Thousands of people take pre-wedding photographs in Los Angeles every year. Most of them shoot at well shot-at locations such as Santa Monica Pier, Pasadena City Hall, Walt Disney Concert Hall, The Griffith Observatory... you know what we're talking about. But what if you want something more unique, more private, more exclusive? Did you know you can rent a beautiful mansion or lovely estate as wedding photoshoot location, or perhaps even for the wedding itself?

We've picked out 13 of our most loved locations used for pre-wedding photoshoots, fresh for your picking. Let's dive in!

#13: Above The Clouds


This location will truly make you feel above the world, as you should when you're about to get married! It is a 10 acre mediterranean/modern home situated in Malibu. It has outdoor lawns overlooking tremendous views, perfect for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Starting at $650/hr, available on

#12: Villa Francesca


Another ocean-view Malibu mansion, Villa Francesca exudes and exotic and tropical vibe. It is sure to give a truly Southern Californian look to your photographs!

Starting at $290/hr, available on

#11: Pasadena Renaissance


This beautiful, Georgian style mansion exudes opulence and will definitely give an extremely luxurious and exclusive look to your pictures.

Starting at $600/hr, available on

#10: Mansion No. 2005


This beautiful mansion, located near Sherman Oaks, would be perfect for any kind of pre-wedding shoot. It provides a great backdrop for luxurious looking engagement photographs, without the hassle of shooting in public spaces with pesky tourists roaming about everywhere.

Starting at $500/hr, available on

#9: Malibu Cove


Malibu Cove was also mentioned in our article on the 6 Millionaire Malibu Mansions Available to Rent for Filming. It's a beautiful Victorian estate perched atop a 2 acre bluff top, with panoramic ocean views, private beach frontage and expansive lawns and gardens.

Starting at $500/hr, available on

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#8: California Royale


Stylish, chic and delightfully open, this pristine modern mansion is sure to take your breath away, and help you create some great memories that you can show your friends and family.

Starting at $450/hr, available on

#7: Hollywood Regency


This chic, glamorous Hollywood Regency loft is a velvet dream engulfed in 20 feet long ice silver drapes, making it feel like you're inside of a jewelry box. It is also indoors, so your shoot will not be affected by weather conditions. It also happens to be the most affordable wedding photoshoot property on our list!

Starting at $75/hr, available on

#6: Ocean & Sky Ranch


Another property on this list that will truly make you feel like you're on Cloud 9, this ranch offers the ultimate Santa Monica Mountains atmosphere – mature oaks, sandstone rock formations, and unsurpassed views of the Malibu mountains and coastline. It even features a freshwater pond and an earth-tone concrete structure that can be utilized in a multitude of ways.

Starting at $362/hr, available on

#5: Boho Downtown Studio


This one is quite different from the others on this list. It is a studio, 1700 sq. ft. in area, with roof access, open spaces, and featuring huge windows on one full side. It definitely provides for an interesting backdrop to a pre-wedding shoot!

Starting at $75/hr, available on

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#4: New California 7


This ocean-view mansion in Malibu is perfect for weddings and events. It features an immaculate lawn with lush trees and a pool in the backyard. It is a 6 acre property with a tennis court, bay windows, hardwood floors and white walls – along with beautiful views of the sea. What's not to like?

Starting at $400/hr, available on

#3: Legendary Sunset Hollywood Villa


This mid-century modernism 60's villa is a true vintage architectural beauty, and it captures the 60's movies era impeccably. It served as a backdrop set during the 60's in several action and drama movies including Ocean's 11 and some Ian Fleming Bond movies. You and your partner could be the next ones to star in this property!

Starting at $175/hr, available on

#2: La Cabana Beach Club


This rustic and contemporary property serves as the perfect backdrop to a beach-themed pre-wedding photoshoot. Aside from beach access, the property also features large grounds with tennis courts, a pool, and beach cabanas.

Starting at $430/hr, available on

#1: Le Chateau Rose


This location will make your pre-wedding shoot feel like it was held in the Palace of Versailles in France. Le Chateau Rose was designed and built by one of the founders of Architectural Digest, inspired by the Petit Trianon, Marie Antoinette's summer palace in France.

Starting at $706/hr, available on

Final Remarks

In order to achieve a unique and exclusive look, it's necessary to look in unique and exclusive places – like Giggster! We hope you have a lot of fun at your pre-wedding shoot, and remember to tag us @giggster_official in the photos you post, in order to get featured!

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