Top 10 Sports Photographers in Boston, MA

Boston is known as a sports town. From the Red Sox to the Celtics and Patriots, a rich tradition of sporting excellence has long been established in this history city. If you wanted to add your own athletic imagery to the fold, then consider working with a pro. With many to choose from in one of the sport’s capitals of the United States, you’ll find top pros in the industry who work with teams of all levels.

Do you need a talented sports photographer in Boston, MA? Browse these select Bostonian photographers to find one for your upcoming sporting event.

Bryce Vickmark Photography

Bryce Vickmark is one of the most talented all-around photographers in Boston. He built his experience through staff magazines at a local publication before starting his own business as a full-time photographer. A commercial photographer, he adds sports to lifestyle and event work.

Vickmark has been fortunate to work with many of Boston’s top athletes, such as the Red Sox baseball team. Clients commission him for sports portraits and in-game shots. He has an editorial style of shooting that results in realistic, documentary-style images.

For over a decade, Vickmark has developed a comprehensive portfolio showing his talent as a sports photographer. He’s published in The New York Times, USA Today, and Smithsonian Magazine.

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Paul Rutherford Photography

Whether he’s photographing the minor leagues or professional level sports, Paul Rutherford brings the same energy to the photo session. Throughout his career, he’s been able to capture some of the most dynamic sports photos right from the sidelines.

Paul specializes in action sports photography, crisply capturing moments during the heat of the game. In addition to action photography, Rutherford shoots athlete portraits. Athletes can organize a session in their natural element to get great headshots of them doing what they do best.

Damian Stroh Meyer

With over 70 Sports Illustrated covers, you might already be familiar with Damian Stroh Meyer’s work. He’s one of Boston’s most accomplished sports photographers who also works on commissioned and personal projects.

Meyer has a long career as a sports photographer with over 30 years of experience. He’s photographed major sporting events, including the Super Bowl, World Cup, and the Olympics. He also continues to work with several magazines and newspapers. The versatile shooting style of Meyer makes him an excellent sports photographer for your next commercial or editorial project.

Josh Campbell

Every new project is a chance for Josh Campbell to test his creativity. He’s one of the most creative Boston sports photographers who does excellent work for commercial shoots.

Josh Campbell works with international brands like Nike and Reebok, as well as top athletes such as quarterback Tom Brady. His work is used across many campaigns to highlight products in action, branding for athletes, or sports lifestyles. You can see the creative approach by Campbell in his unique portfolio of work. Whatever the project, you can trust him to bring a fresh perspective.

Adam Glanzman

Although Adam Glanzman is based in Boston, his sports photography takes him around the world. He works at many high-profile sporting events and also portrait shoots with famous athletes.

Adam Glanzman is used to being around talent after careers with a sports publication and professional team. He then set off to build his own photography business, with tons of success. Today, Adam is an award-winning photographer who’s worked with major sports brands and has been published in ESPN and The Players’ Tribune.

Sam Nipatnantaporn

Sam Nipatnantaporn is a Boston-based sports photographer who works with organizations from all levels. His specialties for capturing in-game action. From client testimonials, working with Sam is sure to provide a great experience. A true professional, he has the experience to deliver consistently outstanding galleries to his clients.

Sam has experience working with professional teams like the Boston Red Sox. He also photographs many high school sporting events, catching players at the height of their game and emotions.

Nick Nogueria

Clients agree that Nick Nogueira is one of the best sports photographers in Boston to collaborate with. He brings incredible talent and a friendly personality that makes him very easy to work.

Nick specializes in shooting editorial-style pictures for sports and fitness. His images are perfect for publishing in magazines or sharing on social media to build a sports brand. With a contemporary style, Nick showcases an incredible talent for creating captivating images. He's also able to put the finishing touches on his pictures with post edits.

Bob DiChiara

If you’re looking for athlete portraits, Bob DiChiara does exceptional work. He’s worked with major league sports, college athletes, and high school senior portraits.

DiChiara is one of the best Boston-based sports photographers for portraits. He can work in-studio or on location to create dynamic visuals of action and intensity of any sport. His photographs make high schoolers look like professional-caliber players and professional athletes look like superstars.

Teams can book Dichiara for individual portraits or team shots. He also shoots action pictures for various major sports publications, including ESPN, Fox Sports, and Sports Illustrated.

Omar Rawlings

Client satisfaction is always the priority when working with Omar Rawlings. Let him know what you’re expecting with the photoshoot, and he’ll go above and beyond to surpass your expectations.

A passionate photo artist, Omar Rawlings is known in Boston as a top sports photographer for editorial, commercial, or action shots. He’s just as skilled in working from the sidelines of professional leagues as he is shooting portraits in-studio for an individual athlete. An attention to detail for lighting and location make for captivating athletic imagery.

Nevins Photo

Extreme sports always have a split moment of action that you’ll if you blink. Luckily, Brian Nevins has the perfect timing to document those moments in photos for clients and brands.

Brian Nevins founded Nevins Photo years ago and ranks among the top sports photographers in Boston. He has a specialized niche for shooting extreme action sports and is known to work with many brands in the industry. Nevins views photography as storytelling. With each project, he sets out to capture an athlete’s journey, from the hard work at practice to the glory of competition.

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