romantic beachside engagements in Rio de Janeiro.

With a background in Fine Arts and Art History, Mariah combines artistic skill with technical expertise to create stunningly evocative photos that capture the most special moments of two people in love. Her work has been featured in numerous publications worldwide, showcasing her talent as one of the top 10 editorial photographers.

Lucia Vaccaro Photography

With Barbie camera from childhood sparking a lifelong interest in capturing beautiful moments, Lucia Vaccaro now preserves the love and joy of couples through her colorful and romantic lens. Her style seamlessly blends traditional and modern elements, giving her photographs an artistic flair that keeps things fresh and unique.

Drawing on her Venezuelan roots, Lucia takes special care to create vibrant, artistic images that capture the emotion of the moment. With her warm and natural approach to photography, she immortalizes the bond between couples in timeless snapshots – perfect for those who simply want to remember their special day forever.

Chester Canasa Photography

Chester Canasa Photography is an award-winning engagement and wedding photography business based in New York City, NY.

With a commitment to capturing the pure and raw emotions of each couple, Chester has developed a signature style of natural and romantic photography. His bright and airy collections celebrate love with attention to detail, producing timeless pieces that are perfect for any home. Renowned publications such as Brides Today India, British Vogue, and Grace Ormonde have featured his work - proving his excellence in the field of professional photography.

Asher Gardner Photography

Asher Gardner is an internationally renowned photographer with over eight years of experience in capturing the beauty of couples’ unions around the world. Her artwork is renowned for its unique blend of natural romanticism and timeless essence, made possible through her mastery of both digital and film photography techniques.

Asher's relaxed California personality combined with her New York professionalism creates a perfect balance for beautiful portraits that will be cherished forever.

The Greens Photo

With nearly a decade of experience and a discerning eye for lighting and composition, Zac Green possesses the expertise to capture couples in their most natural states, creating timeless art through film and digital media. His signature style seamlessly blends classic elegance with contemporary flair.

Zac's ability to remain calm under pressure enables him to work quickly and efficiently, especially when photographing events like weddings and engagements. With his wit, charm, and technical skillset, Zac guarantees an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Rebecca Ou Photography

Led by the husband and wife team of Gabriel and Rebecca, Rebecca Ou Photography is the perfect choice for couples seeking a modern, luxury experience.

Having been together for 14 years, Gabriel and Rebecca have gained a unique perspective on capturing every couple's love story. Their tailored approach to photography aims to grasp those fleeting, in-between moments and immortalize them through their work. By utilizing natural light to create timeless heirlooms, they are committed to crafting images that will be cherished forever.

Tony Zhou Photography

Tony Zhou has been a passionate photographer for the past 20 years, capturing moments of couples across multiple cities and states.

Born in Shanghai and raised in New York City, Tony found his true passion at age 12 when he first held a Nikon FM2 film camera. Over two decades later, Tony has transformed his love for photography into a career. Today, he draws from his diverse background to bring a romantic minimalist approach to his work and delights in creating stunning images that evoke heartfelt memories of tears, love, and laughter.

Carey MacArthur Studio

Carey MacArthur is an award-winning documentary photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. For over fifteen years, she has been capturing the joyful and candid moments of couples who are deeply connected to each other.

Carey's signature style blends formal photographic training with her passion for storytelling. It is this combination that allows her to capture not only the mesmerizing beauty of each couple but also their unique bond and spirit. With an eye for detail and a vast knowledge of photography, Carey creates meaningful images full of emotion, charm, and enchantment.

Emily Louick Photography

After the decision to leave her long-standing career as a TV/Video producer, Emily Louick has been pursuing her passion for photography full-time. Since 2021, she has been capturing portraits, combining over 10 years of experience in storytelling and management.

Skillfully blending these talents, Emily creates an enjoyable photoshoot experience for couples deeply in love. Through personalized sessions, her goal is to capture authentic moments that reflect love and self-assurance. Her mission is to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and confident in front of the camera.