Fine art photography is about offering the viewer a different version of reality, as seen through the artists’ eyes. Rather than the literal documentation of a landscape or scene, it results in something special that makes you want to frame it and hang it on the wall.

Miami is a creative hub of Florida, with photographers from all corners of the world inspired by its seascapes and vibrant culture. Whether you’re after photos of classic cars, whimsical nature, or inspiring portraits, here are 10 fine art photographers to keep an eye on.

Cheryl Maeder

Pink smoke drifts through a wetland forest [Cheryl Maeder]

Hailing from New Jersey, Cheryl Maeder is a fine art photographer and video installation artist who studied at the Zurich University of the Arts in Switzerland. On her return to the United States, she opened a photography studio in San Francisco where she worked with women of all shapes and sizes on the “Real Women, Real Beauty” Dove campaign. Since relocating to Miami in 2005, she’s focused her photography on “connection” and her work has been exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Paris, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, and the Miami International Airport.

Kike Valderrama

A fine art photography exhibition by Kike Valderrama [Kike Valderrama]

Kike Valderrama is a Miami-based fine art photographer who shoots wedding, commercial and product photography. Many of his most artistic works have been captured while traveling around the world and are available as prints mounted on HD acrylic or metal that’s been handcrafted in the United States. In describing his photography, Kike says: “With an expectant silence, each photograph pretends to tell something with colors, contrasts, lights, and shadows.”

David Gary Lloyd Fine Art Photography

A tree-lined walkway [David Gary Lloyd Fine Art Photography]

With BFAs in Photography and Graphic Design, David Gary Lloyd is a talented fine art photographer who’s passionate about exploring contrasting elements in the natural and human-made worlds. His work regularly combines photography, digital painting, and mixed media, as well as abstract reconstructions of iconic objects. Aside from working as a Teaching Artist at the Perez Art Museum Miami (where he also led guided tours), Lloyd’s work has been featured in “Vogue Mexico”, “SaatchiArt” and “DesignMilk”.

Nelson Tirado

A spectacular landscape scene by Nelson Tirado [Nelson Tirado]

While Nelson Tirado’s work is focused on fine art landscape photography, he’s equally talented at capturing immersive images of cities and architecture. He has a knack for revealing nature in all its glory, with his images so vibrant and vivid that you feel like you are actually there. When he’s not planning adventures to reach some of the most spectacular destinations in the world, he’s documenting the allure of New York City or his hometown of Miami.

Christian Robotti

A portrait of two girls on an abandoned train track [Christian Robotti]

Based in Miami Beach, Christian Robotti is a fine art and portrait photographer who has had his fashion and street work published internationally. He recently won the “People’s Choice Award” at the Coral Gables Museum’s 4th annual contest, as well as the "Miami Photographer of the Year" with the RAW Artist Organization. Christian graduated with honors in 1999 from the Savannah College of Art & Design and regularly shares his photography knowledge at the Art Center of South Florida.

Artem Shestakov

A palm-lined beach at sunset [Artem Shestakov]

Originally from Ukraine, Artem Shestakov now resides in Miami where he has received acclaim for his nature and landscape images. He discovered his passion while traveling in Brazil and spent five years exploring the country while honing his fine art photography skills. He says that his travels developed within him “a deep understanding of and passion for landscapes and the wilderness”, which enables him to “preserve the awe that these subjects inspire”. Artem’s images have been featured in “Forbes” magazine and he produces a limited number of prints for purchase.

Roman Gerardo

A fine art image by Roman Gerardo [Roman Gerardo]

Roman Gerardo draws on his 15 years of experience as an art consultant to create engaging, mixed media works. He’s originally from Havana, Cuba but is now based in Miami where he draws inspiration from the region’s seascapes, contemporary architecture, and classic cars. He blends old school and contemporary techniques in creating his beautiful images, which include spectacular fine art aerial photographs. He says: “With my prints, I desire to take the viewer to a new dimension where classic fine art and a contemporary point of view collide with the most intriguing and remarkable ocean location ever existed, South Beach.”

Lara Rios

A creative wedding ring details shot by Lara Rios [Lara Rios]

Lara Rios has worked as a wedding and portrait photographer since 2010, with her style combining elements of documentary and fine art photography. She loves natural lighting and simple compositions while infusing her images with an elegant and timeless quality. While browsing her portfolio, you can see that Lara loves documenting real moments and emotions, from genuine tears to authentic laughter. Lara predominantly shoots in South Florida but also loves to travel to document destination weddings both interstate and abroad.

Sandra Canning

A whimsical sepia photography by Sandra Cunning [Sandra Canning]

In the words of Sandra Canning: “Sometimes I find the pictures. Sometimes they find me. It is always about going beyond the veil to reveal the beauty that is hidden in plain sight.” Predominantly self-taught, Sandra loves working with long exposures and photographing the fourth dimension (time), whether she’s shooting landscapes, seascapes, or architecture. Sandra’s work has been featured at the Florida Museum of Photographic Art and the Cornell Museum of Art & American Culture, as well as earning her countless awards.

Enrique Muñoz

A quinceanera shoot by Enrique Muñoz [Enrique Muñoz]

Enrique Muñoz is a wedding, quinceanera, and portrait photography company that has a distinctly fine art edge. Their studio is based in Southwest Miami-Dade where it has been doing business for more than 50 years, led by successive generations of the same family. Enrique Muñoz’s images regularly feature colonial architecture and soaring cathedrals as their backdrop, resulting in images that really stand out from the rest. Whether you’re after a photographer to document your communion, graduation, or engagement session, Enrique Muñoz delivers exceptional results.

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