Best Video Production Companies in Miami, FL

Cradled between the Everglades and the Atlantic, Miami is a flamboyant cocktail of Art Deco, alligators, and a dash of Café Cubano.

From the rhythmic beats of Little Havana to the glossy allure of South Beach, Miami thrives on the kind of theatrical zest that is pure catnip for the video production scene.

If radiant storytelling as luminous as Miami's skyline tempts your senses, you can't miss out on the local masters of scene and shadow that dominate this tropical cinematic hub.


WeOwnTheCity redefines visual storytelling by melding the surreal with the urban. Pioneered by the prodigious 22-year-old Matías Vásquez, also known as STILLZ, this production company has crafted iconic imagery for titans like Vogue and Bad Bunny.

Rooted in Miami and Los Angeles, the ethos of WeOwnTheCity is to transcend traditional reggaeton and trap stereotypes, infusing pop culture with a distinctive Latin American identity. Its narrative – a canvas painted with Dali's dreams and Warhol's reality – is where creativity arrests the eye, reflecting the soul of the client in every frame.

The Lucky Bastards Inc.

Founded in 2020, The Lucky Bastards Inc. sprang from the lifelong passion of a friend group led by award-winning Director Christian Breslauer. A family-centric production hive, The Bastards excels in crafting bold and gritty narratives.

Spearheaded by Breslauer's Florida hustle and big-name music video triumphs, from Lil Nas X to SZA, the company embodies its mantra—"DREAM BIG, LIVE BIGGER." With VMA accolades and Cannes Lions honors in their trophy room, The Lucky Bastards are shaping the future of WOW-ing visuals.

the community

Founded on the belief that ideas thrive in diversity, the community has established itself as a powerhouse creative agency, fostering cultural connectivity while nurturing a global family of talent. Celebrated for its 11 Grand Prix wins and regular Ad Age A-List appearances, the community, led by ex-BBDO Creative Director Joaquín Molla, is known for award-winning campaigns for big names like Netflix and Porsche.

With a dedicated Equity council and a vibrant tapestry of 30+ nationalities, the community is shaping the industry's future with cultural insight, hitting every mark as the creative partner for the new mainstream.

Paige Dorian Productions

At the heart of the media world, Paige Dorian Productions blends relentless dedication with a touch of glamour. Founded on the ethos of service and meticulous organization, this company catapulted from the dynamic vision of its founder, Paige Dorian.

From an executive assistant seeking a fresh start in 2011, Dorian has built a fast-paced, creative powerhouse facilitating high-profile shoots for industry giants such as Adidas, Chevrolet, and FedEx. Operating across LA, New York, and Miami, the company embodies a ‘never-give-up’ spirit, ensuring clients leave not just satisfied but delighted.


Embarking on its creative voyage in 2017, DRKT. is a Miami-based hub of creativity helmed by the visionary Executive Producer Kane Velasquez. Specializing in lifestyle content, DRKT. marries dazzling artistry with brand storytelling and cultural influence.

With a mission centered on elevating artistry and community building, DRKT. transcends traditional media boundaries, offering a full spectrum of production services—from strategic conception to mesmerizing cinematography. They stand at the vanguard of producing poignant narratives that redefine the media landscape.

Russell Film Company

Pioneering the art of storytelling through imagery, Mike Russell has an illustrious career that began at the revered Crispin Porter + Bogusky agency, building campaigns for global giants like Burger King and Volkswagen. Now at the helm of his Miami-based company, Mike channels transatlantic experiences, blending marketing acumen with cinematic finesse to forge visceral connections between brands and their audiences.

Boasting more than 30 years of collective expertise, the team at Russell Film Company exemplifies the power of elevating brand visibility through authentic storytelling.

Sound Off Films

Sound Off Films, co-founded in 2014 by Adrienne Hall and Annie Costner, crafts groundbreaking non-fiction and branded content that resonates and inspires. Guided by values of ethical storytelling and environmental responsibility, this women-led studio creates future-shifting stories with global impact.

Beyond high-quality work, Sound Off pledges 2% of production fees to nonprofits, embodying their commitment to social consciousness. They're more than filmmakers; they're influencers committed to promoting inclusivity and sparking dialogue with original stories.


ASAFILMS has carved a niche in the production house industry with its dynamic duo, Miriam Rabascall and Diego Cadavid. Boasting more than ten years of experience creating captivating photographs and video ads, they bring a blend of marketing savvy and artistic flair to projects for big names like Coca-Cola, American Express, and Huggies.

With offices in Miami and Guayaquil, ASAFILMS stands out through comprehensive video production, striking photography services, and impactful social media content, propelling brands with visual finesse. The company thrives on building trust with clients, ensuring excellence from pre-production to final delivery.


From conjuring visual tales in Miami to leaving indelible color imprints across the nation, Illumiret stands as a beacon of collaborative cinematography. Established in 2009 by Carlos Gonzalez, a maestro of film editing and coloring, Illumiret has orchestrated productions for behemoths like McDonald’s and Adidas and played a pivotal role in crafting evocative Latino ads for the 2020 presidential race.

More than a production house, Illumiret is a crucible where empathy meets imagery. It frames stories through a human-focused lens, going beyond just looks to touch the core of what it means to be human.

Oscar Films

Founded in 2017 by visionary music video director Oscar Vazquez, Oscar Films LLC has swiftly risen to prominence in Miami's video production scene. Championing the mission to empower artists and tell captivating stories, Oscar Films combines state-of-the-art technology with a genuine passion for innovation.

With over a decade's experience, Oscar Films produces more than 50 striking videos annually, using state-of-the-art technology, from aerial drones to underwater cameras, ensuring each project defies creative limits.