Best Wedding Planners in Chicago, IL

In the heart of Illinois, where the skyscrapers kiss the clouds, Chicago stands proud—a city famed for jazz-infused nights, deep-dish pizza rivalries, and a certain bean that’s not quite bean-shaped. It’s a city where love stories are as enduring as the Cubs' historic World Series win.

Imagine tying the knot in this metropolis with a backdrop of urban splendor meeting lakeside charm. The wedding industry here isn't just about saying 'I do,' it’s a celebration woven with the same audacity and flair that characterizes Chi-Town.

For those ready to elevate their nuptial game, behold the curated list of Chicago's crème de la crème wedding planners. Step into the spotlight of The Magnificent Mile and make your day as legendary as the city itself.

Michelle Durpetti Events

Since its inception in 2008, Michelle Durpetti Events has raised the standard for exceptional milestones, pioneering unforgettable experiences from its hospitality-driven roots at Gene & Georgetti. Bulwarked by over 14 years and 400 events, their background in ornate food and beverage service informs each event's aesthetic sophistication.

With bilingual talents leading a love for travel-infused weddings, Durpetti's process is differentiated by cultural fluency, specializing in stylish and meticulously organized celebrations.

Lola Event Productions

Under the artistic guidance of Lori Stephenson, alongside managing partners Kristy Diana and Michelle Vining, Lola Event Productions has seamlessly orchestrated over 800 bespoke ceremonies since 2006. Their recipe for success melds authentic creativity with sharp industry acumen, ensuring every event is distinct.

Distinguished by 'Best Planners' accolades from elite publications, Lola's personalized approach transcends trends. They transform love stories into celebrated occasions that resonate with charm and individuality, proudly advocating for diversity and 'Love is Love' principles.

Birch Design Studio

Birch Design Studio is a premier boutique firm renowned for its exquisite event design and planning. Founded by globetrotter and design virtuoso Marina Alexandra Birch, the studio is a collective of designers and producers delivering unprecedented attention to detail.

With roots in Manhattan and an art history degree from Princeton, Marina Birch crafts celebrations that honor tradition and challenge conventions. Praised by Vogue and The New York Times, her client-centric approach ensures each event is a personalized masterpiece, orchestrated to perfection without ego.

Michigan Avenue Events

Bringing two decades of industry excellence, Michigan Avenue Events (MAE) has cemented itself as a titan of event planning, fostering extravagant weddings and events for a diverse global clientele. With a roster of A-list clientele and a trove of industry awards, their service isn't just planning — it's curating timeless moments.

Under the leadership of founder Brianne Garritano, MAE offers exceptional care, streamlined communication, and chic, polished designs. It distinguishes itself with a seamless execution of events, prioritizing elegance and exclusivity.

Shannon Gail Events

With over 16 years of experience and 700+ weddings under their belt, Shannon Gail Events has flourished in Chicago and across the U.S. as a boutique firm with an expert team adept in finance, marketing, and design. Their comprehensive service offerings — from venue selection and vendor referrals to complete budget forecasting and event styling — are fully customizable to fit each client’s unique vision.

Shannon Gail’s blend of industry acumen, financial savvy, and discerning taste sets them apart, making them a leading authority in wedding and event planning.

Christine Janda Design and Events

Founded by Christine Janda Edelcup, a former advertising executive, CJDE embodies a strategic blend of corporate acuity with the warmth of a small business. Garnering accolades such as "Best of Wedding Planner" by The Knot, their full-service approach is deeply personalized, ensuring every couple feels like they are the only ones being catered to.

Unique for in-house design capabilities, CJDE promises trust, exclusivity, and a commitment to making wedding journeys as joyful as the celebration itself.

Aisle Ai Weddings

Aisle Ai Weddings merges cultural richness with modern sophistication. Co-founded by visionaries with roots in art, cuisine, and music, the Aisle Ai team—certified by the Bridal Society—brings a kaleidoscope of talents, from cinematic storytelling to floral artistry.

Specializing in luxurious, personalized events, Aisle Ai Wedding Planners are linguistic chameleons in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and more, dreaming up celebrations that shimmer with diversity in Chicago and New York.

Lionhearted Events

Lionhearted Events, a vanguard in personalized weddings since 2015, crafts milestones for couples with a flair for the unique. Spearheaded by Grace Freeman, an alumnus of political campaigns turned Certified Wedding Planner, her team's revolutionary ethos transcends convention, infusing celebrations with bold expressiveness.

With over 250 bespoke events, Lionhearted Events epitomizes elegance without surprises—your trust, their blueprint for a remarkable tale of love. Renowned for building seamless experiences rooted in transparency, they champion a 'uniquely you' philosophy.

Bridget Mary Weddings & Events

Bridget Mary Weddings & Events transforms nuptial dreams into present moments of joy and revelry. Established by Bridget Flynn, of Florida roots and Chicago presence, this bespoke wedding planner brand marries mindfulness with meticulous coordination.

Alongside Alicia, her esteemed associate known for her warm efficiency, Bridget elevates wedding days into legacies of love. She ensures the minutiae are managed, from the best seat for grandma to seamless shuttle arrivals, all while advocating for mental well-being.

Northwest Weddings

Northwest Weddings, spearheaded by the dynamic Alyssa Nicole, has redefined wedding coordination by infusing personal assistant-like attentiveness into every special occasion. Specializing in Chicagoland ceremonies, her firm offers packages ranging from 'day of' assistance to full-service planning.

Launching from a side gig to leading a passionate team, Alyssa has crafted a unique brand of wedding planning. With expertise spanning traditional to non-traditional nuptials, Alyssa's promise is energizing celebrations with a captivating spirit. Their mantra of ensuring couples savor their day with tranquility sets them apart.