Best Wedding Planners in Atlanta, GA

In the unofficial capital of the peachy South, the only thing hotter than its infamous traffic is the wedding scene. Known for birthing hip-hop moguls, Atlanta spins a narrative of love amidst its urban beats.

The Big Peach has it all—history whispering through its Olympic Park, flavors jiving in The Varsity, and, correspondingly, romance carefully crafted by the city’s elite wedding planners. With a flair for intertwining tradition with trendsetting, these architects of 'I do' turn matrimonial visions into Georgia gold.

Stay tuned for a grand reveal of Atlanta’s top wedding planners—the ultimate ensemble to hitch without a glitch!

Wrennwood Design

Under the leadership of Amberly Odom, Wrennwood Design creates immersive events that redefine luxury. With over 17 years of global experience, the company crafts design-centric celebrations of love. Rooted in avant-garde execution and full-service planning, its discerning approach ensures each wedding marries artistry with meaning.

Wrennwood's expert team, including vibrant planners like Jenna Andersen and detail-oriented Julia Lavanchy, bring unmatched dedication and creativity, delivering remarkable experiences that linger long after the last dance.

Drake Social Events

Drake Social Events mixes Southern warmth with West Coast innovation to produce outstanding events through a symphony of careful planning and avant-garde design. Helmed by a team with roots stretching from Atlanta to Santa Barbara, their creations mirror the eclectic mix of tradition and trend.

Courtney Drake's unique background—a fusion of interior design, construction management, and finance—alongside a crew of passionate planners, solidifies their niche. With a flair for creating "awe" moments, they limit their annual event roster to deliver personalized experiences.

Lemiga Events

Founded in 2004 by Michelle Gainey, Lemiga Events quickly emerged as Atlanta's epitome of event planning mastery, heralded by Harper’s Bazaar and The Atlantan Magazine. Renowned for sculpting glamorous and soulful weddings, this boutique's modus operandi blends Modern Southern Hospitality with a bold touch.

Lauded for her calming presence and ability to coax client aspirations into existence, Gainey ensures each event is legendary. With a 20-year pedigree adorning spaces from Atlanta to international venues, her narrative-driven approach defies the ordinary.

Fete and Figs

Fête and Figs stands out in Atlanta's wedding planning scene, earning accolades for customized, breathtaking revelries. Amanda Oldeen's vision, propelled by a lifelong passion, blossomed from grandiose birthday parties to 150+ weddings.

Each handpicked planner at Fête and Figs brings over a decade of large-scale event expertise—from organizing city-wide scavenger hunts to coordinating national conventions. Their seamless blend of client-centric planning ensures every couple's story is woven into the fabric of their special day.

Molly McKinley Designs

Since its inception in 2013, Molly McKinley Designs has elevated wedding planning to an art form. This Georgia and Florida-based outfit is renowned for assembling refined and inviting events with rigorous attention to detail.

With a decade-long legacy, Molly McKinley is celebrated for her calm demeanor and over-organized logistical expertise. From intimate locales in the Southeast to grand international venues, her team's commitment to quality and intentionality sets them apart, earning features in top-tier publications like Vogue and Southern Weddings Magazine.

Truly Ewers Events

Paula Ewers began her trajectory as the go-to family planner for opulent gatherings. With over 15 years in the industry, from hospitality to corporate planning, she ingrains a piece of her heart into every luxe celebration.

Headquartered in both Texas and Georgia, Paula's niche is crafting stress-free weddings that epitomize each couple's love story. Meticulously attentive to every facet, from design to execution, her team surpasses the usual—delivering an Event That Is Truly Ewers.

Russell Wendell Events

Russell Simon, the force behind Russell Wendell Events, wields his business acumen and creative flair to sculpt unforgettable weddings. A polished professional with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting, he applies keen business insights and imaginative concepts to curate extraordinary affairs in Atlanta's event landscape.

Having served high-profile clients and Fortune 500 companies, Simon's style is opulent yet personalized, ensuring each occasion is a distinct reflection of the celebrant's vision.

Rose + Sage Events

With a root in family legacy, Katie Fowler of Rose + Sage Events brings over a decade of industry savvy to the Southeast's event planning scene. Tempered with a stint in marketing, her lineage in event planning has blossomed into a signature approach that champions nostalgic experiences rich in detail.

Rose + Sage specializes in weddings that embody sophistication without stifling fun, emphasizing a client-centric ethic that mixes gratitude with professionalism. Their sustainably authentic events reflect not just a style but the very essence of the clients they serve.

Kogan Events

Anastasiia Kogan of Kogan Events infuses Atlanta's wedding scene with European elegance and Southern charm. With roots as a graphic designer and honeymoon planner, she now orchestrates breathtaking weddings that mirror couples' narratives.

Kogan Events specializes in design, planning, coordination, and florals, pledging stress-free, stunning celebrations. Differentiated by certified expertise, they offer a fusion of cross-cultural flair and an exuberant passion for inclusivity—making every wedding a personal triumph.

Lindsey Wise Designs

Lindsey Wise Designs transforms event planning into an art form with its commitment to detailed curation. Born from the need for a creative escape, founder Lindsey Wise has woven her mastery of intricate details into a company synonymous with bespoke celebrations.

Leveraging Lindsey's MBA and corporate acumen in accounting, the firm consistently sets the bar high in the wedding planning arena. Their unique concierge-level service ensures a peaceful experience for couples, prioritizing enjoyment during their special day.