Top 10 Corporate Event Planners in West Hollywood, CA

If you're in charge of planning a corporate gathering in one of California's thriving business hubs, finding the right event planner can be just as important as selecting the ideal keynote speaker.

Corporate events in West Hollywood, California, demand a special touch that combines industry expertise with the area's distinct fusion of creativity and innovation.

Below are listed the best corporate event planners in West Hollywood, CA, who are known for their accuracy, originality, and flawless execution. Whether you're organizing a corporate retreat, a product launch, or an industry conference, these experts will guarantee the success of your event.

424 Productions

Recognized as a leading force in event production and design, 424 Productions is celebrating more than 20 years in the industry. Independent and female-run, 424 Productions is a conscientious force in the industry, advocating for inclusivity and a responsible footprint.

424 Productions is sought after for its proficiency in destination productions. The company has left its artistic imprint on properties all over the world, from Scottish castles to Italian villas. Renowned clients like Adobe, Disney, and Fenty attest to its skillful combination of persistence and logistical planning. 

NVE Experience Agency

NVE Experience Agency creates brand experiences that have a lasting effect by combining artistic creativity with strategic insight. Originally an event production company, NVE has evolved into an all-encompassing creative marketing agency over the last twenty years.

NVE is known for its creative approach to marketing solutions and event production, which changes relationships with customers and creates brand legacies. Its team combines "polished hustle" with clever problem-solving, which makes its services appealing to audiences from Netflix, TikTok, the NBA, and Adidas.

Bixel & Company

Bixel & Co. has been Southern California's best destination management and event production company since it launched in 1988. With a wealth of experience planning exclusive events at LA's most sought-after venues, Bixel's repertoire spans from intimate corporate retreats to grandiose award shows.

Under the leadership of Dabney Bixel, the company's dedication to providing top-notch service has built lasting partnerships with big names like Apple and Nike. Renowned for its holistic approach to event planning—Bixel is capable of organizing events that stay in its clients' memories forever.

Create Something Amazing

Create Something Amazing has been a big part of making customized experiences possible in 34 locations around the world. This black-owned, female-led powerhouse has been in the event production business since 2018 and specializes in eco-conscious space transformation.

CSA shows how powerful and useful different ways of thinking can be. Its creative team has already put together more than 200 events, from brand activations in Austin to fancy soirees in Cannes. The company's creativity is demonstrated through its collaborations with well-known clients, such as Apple and Google.

Sterling Engagements Inc.

Sterling Engagements Inc. is known for making its clients' dreams come true in the most beautiful ways. With the talented Alexandra Rembac in charge, the company excels in planning and running all kinds of events on the day of.

Sterling Engagements is known for its creative strategy, forward-thinking design, and wide range of production services, from small-scale conferences to large-scale digital and virtual events. With 17 years of experience, it has worked with big names like Disney, FOX, Google, and Universal Studios, underscoring its industry-leading reputation for unmatched service.

AOO Events

AOO Events provides excellent services for planning and putting together corporate and social gatherings. This award-winning team, led by the legendary David E. Merrell, combines brand strategy with immersive experiences in a way that doesn't feel like work. They do this for major nonprofits, Fortune 500 companies, and Hollywood's biggest stars.

AOO is known for designing with strong feelings in mind, and they can do everything from big corporate events and product launches to small weddings. Its work with well-known events like the Academy Awards and Super Bowl demonstrates how skilled it is at making live experiences impressive.

Russell Harris Event Group

With more than 20 years of experience in design, production, and management, Russell Harris Event Group (RHEG) is a multi-award-winning event powerhouse. Russell Harris, the organization's creative leader, assists RHEG in producing first-rate live and virtual events. Customers like Disney, Intel, ABC, and FOX demonstrate the business's expertise in the field.

RHEG has completely rethought event design by fusing immersive visitor experiences with visuals, particularly in virtual and hybrid spaces. The company provides in-depth services like venue selection and state-of-the-art technology integrations. Thanks to the creative flair that its talented team brings to each corporate function, every conference, gala, or trade show planned by Russell Harris Event Group is extraordinary.

RG Live Events

RG Live Events has had the honor of partnering with industry giants like Hennessy, Microsoft, and Porsche to manage events that leave indelible marks. Leading the charge is event guru Diana Rayzman, who brings her illustrious knowledge from Vanity Fair and MTV Networks to the fore.

RG Live Events operates from LA with branches across major US cities. The company specializes in the complete planning of events of all kinds, from high-profile conferences and glitzy product launches to powerful gatherings. Broad production management and tactical event-marketing alliances are part of its service offering.

Zynger Events

Zynger Events bears a 16-year legacy of creating outstanding corporate and nonprofit experiences. The company's founder Ryan Zynger infuses each event with nearly three decades of expertise and his unique blend of creativity, precision, and flair.

With global outreach, Zynger Events stands out for delivering interactive, meaningful gatherings that elevate every message or cause presented. Esteemed clients, including Facebook and The California Science Center, are testaments to its vast capabilities in producing events that resonate and inspire.

Contemporary Productions

Contemporary Productions, an industry veteran, has been setting the standard for experiential marketing and the event sector since 1968. Established initially as a St. Louis concert promoter, this independently owned company has amassed an impressive portfolio, planning events ranging from Super Bowl halftime shows to Papal visits.

The team at Contemporary Productions has been in business for more than 50 years and guarantees perfect execution for any corporate event, including business meetings, conferences, and grand openings. Their areas of expertise span live and virtual event planning, entertainment booking, and even creative development.