Best Video Production Companies in Los Angeles, CA

Amidst sun-kissed dreamers and bumper-to-bumper philosophers, this City of Angels has sealed its celebrity status on the global stage. It's a place where the golden age of cinema still winks from the Hollywood Hills and the word "action" means more than just a prompt—it's a lifestyle.

Here, every street corner could double as a movie set, and they often do. For those eager to shout "Cut!" with conviction or craft visual masterpieces, we have spotlighted the finest production maestros in the land.

Join us for an exclusive tour through LA's crème de la crème of camera-toting connoisseurs. Lights, camera—discover!

Rosco Production

Founded by the seasoned Daniel Worthington, Rosco Production stands out as a full-service production house with skills honed from global experiences. Having offices in significant fashion capitals worldwide—London, Paris, New York, and Los Angeles—Rosco offers unparalleled service within the beauty sphere.

Known for integrity and a dynamic ethos, Rosco excels in casting, stills, video, and digital events—consistently delivering a product that surpasses the commonplace. Their attentive approach nurtures long-term relationships, emphasizing a seamless blend of powerful knowledge and discerning curation.


Mac Shoop of SHOOP STUDIOS crafts visual stories, blending a love for film and music with advertising acumen from a University of Oregon education.

Celebrated for aiding growth and enhancing audience connections, SHOOP STUDIOS brings a unique synthesis of photography, direction, social media, and branding strategy. With experience shaped by global travels and high-profile clients like Adidas, Nike, and Def Jam, this studio is synonymous with innovative, strategic, and stylish productions.

Doomsday Entertainment

Doomsday Entertainment stands as a titan of innovation in production, representing directors behind award-winning content, from music videos to documentaries. Its distinctive style has culminated in celebrated works for artists like Childish Gambino and brands like Nike and Beats.

With 24 years in the industry and an impressive list of accolades, including Grammy wins for "This Is America," the company's founder, Danielle Hinde, brings a blend of creative vision and industry-leading knowledge. Her commitment to boundary-pushing is unmatched.

Visual Currency

Led by Catherine Ovalle, Visual Currency reigns as a digital alchemist in Los Angeles's competitive production landscape. With diverse expertise rooted in marketing, staffing, and modeling, Ovalle's leadership fosters a unique blend of originality and strategy.

Recognized for innovative videos and impactful digital strategies, Visual Currency's portfolio boasts collaborations with industry titans, distinguishing themselves with material that inspires. This video production and digital marketing company enhances brands to their finest through immersive, story-driven content.


Founded by Andrew Bear, a virtuoso in producing high-caliber global shoots, Hyperion is a beacon in the industry for masterful execution with grace and innovation. Leveraging Andrew's media genesis at Prada Co., Hyperion merges creativity with tech-savvy solutions.

Renowned for an approach grounded in respect, the Hyperion team also dedicates themselves to community initiatives, fostering a collaborative work environment. Notable clients such as Conde Nast and Tommy Hilfiger are a testament to Hyperion's dedication to pushing the boundaries of production.

Three River Studios

Three River Studios, led by John Duarte, is a stronghold of visual creativity. Noted for their refined craft after successful projects with Google, YouTube, and Intel, their work resounds beyond the momentary.

With a philosophy rooted in lasting impact, Three River Studios offers end-to-end production capabilities. Globetrotters at heart, its team conducts seamless productions worldwide, delivering projects that resonate beyond the quick digital swipe.

7 Hills Productions

Blending 20 years of filmmaking expertise with a flair for striking narratives, 7 Hills Productions stands out with its remarkable artistry.

Founded by the acclaimed Merve Tekin, the team crafts video masterpieces for giants like Porsche and Google, each project a symphony of creative collaboration and high-end production tailored to showcase the brand's unique story. Their distinguished six-phase process ensures each film carries the hallmark of influence, making 7 Hills the go-to storyteller for leading brands worldwide.

Drive Studios

Drive Studios stands out with over two decades of diverse industry experience, evolving from a hands-on creative hub to a bastion of filmmaking innovation. Based in DTLA, they are lauded for their interdisciplinary prowess, right from inventive direction to cutting-edge AR/VR and tech development.

With accolades from CLIO to British Arrows, Drive Studios' portfolio spans film, TV, music, and more. Their unmatched dedication has made them a magnet for top-tier clients seeking the extraordinary.


SKUNK has consistently pushed the boundaries of storytelling since its inception by Matt Factor in 2008. With 15 years of rich experience and a team of accomplished directors from all over the globe, SKUNK has honed its craft through a blend of traditional techniques and cutting-edge creativity.

Priding themselves on rigorous planning and a spark of "pixie dust," SKUNK excels in creating emotionally resonant films, commercials, and music videos. The company stands out for its devotion to artistic integrity and narrative depth, attracting high-caliber clients like Apple, Lexus, Amazon, and Fox Sports, among others.


With a keen eye for storytelling and marketing acumen, Video Production Los Angeles crafts striking, data-driven content. Established by award-winning director Cody Ebbeler, their expertise marries cinematic beauty with strategic positioning, optimizing video for performance.

The company's hybrid approach—a fusion of clever brilliance and marketing insights—sets them apart, ensuring videos resonate with the intended audience. Famous for boosting brand narratives, VPLA's portfolio speaks volumes, illustrating its exemplary standards in the competitive landscape of video production.