Tropical Wedding

Summer days mean lush vegetation and colours that transport the minds of the wedding couple and their guests to a wonderful place. The beautiful bride in this shoot looks like a princess in white and whether getting married in Edinburgh at an enchanted castle or on the beach of a sunny resort, the brilliant colour scheme shown here evokes happiness.

The beautiful blue sea that one envisions when thinking Edinburgh is not too far from the city centre. A short drive takes you to Cramond and the swans that conjure up thoughts of romance. Yellowcraigs is an absolutely stunning wedding destination, and while not the hot tropics of the Caribbean islands, it is still on the top of the list for UK beaches in Conde Naste Traveller!

Details for a Tropical Wedding

Does your mind always float to a happy place any time you hear the word tropical or island? Bring in the wonderful ideas from the Joielala shoot, and we’re already transported into the realms of planning a decidedly simple yet chic tropical wedding. Thinking of the giant palm leaves, colourful blooms, and frothy fruity drinks that complete the island experience provides more inspiration.

The tropical vibe is colourful, breezy, exudes feel-good energy, and most importantly fun. We’re brimming with endless lists of ideas to share with you, ranging from the type of vibrant wedding flower to seashore-inspired reception decor that you can incorporate into your tropical-inspired nuptials.

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Colour Palettes for a Tropical Wedding

The best way we can describe tropical wedding colours is in terms of emotion and island references. Pulling the pigments right from the Joielala editorial; burgundy, pink, yellow, lavender, white, orange, and green create a brilliant combination. These lively colours reflect nature at its best and also bring to mind the warmth of tropical locations.

We’re thinking along the lines of pineapple yellow, mango green, and coconut white. The goal is to make sure there are bursts of colour at every turn combined with the muted tones of the island-inspired touches. Green in the form of leaves, banana leaves, and foliage complete the look.

What to Look for in Venue for a Tropical Wedding

If you can spring a budget for a destination wedding, by all means, go for it. However, you don't have to cross the oceans in order to recite your vows against the backdrop of a tropical wedding venue. In general, tropical conjures up sun-filled, sandy, and natural outdoor spaces.

The island theme is a popular choice for folks planning beach weddings. You can equally get a slice of the tropical haven by converting a garden space into your ideal paradise. Tropical-themed resorts and lakefront properties are other wedding location ideas worth exploring. It's an added plus if the location has plenty of palm trees.

Reception Decor for a Tropical Wedding

Palm leaves, the banana leaf motif, rattans, and pineapples pretty much sum up the reception decor for a tropical wedding. The pineapple-shaped tray and decal, sliced pieces of lemon, oversized leaves, and wooden furniture paint the image of a tropical-approved reception venue. That just scratches the surface when exploring ideas for tropical wedding decor. The gold trinkets all around introduce an elegant touch to the entire spread.

We can also picture a rattan backdrop decked with assortments of palm leaves and vibrant flowers. You can't have too many tropical plants at an island-inspired reception venue. Bring in more palms, Monstera leaves, and banana leaf motifs into the mix.

Food for a Tropical Wedding

Impress your guests by serving a colourfully delicious menu. Fruity beverages served out of coconut shells, delectable bitings presented on banana leaves, and fruit platters are the type of wedding food you expect to indulge in at a tropical-themed event. If there's any better excuse to have a Tiki bar serving refreshing selections of mimosas and margaritas it's at a tropical festivity.

Take your guests on a gastronomic trip with a menu that includes shrimp cocktails, coconut shrimp, surf and turf combos, barbecue chicken, and roasted potatoes. As for the grand baked treat, from what the tropical shoot reveals, a cake sprinkled with coconut flakes is perfect for the occasion.

Wedding Dresses & Accessories for a Tropical Wedding

The floaty, simple gown the model donned for the photoshoot is perfect for a tropical wedding. It gives off beach wedding vibes and its simplicity stays true to the free-spirited nature of island living as well as tropical celebrations. The crowning piece is the floral headband that matches the beautiful bouquet.

The look doesn't even need much dressing up but the bride who wants a little something extra should keep it simple. However, the bridesmaids' outfits can be colourful or neutral-coloured paired with pigmented accessories. A much-welcomed alternative is to go for tie dye-style prints and patterns on the bridal party outfits.

Menswear for a Tropical Wedding

Going back to the quintessential tropical colour palette, anything falling in the spectrum of off-white to blues and pale gray would work for a beach wedding. Tuxedos have no place at a tropical wedding, and instead, cotton and linens are better choices. Overall, you still want to strike the right balance between casual and formal.

Open-toe sandals are too informal but there are selections of covered leather sandals that suit the occasion. Choose pocket squares over ties, and you have every right to rock the classic open shirt look. Basic rules still reign and your wedding attire should be perfectly tailored and fashioned out of summer fabrics.

Bouquets & Boutonnieres for a Tropical Wedding

If you ask us, we wouldn't change a thing when it comes to the floral arrangement. The Joielala shoot shows us how a cocktail of vibrant tropical posies creates the perfect wedding flowers. A bouquet made of Phalaenopsis Orchids, Anthurium, Birds of Paradise, Anemones, and Pincushion Protea are perfect choices.

Throw in some Monstera leaves, ferns, and fan palms to give the bouquets a leafy green touch. For the centrepieces, King Protea, Bougainvillea, Orchids, and Protea are wonderful options. Not to forget, include palm leaves, ferns, and vines like jasmine in the mix. Colourfully vibrant boutonnieres incorporating some of the same flowers are perfect for men.

Wedding Invitations for a Tropical Wedding

Borrowing a leaf, pun intended, from the shoot, the table settings with a leaf-shaped name decal could equally inspire the wedding invitations. If you prefer to keep it traditional, stationery imprinted with palm or banana leaf motifs is ideal for this theme. Pineapple patterns suit a couple hosting a cheerfully vibrant fete.

The eco-conscious couple might as well extend a cordial invitation to their guests with leaf invites. IWe’ve seen Monstera and other tropical leaves used to creatively fashion menus as well as table numbers. Therefore, they might as well serve as wedding invites. We also find that it's a lovely gesture to enclose some colourful petals within the envelope.

Favours & Gifts for a Tropical Wedding

We can also see how the leaf-shaped name decals could also double up as favours, particularly if they are made using durable material like tempered glass or acrylics. We also imagine that guests would appreciate the pineapple-shaped trays or table decals as wedding favours. The typical wedding favours, including miniature bottles of syrup, jam, or oils as well as other little trinkets, are equally great choices.

Make the gifts more tropical by wrapping them using banana leaves or going for organic woven boxes. Instead of a ribbon, go for an orchid accent or mini-palm leaves. Package sea salts or bath bombs in bamboo cups.

Colourful and Tropical Wedding Ideas

Colourful, tropical weddings are an absolutely perfect fit for summer. They’re lush, vibrant, and tons of fun. Today’s tropical wedding inspiration shoot from Joielala has it all – a pineapple motif, delightful floral design, and loads of bright, summery colours.

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Tropical wedding tablescape | Joielala Photography | see more on: #tropical #wedding
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From Saida Munroe of Lotus Blanc – “The inspiration behind our Tropical Romance photo shoot came from the idea of evoking the feel of an island destination wedding in our own backyard. I was inspired by the lush vegetation and flowers of the islands, wanting to capture the vibrant resort lifestyle Hawaii exudes while keeping true to the relaxed beach culture of San Diego where we shoot took place.

The day of our shoot was idyllic & we were instantly transported to the tropics with the backdrop of our venue. A mermaid gown tied in seamlessly with the theme of our shoot and bamboo, wood, and tropical floral designs brought it all together.”

Credits:  Photography: Joielala // Design & Styling: The Lotus Blanc // Floral Design: Isari Flower Studio + Event Design // Rentals & Styling: Layered Vintage // Invitation: Bliss & Bone // Wedding Dress: Aria Bridal // Furniture: Farm Tables + More // Venue: Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa in San Diego, California.