Special events like an engagement party, birthday party, or a launch party for a new brand deserve a special celebration. When you want to organize an unforgettable ceremony renting out a restaurant for a night is an excellent venue choice! With as little or as much as you would like to spend to make your event special, in the end, it’s all about finding the right restaurant for you. In this article, we will highlight the different options available according to your budget and answer your question “How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Restaurant for a Night?”

Why do people rent restaurants for a night?

On a day-to-day basis, you either have your meals at home or on the go, all depending on your schedule. However, when it comes to a special occasion, you may want this event to be something unique.

If you want to host a grand engagement party with a flurry of customs and traditions, renting a restaurant can be the perfect decision as it allows you to have the décor based on your taste. Or perhaps, it’s your child’s first birthday party – a restaurant is a perfect place to celebrate. You could also rent a restaurant for various other events such as:

  • Film or photoshoot
  • Launch party for a new brand
  • Company party
  • Corporate event

If you rent a restaurant for a night, it saves you the hassle of cooking for the guests, serving them, and later cleaning up once the event is over. However, when it is about celebrating milestones in your personal or professional life, the day should be all about you. When you rent a restaurant all you have to do is sample the menu (YUM!), attend to your guests, and then drive home after an easy and successful night.

How to rent a restaurant for a night?

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Despite having a clear picture of how you want the event to be, finding the perfect restaurant to rent can require hours of online searching. Additionally, the task becomes more difficult when websites do not include adequate photos of the property or don’t list their prices publicly.

With numerous options available, Giggster is one of the easiest ways to find and rent a restaurant for a night. All you have to do is find the one that fits your needs. You can do this by narrowing down the search by type of event, available dates, locations, and budget. You can also add filters to your search for specific requirements like a dance floor or VIP area.

Giggster also has high-quality photos of every available restaurant, along with the features and amenities available at the property. The description provided also includes honest reviews from previous renters. However, Giggster understands that you may not always have the time to search for the perfect venue. To help with this you can get in touch with Giggster Concierge team, where they will find your perfect location!

Types of restaurants to rent for a night

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So, what type of restaurants can you rent on Giggster? From a contemporary modern restaurant to a beach-house café, all kinds of restaurants are available to rent. Varying in terms of location and budgets, below are some restaurants to rent out for a night:

It is always advisable to message the host before booking to clear any doubts about the rental. As these restaurants differ in terms of features and location rules, asking questions about the venue is understandable and the host will be more than happy to answer your inquiries.

Trendy Beach Restaurant with Patio Atlanta, GA

Whether you are looking for a large lounge area for a lavish dining experience or a restaurant with a perfectly lit bar, Giggster has got the restaurant rental for you. Before finalizing the restaurant that you want to rent, here are some additional factors to consider:

  • Caterers
  • Cocktail servers
  • Photo booths
  • Parking

How much does it cost to rent a restaurant for a night?

Now, that you know about how to rent a restaurant, you must be thinking about how much it will cost? When renting out a restaurant for a night you can ideally spend 5-7 hours at the venue. Most of the restaurants can be found at $200 per hour while some can cost up to and more than $500 per hour, not including additional fees, due to difference in style, location, and size.

With Giggster, you don’t have to worry about the additional fees as we are upfront about our rental prices. This means there are no surprises! On Giggster, you can rent out a restaurant for as low as $100 an hour. For a more lavish and spacious restaurant, you can expect to pay anywhere between $200 - $400 an hour.

Giggster makes the process of finding and booking a restaurant easier than ever. Furthermore, we hope this article gave you some more insight on “How much does it cost to rent a restaurant for a night?”

Find amazing restaurants to rent on Giggster

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